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  1. Abissimal Lag , Framerate Bad , Crash constant

    not one problem with me  :grin:

    why don't you optimize your computer?

    sorry you comp is a piece.
  2. Awe inspiring

    Sgt.Spencer said:
    This mod is hands down the finest I've seen for Warband so far. (Which should make everyother modder try to work harder seeing that this mod is in Alpha). It's got the most Streamlined combat system and the implementation of Diplomacy really works here. I'm really glad that the mod seems to be picking up steam. I can't congratulate you enough. This mod is simply put polished. Can't wait to see more in the future.

    got some brown stuff on your nose...  :grin:

    but yeah its awesome we all know
  3. Need To place this on Filefront or something

    yep 3 hours for me too  :cry:
  4. 1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    that's love
  5. 1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    again amazing work
  6. 1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    13exa said:
    wfresh said:
    when does this come out?
    Stop post like that, A mod will be release when Its finish, I think its finished but there is something that Alan want to be more perfect

    I think my post has more understanding  :grin:
  7. 1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    wfresh said:
    when does this come out?


  8. 1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    amazing stuff, cant wait  :grin:
  9. 1945: Merdeka Atau Mati MOD

    nice :grin:
  10. B Modern [W] Spanish Civil War (*We need codder and gun modeller*)

    Yebenoso said:
    Der Einzige said:
    Will there be multiplayer?
    Yes, but we will singleplayer

    thank you  :cry:
  11. MP Musket Era Modern Full Invasion: Zulu

    zobo said:
    Hello, I am the new modeler of this patch , mod , game , beta , alpha , patch. you may know me on 22nd teamspeak as Austro

    the first thing I did was add a melee weapon for the Zulu, the mighty... Swazi Axe! ( 2 handed )



    I hope we get this done :grin:

    awesome work dude  :grin:
  12. B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    I think they had, but this vid reminds me of TW soo much  :grin:
  13. B Modern [W] Spanish Civil War (*We need codder and gun modeller*)

    HoJu said:
    Maybe the best song to use as main theme would be a non-political one. I suggest a famous popular song that was listened and appreciated by both factions.

    Classic Spanish pasodoble "Suspiros de España"

    good song
  14. B Modern [W] Spanish Civil War (*We need codder and gun modeller*)

    Yebenoso said:
    The Poot said:
    and I see the legion will be in it as well.

    awesome  :grin:
    no, the legion was in nacional side

    Jaume said:
    Let me explain something the mod:

    You start by choosing the national side if you (Spanish Falange) and Republican side. Then choose your regiment, and can be a Eusko Gudari or Italian, it's your choice.

    You start with your soldiers and your uniform in the cities we are thinking about not buying equipment, you can only buy the regiment as you are, for example:

    Italian only buy weapons and "armor" in Italy.

    In September begins the development of the mod!
    Hola compañero,¿Cómo estás?Sí,en Septiembre hay que ponerse las pilas
    Hi friend, how are you?, Yes, in September to put the batteries
    Auldman said:
    Cool looks like an interesting mod! Hope it succeeds! "Jarama Valley" by Woody Guthrie. About a battle lost by the Lincoln Brigade to the Nationalists.
    Good song,I hope that Jaume put it in the mod

    Yeah the Romanian fascist  :grin: 

    and it would be cool to have that song
    in certain taverns ( even though it post civil war)

    And also cant forget the blue shirts.

    Its unbelievable on the amount of international volunteers joined on
    both sides
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