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  1. gnhtd

    SP Medieval [WB] AD 1200 (1.600) from 09.02.2018

    XxHardStyle said:
    my game crashes after 6 days. have made 3 characters all crash on the same day right before it turns 29 of march 1200

    Lucky you, my game crashes upon "start a new game"
  2. gnhtd

    WFAS owner, finally

    It's my favourite too - have fun up until you encounter the first game breaking bugs (which usually takes a few hours)

  3. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    Is the newest version savegame compatible ?

    Thanks for updating :smile:
  4. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    Well, I can't say anything about that as I haven't experienced that bug ^^
  5. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    YourStepDad said:

    Also - in the starting quest, Orsha is still referred to as Zamoshye.

    In my game Orsha is called Zamoshye all the time : In dialogues, on the global map and in quests
  6. gnhtd

    B Musket Era Battal Gazi 2.2

    Though i like this mod i got to say that I only play WFaS in SP mode ^^

    (there are kinda fewer people playing MP nowadays too, as most moved on to NW)
  7. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    But I'm still kinda confused that there are polish texts in a mod that is En / Ru.
    (and I found more of them : city / village development and dialogues with majors and elders contain polish phrases)
  8. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    I'm actually having a similar issue as Turtler ^^ :

    I set the games language to german - most of this mods texts are english but some even polish (dialogue texts from the nobles).
  9. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

    Best WFaS mod so far.

    1 funny thing that happened to me is, that the polish commonwealth is basically split in two : Krakow + Thorn and Sebezh + Nevel (+Smolensk changing ownership every now and then).

    The same happens to the Crimean Khanate too : Bucharest + Chisinau + Akkerman and Caffa + [the castle north-west of Azak] + [the slavers city on the peninsula]

    also, there's an awkward slide of land attached to the crimean peninsula that is neither existent in the real world nor serves any function.

    If you're still working on this mod, I got some suggestions for you : new things to trade with (furniture, non-functional artillery, ores, wood, ...), new villgaes / cities (Danzig, Åbo), new and / or faction bound mercenaries (swiss halberds,  armenian / turkish / georgian archers, siberian pelt-hunters, crimean tartars)
  10. gnhtd

    Banned for telling the thrut. 15th Humans vs bots

    I myself got perma-banned for telling some "In soviet Russia" jokes and telling someone not to obey admin-orders when the admin told him something mad, ridiculous or unfair I can't remember anymore (as much as I can remember it was something that would've led to a serious brawl if the admin said that irl ...)

    Seems like the 15th really hates jokes and someone not taking up the asses of their admins.

    Even if I got un-banned I would never go back to that server. It may have been fun but hey, North Korea would be fun too if you couldn't see behind it's facade...
  11. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era Enhancement Mod. Rule your own kingdom! 1.75 final. Open mod source code.

    helpme11 said:
    hii so I downloaded your mod and I have the enchanced mod in the modles folder under the orginal native folder and in the enhanced folder I have the patch but when I start the game it crashed when it trys loading to main menu  with a rgl error message saying unable to open modules\WFas Enchanced\Sounds.txt any idea on what I can do to fix this?

    Try to overwrite the sounds.txt with a different sound.txt (the one of the Native-module, for instance).
  12. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era Enhancement Mod. Rule your own kingdom! 1.75 final. Open mod source code.

    miloscoverdale said:
    Hi, I have a problem, I installed this mod, and I can only play it for 10 minutes max, game always crashes, especially when I go from area to area, for example, from battle to map. Can you help somehow?

    This can occur depending on your system (RAM, CPU or even graphics-card).
  13. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era Enhancement Mod. Rule your own kingdom! 1.75 final. Open mod source code.

    KKGrayKnight said:
    I downloaded this mod just recently, and right off the bat, I have a texture error. I look up to the sky, and see the textures of misc. items in the game. Help?

    Like with the sound bug, there currently is not better way I know of than to delete or overwrite the "Skybox" file - which one exactly you'll have to find out by try&error.

  14. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era Enhancement Mod. Rule your own kingdom! 1.75 final. Open mod source code.

    GenWashington said:
    I am hearing  a very strange noise when on the map screen in this mod. It sound like constant distant fighting and clashing. Anyone know a fix for that? I enjoy this mod a great deal but the sound is quite irritating.

    I know that bug and I've had it too when I still played M&B:WFaS.

    You can fix it by deleting the "battle" sound-file (not sure about the full name of it anymore) or by simply muting the game.

  15. gnhtd

    What's your favorite faction? (POLL)

    Crimea has a very unique and cool design. However, their infantry is jack **** and without a mod to fix it, their cav is too :sad:
  16. gnhtd

    Is there any mod which adds cannons?

    There currently are more than 2 mods for WFaS but none will add cannons :sad: ...
  17. gnhtd

    SP Musket Era Enhancement Mod. Rule your own kingdom! 1.75 final. Open mod source code.

    Hey, I hope someone will continue improving this mod ^^.

    1. I've encountered a bug during a siege of the Cossack's castles, located northwest of Chinisau. One to two spawning points of the defender are behind the actual battle map, secured by an invisible wall. This causes the battles to being either endless or unfair balanced. The units behind that invisible wall can't (completely) advance into the field because their waypoint makes them being stuck behind a church.

    It was hopeless for my forces as they were to dump to use their guns at "close" range XD

    2. It would be cool if someone could add more stuff to trade with, like jewelry or furniture.

    3. Currently all the mercs i can hire in taverns are either light cav, marksman or halbert. If someone would be so kind and add mercs like cossacks or landsknechts to the taverns I could give him a cookie :smile:

    4. How about ports ?

    5. As there are already custom parties like the ore mine wouldn't it be a shame to not add more, like vineyards and smiths ?

    But still, this mod is the reason why I keep playing WFaS :grin:

    Update :

    The only dialogue options I have with lords of a nation with negative relations are "IMMA KILL YO" and "Why did i even open the dialogue ? I'm outta here".

    A fix would be nice ^^.

    Update 2 :

    If it would be possible, it would be kinda cool if you could change Bucharest's and Izmail's ownership to a new faction, the ottomans.

    Since there's already the landmass, it would be cool if anyone could add more cities like Abo (Finland) and Danzig / Gdansk (Poland).

    As I've passed the 1000'th day in my current savegame I've seen some things. Kiev being occupied by an Ai driven deserter army of 250 to 300 mid- and elite soldiers is one of those "things". I'd be happy if there were more such dynamic things ^^.

    Breakable things would be awesome too :smile:

    Update 3 :

    I just realized that the "Hidden cave" got unlimited amount of Vodka XD

    Update 4 (23.02.2014) :

    My game crashes upon attacking the walls of moskwa...
  18. gnhtd

    FaS : Music Overhaul

    There are only a few mods for WFaS and I really appreciate your work ^^.

    Thank you :smile:
  19. gnhtd

    With Fire & Sword release information

    I actually hope someone is or will work on a good mod for this. I'm currently playing it with the WFaS Enhancement, but useable canons or an expanded map would be fine.
  20. gnhtd

    Join the Swedish?


    To join Sweden you can, next to do quests, loot cities and fight armies of nations which are hostile to sweden.
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