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  1. buzbybadman

    Add slider to party creation window

    All other windows have them, plus my mouse wheel has broken currently so can't use this feature at all
  2. buzbybadman

    Train troops suggestions

    HI, I've attempted this quest several times now, but I have 197 men, no matter how much I farm bandit parties the borrowed troops never get a look in. Twice in a row I had a single borrowed troop left and failed the quest, secondly the inability to separate these troops out from the others means...
  3. buzbybadman

    Defeat punishment

    Hi all, I was wondering if others find that when you are captured and eventually get away, it is very difficult to get to safe territory without being captured again. Can not a lone person hide in the bushes or forests? I would like to suggest that forest causes you to be undetectable, or even...
  4. buzbybadman

    Native LSP 2D Art Face Improvement Project

    Hi just had to say these are excellent, really impressed with the Asian and African faces, you even have one fellah in there who looks French  :cool: Brilliant.  Look forward to see what you do with the girls  :grin:
  5. buzbybadman

    Warband post-release beta test (new version on June 9)

    It would add to gameplay if bandit grouping took note of the distance from which they join, the further away the longer before they appear on the battle-field as reinforcements. This way it would be possible if you end the battle quickly to avoid the last arrivals when there are overwhelming numbers of groups present, the nearest starting together as it is now.
  6. buzbybadman

    {Minor bug/suggestion} Kidnapped girl

    Indeed this does seem to be a case where overlapping can occur and doesn't look too good, albiet losing a fairly well trained member of my team for someone to seemingly vanish into thin air is the most important point.
    I miss her being more interactive too, she seems less human and more of a prop now, in original M&B I modded in a stick for her to wield, I must say she comes across as rather brave for a homesick girl.
    If only she could have a bit of fun in the mean time..  :smile:
  7. buzbybadman

    {Minor bug/suggestion} Kidnapped girl

    Wasn't sure where to put this.. The kidnapped girl quest has changed (I think?) to returning her within the given time too, not realising this and having another quest on the go I didn't take this into account and failed the quest with her still in my party. As I pottered around I avoided Halmar...
  8. buzbybadman

    BLUE-SCREEN crash.. anyone else?

    Thanks Harn, I'll look into that, maybe its time to get a card that's a bit more meaty  :wink:
    @Swadian.. Heya, is your card the same as mine out of interest?
  9. buzbybadman

    BLUE-SCREEN crash.. anyone else?

    The latest patches (03+04) have several times crashed to blue screen with this message, seemingly always when in the inventory.. FILE: nv4_disp          Driver became stuck in infinite loop STOP: 0x000000EA (0x89C06B60, 0x89F4CE50, 0xB84EBCBC, 0x00000001) This is only happening with Warband...
  10. buzbybadman

    [Suggestion] Picking up items from horseback

    I chose Other.. My main point is it shouldn't be possible to pick things up off the floor if you are mounted, that's ridiculous (unless you are from the Russian circus, of course), but what if those items are raised, like the bow and arrows in the riding tutorial?
    Therefore I think pick up should stay possible, just that its 'range' whilst mounted be reduced so that nothing on the floor registers, but anything high enough you can still grab.  This would also mean that any long weapons that are sticking up can still be grabbed, as you really would be able to.
  11. buzbybadman

    A couple suggestions for custom battles

    A 'save scenario' button for your favourite battle set-ups would be good, and the ability to modify maps and save them as new ones without having to run the whole thing through the module system. 
  12. buzbybadman

    [Suggestion] Improve tutorial

    Trainers could have a banner much as banner bearers would carry stuck in the ground next to them.
    I did find that with the block-training that stopping after every five was frustrating, I wanted to try and build a bit of a rhythm up, although I appreciate that the first go was good at only five strokes to see if I liked it or not.
    Being able to keep going would also help a lot if a much needed mention of chamber blocking was included.
    Maybe the block training only ever results in knock down, so you can get straight back up and continue, this could be explained by the trainer saying something such as 'I won't be striking you hard, but it will still hurt!'.
    Love the idea of the weapon rack but perhaps it is inside the hut, to which access is only granted once you have completed/taken part in all the tutorials.  This would also demonstrate using the action key on a door, which could maybe swing open.
    So far the most fun I have found via the freedom is to chase the other guys on horses round and shooting them off, seems they all grew up in the Russian circus :smile: Good training too!

