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  1. Dionaea

    Is it possible to take the guns from CA blood and smoke and give them to the player faction via MLB?

    So yeah I have built a Total war Holy roman empire styled army via some mods and My little warband but I really would like some muskets and pistols for my arquebusiers and reiter. There aren't any single gunpowder adding mods so I was wondering if there's a way to take them from Blood and Smoke...
  2. Dionaea

    muskets and pistols in bannerlord

    Converting crossbows to firearms is a single line of code for the smoke and a couple of edits. So long as we can add new weapon types, having firearms in warband is unecessary.
    Would be nice for people who barely know how to mod, to be able to add them to the player faction or something in case someone wants to roleplay being Frederick the Great or Charles the great transported to the medieval period.

    I for one would jizz my pants every 2 minutes just mowing down armies of early medieval sword and shield armies with sustained musket fire
    I'm trying to recreate the effect with all crossbow armies and setting them up in firing lines. But it's just not the same. And You kind of need to rely on the retreat exploit when facing huge armies or cavalry heavy armies.
  3. Dionaea

    SP Native Tetsojin - Mod inspired by samurai

    For some reason I always crash to desktop every time I click next at the character Customization screen.

    Also in that screen the character displayed always defaults to a short fat bald guy that you then spend a lot of time customizing on
  4. Dionaea

    Please make betting on board games availablein easy mode

    I just lost all my starting money trying to make some money on Konane, the AI is way too good at this stupid game. Why cant we bet in easy mode? Now you forced me to turn restart the game since all my money is gone when this was supposed to get me some fast money to avoid having to spend 2 real...
  5. Dionaea

    Stop troops from auto raising the ladders

    I did a search and this particular issue hasn't been mentioned it seems. Can your troops be stopped from rushing forwards and raising the ladders and in the process die from archer fire? I prefer to keep my units all the way back whilst I man a catapult until it's out of ammo and then I...
  6. Dionaea

    Why won't my ranged troops target the cavalry

    if you are using retreat tactics with full ranged army what's the problem? when there's only cavalry left they'll shoot at them. typically the enemy cavs run faster so you are forced to retreat before their infantry connects. and the ai use cavs in their push on the flanks that's why they are not being targeted. you can specifically position some archers to the far left and right and tell them to face the enemy cav direction.
    the only thing you can use to tank a cav charge without taking damage is shield wall so do what you will with that info. i personally enjoy having javelin infantry and cav units employ shield wall against cav charge. the enemy does nothing with their couch lance but suffers huge casualties to my throwing spears.
    The problem is when I get caught off guard by a 1000 + strong army with lots of cavalry, you get 1 or 2 kills in before having to press retreat because the cavalry reached you whilst your troops are emptying their bolts/arrows on enemy shields. Just spent 3 hours reducing the enemy from 1080 troops to 996 troops occasionally having to exit to the main menu and reloading because a lucky arrow killed one of my sharpshooters instead of knocking them unconscious.

    Ah well there's a new patch so I'm abandoning that campaign anyway.

    Going to try the viking shieldwall play and try not to be so obsessed with not taking casualties. with the new levelling system leveling shouldn't be slowed down anymore and maybe I can actually develop medicine for a change
  7. Dionaea

    Why won't my ranged troops target the cavalry

    you gotta bog down the enemy cavalry with your infantry. and then they'll get shot down like flies
    I don't have "infantry" My crossbows are in the infantry slot. I play to win every fight without losing a single soldier hence why I went for a combination of only recruiting Vlandian crossbows (the infantry) Battanian Fians (the archers) and horse archers to make the enemy's backs vulnerable. and still making use of the retreat tactic when the AI gets too close
  8. Dionaea

    Is Smithing fixed/nerfed yet?

    Or leave it as is, and the people who are annoyed by it can simply not "exploit" it instead of demanding the option of having fun this way is removed entirely for everyone.
  9. Dionaea

    Why won't my ranged troops target the cavalry

    1.5.9 It seems my archers really prefer to shoot at the enemy infantry shieldwall and waste their ammo instead of taking out the bigger threat of the enemy cavalry. It's annoying because my army is composed mostly of crossbows and a few horse archers who's role is to make the enemy shieldwall turn it's back to my "line infantry" unleashing it's crossbow volleys.

    This doesn't work when we have to worry about 200 horse and camel boys.
  10. Dionaea

    Is Smithing fixed/nerfed yet?

    Last I played banneerlord was 6 months ago, and back then smithing was a broken source of income. Is this still the case or is it fixed?
    I hope it never gets fixed, it's a source of income and it's a great source of xp points that really help with the grind that is leveling.

