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  1. In Progress weird constant crashes

    so this issue is still present in 1.5.9?
  2. In Progress Ai constantly making armies, even in peacetime

    It wouldn't be as bad if they didn't summon everyone into a giant 2000+ death blob. Then when war is declared you can't do anything until it disbands.
    well u CAN disband it by using influence.
  3. In Progress Bannerlord eats my memory and game crashes because of it.

    its my issue now too. they said they are working on it but idk when this will be implemented.

  4. In Progress weird constant crashes

    well i hope they rly fix this issue in the next patch, cause its like half an hour and crash in every session for me. nearly unplayable.
  5. Need More Info Armour values are all messed up

    well i think the problem is that many troops wear those armors, and devs balanced troops that way.
  6. In Progress Ai constantly making armies, even in peacetime

    they are just upping leadership, you know right? :xf-smile:
  7. Resolved cant donate prisoners after new hotfix

    so as the title says "DONE" button is just gray and u cant click it.
  8. In Progress weird constant crashes

    thank you!
  9. In Progress weird constant crashes

    playing beta branch of the game now. last time i played in summer everything worked fine. so the problem is game keeps crashing constantly after some time in every session, no matter what i do. honestly it looks like a huge memory leak to me, but i got 16gb of ram. idk here is my save file...
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