    It might be nice as sparring from horse back has been mentioned, that once the hut has been opened to reveal the rack, that you can also challenge the chaps on horse back to spar as they thunder round the course..?
  13. buzbybadman

    [Suggestion] Heavy blunt weapon should be lethal

    CryptoCactus' method got it spot on I reckon, your lethality factor would already be in the calculation if each weapon had its own factor.  The illusion of a free flowing world needs these little touches.
  14. buzbybadman

    [Suggestion] Heavy blunt weapon should be lethal

    Not if blunt weapons still maintain a significantly higher chance of just knock out, plus these calculations could be made at the end of the battle.  I like it.  Maybe prisoners wounded very close to their fatality mark could be given a small chance of dying over the next few days, according to surgery skill, remaining unsellable until considered to have survived this.  You could therefore choose to keep them in your party costing food until better, or heartlessly ditch them in the wilderness to meet their own fate, and the crows.  :twisted:  Probably too detailed.
  15. buzbybadman

    [suggestion] economics challenge for warband

    Sorry to drop by here, I'm not beta testing, however I did always feel it was very frustrating that if I decided to be a good and generous lord I couldn't at least swap my old equipment for food and know that the villagers would make use of it.  It is what I'd do in real life (seeing as we can to an extent train them) so why can't I choose to do it in game?
    Obviously there would only be fairly basic equipment they could make use of according to their stats, and anything beyond them could simply stay in the village inventory (so you can see for yourself what is out of their range) and in time be considered sold to a passer by and add to their economy in the manner that goods do.
    It's a viable strategy against an enemy trying to strike you at your weakest points.

    Choke points sounds promising... :smile:

    EDIT:  Excuse me again, but in vague relation I have to say (as I really consider it a serious issue) I also think it's important for the long term aspects of replaying that the town economies should be randomised, it can become a chore once you know who sells what and where, and I say the same for companions.  I do understand that could be a logistic nightmare to achieve with game balance however.
  16. buzbybadman

    2h Weapon Repricing/Rebalancing

    Voted 'other'.  Increasing the 'tax' is just a politicians answer, it doesn't solve the problem it just forms a key only the privileged can have, especially with the long axes as these would unlikely be expensive weapons to produce.  The answer is in the way they perform, particularly speed, these would be awkward weapons to handle.
  17. buzbybadman

    0.670 [Suggestion] Ragdoll, Havok :(

    There was one beta version of M&B that had a bug that was just right. Every now and then a killed rider would seem to get their foot caught in the stirrup for a moment and be dragged by the horse, which looked amazing.  Think it still happens here and there but the body tends to be further behind on an invisible string.
    Hope that can be done again.
  18. buzbybadman

    1866 - Bug Reports (v0.8 only)

    Maybe you shoot them in the legs? leg armor is the strongest. Or maybe theres some weird formula for shotgun spread and it decides most of the damage goes to the feet.

    Maybe not taking into account the extra height of being on horse-back?

    Got approached by a stagecoach robber yesterday, he was on his own, three of us, battle map opened up, started moving and gave the 'everyone hold this position' order so I could have a quick scout of the landscape round me, screen went black, music froze, then crash to desk-top.

    Sorry if a anyones already posted that, got other things to do this morn.  If not I'll try and replicate it later.

    Edit:  Had another look and managed to find him okay, this time no crash to desktop but these are the things I noticed about him..
    He was tagged as a Looter on the map
    Once he'd fired five or six times he didn't fire again, maybe no ammo in his inventory
    When I got close he didn't pull any melee weapon, but he did drop one in the loot window
    I killed him with an axe and upon falling off his horse he hit the floor, but then 'tumbled' through it
  19. buzbybadman

    1866 - Bug Reports (v0.8 only)

    Hunting again.. If you open and close your luggage trunk without taking anything out or putting anything in, your ammo is replenished.

    Beards could probably do with that invisibilaty-hat-trick with the face-'kerchiefs
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