    Let's be honest we all have a roleplay in mind, smithing helps us quickly set up every starting point that the character creation can't. It's the same reason that we spend the first 5 to 10 real life days in a new play through of Skyrim on Smithing and enchanting daggers before we actually start playing the game.

    It allows us to start with a character more fitting to the roleplay we have in mind.

    Honestly the game would become unplayable for me without the smithing "exploit" and maybe the retreat "exploit"
  11. Dionaea

    Archers are stupid

    Archers need to be told how to shoot in a formation.

    - They refuse to shoot if someone is standing in front of them. Not even directly in front of them, just generally in the proximity of them.

    - Their smooth brains are only able to shoot something that they have direct line of sight of.

    - They will often focus fire on random cavalry instead of a mass of enemies that are a greater threat toward them.

    I have lost and won games because of rogue cavalry units running around preventing archers from being useful.

    You can literally place a horde of archers on the direct flank of an infantry battalion and they will still find a way to shoot at some Vlandian's pet goldfish instead.
    You can try the Khuzait counter tactic. Where you march everyone to a corner of the map (can be tricky to find we should have a mini map) and deploy there, cavalry will bug out and stand against the "border" whilst your archers shoot them to pieces. It's how people deal with Khuzait horse archers
  12. Dionaea

    Why won't my ranged troops target the cavalry

    So I joined a battle to help a defending castle and it's militia with me having a very ranged focused army and the enemy has a bunch of minor faction lords in it with about 200 cavalry. No matter how I deploy, my crossbows and archers will just fire at the enemy infantry and even turning to...
  13. Dionaea

    Does starving the settlement work?

    I will examine current situation. It seems this take too much time currently. Maybe we can do some tweaks so it take a bit less time. Will examine and return you in 1-2 days.
    Thank you for replying
  14. Dionaea

    Does starving the settlement work?

    the info on the top of the siege screen is wrong. you need to hover on the town itself to see thier food.
    they do lose troops but it takes a long time so relieving force will arrive while you're waiting.
    putting trebuchets into reserve then fielding them all at once is much faster than starving the defenders.
    Yeah but their artillery will get a shot or 2 in and kill a few of your men, and since you don't have any control over anything it's not going to be the men you deemed cannon fodder but one of your precious troops and thus messing up your perfectly balanced troop numbers. There's actually a way to this without losing any men but it's tedious and you'll be spending about 2 hours juggling your trebuchets around before destroying all artillery and the walls but at least you don't risk losing your troops. Basically you only build in 3 of the 4 artillery slots and you keep a close look at the defender's artillery when they turn towards a trebuchet, pause, send the trebuchet to reserve, click on the open spot where you didn't build anything, place the trebuchet there, the artillery will shoot at the empty spot and your trebuchet will be unharmed and nobody will be dead. Leaving the trebuchet in place after putting it in reserve, that first defender artillery volley will do damage to your trebuchet and kill some troops.

    your best option is burn the villiage first, looting the village will reduce the food production for city, when city food storage is in 0 for a while, you will see the troops in city start reducing, slowly,

    then you siege the city, after 3-5 days later, the troops are reducing to very low then you can attack with minimum loss

    I don't raid villages with this character it doesn't fit his personality, also I always have at least 1 companion who's not happy about raiding a village
  15. Dionaea

    Does starving the settlement work?

    Your army will run out of food before the defenders do considering the fact most NPC Lords don't bother bringing more than like 5 pieces of food each
    I had prepared and am overburdened like crazy with food And I'm besieging with my 83 strong party and the defenders food stocks are 0
  16. Dionaea

    Does starving the settlement work?

    So I got tired of losing soldiers to costly charges and I also got tired of losing troops to artillery shootouts even with the whole pause put artillery in reserve, put artillery in other slot unpause wait for the shots, rinse and repeat. Spent 30 minutes yesterday carefully taking out a castles...
  17. Dionaea

    Bandit king experience

    Did you raid villages for xp or did you only rely on selling prisoners?
  18. Dionaea

    Exploiting Siege Engines as a defender

    you can use cheats or play on easy difficulty... the less exploits the better. When game is exploitable people with no self-control will do it and it ruins the game experience. I see no good reason to leave exploits in a game
    They are fun and feel less "wrong" than cheating
  19. Dionaea

    Exploiting Siege Engines as a defender

    We're aware of the retreating exploit and will be looking into it but it's not a current priority.
    Please leave some exploits/cheese mechanics.
  20. Dionaea

    any mods so prisoners wont escape??

    I know they added the escaping lords to not break the game, but it would be a more tolerated feature if those same lords wouldn't immediately show up with an army and a bunch of other lords to "stackspam" you whilst you are besieging a castle all the goddamn time.
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