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  1. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.1

    You guys have been saving your games?
  2. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    I Wonder if Every Castle Will Actually Be Unique?

    They need to make sure they have ranged in optimal location to fire on attackers and that they have secondary place to fall back to once the get into the walls.
    They hinted at the defenders being able to fall back to the keep in the 2016 video, and from there the siege would progress to the next stage. The features of which would be showcased in another video that never came.
    Now 6 years later we have "keep battles".
  3. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    To the developers about NFT usage

    When is TW going to start paying me for my amazing contributions to the forums?

    It takes many hours to craft each message. Not just to look pretty but to make it readable. I would be willing to advertise each forum post on the marketplace.

    I deserve 90$ for each.
  4. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.1

    maybe interns/developers working in the new construction area of new studio of Taleworlds there before we get no content for this patch

    Is this what Tier 4 cities would have looked like on release?
  5. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Siege Towers still not working as intended



    Currently in Bannerlord but unimplemented, why? who knows... this is the Bannerlord experience baby ?:iamamoron: .
    Oh Lawd he comin!
  6. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Where's this "hope" stuff coming from?

    TW are a small indie company?

    HBO are an obscure TV network?
    TW are a small indie company yes. HBO are not an obscure TV network.
    Look i'm simply using a well known piece of media in order to explain observations I've made in other areas outside of gaming.
    It can be anything, pizza day at the end of the school year, Dad coming home from getting cigarettes.

    The point is,
    A thing is hyped/advertised.
    That thing doesn't live up to expectations.
    Some people complain, others don't. Some people pretend they never cared. Most people move on.
    Some people don't and thats ok.
    If you never expected much or enjoy the product as is, that's fine too.
    But only the truly desperate and lost will try to justify the whole ordeal by getting hyped for a "new thing" for example in this case BTS,
    or in another example Dad coming back with cigarettes AND soda.

    EDIT: I am more concerned with why it took Dad 10 years to get cigarettes. Why does Banner Lord have The Elder Scrolls 3 level collision?
  7. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Where's this "hope" stuff coming from?

    That's how I feel the majority of the forum population is in regards to BL. We are in season 7 of game of thrones here. Many people have walked away. The hard core fans left a long time ago. But a majority are still here expecting a pay off that a small indie company simply cannot provide.

    This is most visible when a feature that was never advertised originally that does little to address the overarching issues is announced/released. The community latches on to it and doesn't let go until the next thing comes out and so on. Sorry to be negative. This is something I have observed in other arenas outside of gaming.
  8. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    New DLC added to steam?

    What the ****
    I forgot to mention that you will also now be able to choose the culture of your mount. For example a Sarranid mount will have a speed bonus in crossing the desert while a Sturgian mount will have the ability to join you in Taverns and Bars.
  9. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Where's this "hope" stuff coming from?

    That's canon. Is it also canon that it's a dash of hope for the future of M&B that holds your bones together?
    The knife in my back acts as a keystone for my vertebral column, holding my spine together.
  10. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Whats next after 1.7?

    I know you are all excited for the battle terrain system but hear me out:
    More music files.
    You know when you go into a town and you hear authentic music from the culture?

    Well get ready for authentic medieval street music!
    That's right, broken instruments being banged together followed by the hoarse croaks of the deranged/hopeless, the instruments vary depending on the culture of the settlement.
  11. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    New DLC added to steam?

    I suspect Mount Lineages.
    You can now customize the appearance of your mount based on what your mount's parents looked like. Also If you have more than 1 mount in your party, there is a small chance that your mount can get pregnant if you stop at a settlement, rendering it useless for a short period. Creating a baby hybrid mount of the two parents in both stats and appearance.(this includes camels)
    The new baby mount can participate in battles but can't be ridden until it reaches adolescent age, where it will have reduced stats. Your mount can die of old age or be killed in battle if you have mount deaths enabled. You can also execute the horses and camels of captured enemies to keep from having to face them in battle again, but to do so incurs a heavy penalty.
    You can also track the family tree of your mounts as well as assign quests, lordships, and titles.
    But beware! An ambitious/ disgruntled mount can turn against you. It may lead a rebellion against you or trample you to death at an inconvenient moment. Some mounts have even been known to throw their masters to their deaths in the heat of battle by jumping off cliffs or turning and stopping abruptly in front of a swarm of enemies.
  12. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Multiplayer is dead, and TaleWorlds killed it.

    I'm telling you guys MP was done 4 years ago, its just that the MP team keeps getting called for feasts in Turkey so they have to keep flying to Ankara and back.
  13. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Where's this "hope" stuff coming from?

    I thought you were sitting at Bulugha Castle with a cup in your hand and a knife in your back. ?
    I wait for the Player to leave and then I post on TW forums while he/she is gone.
  14. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    Where's this "hope" stuff coming from?

    This update would have been appropriate, if it was released within the first couple months of Bannerlord's release. You know, fixing the most basic ****.

    Such as sieges. In a game about fighting battles. With castles. And towns. And sieges.
    This is pretty much where I stand regarding the game.
    In 2012 Banner-Lord was announced, and the consensus was we would get

    Warband with: More options regarding PvE interaction
    Cool unique factions
    More enjoyable progression /less grind
    Better looking, smooth running performance
    Awesome sieges

    I wasn't optimistic but when the 2016 gameplay came out and blew everyone away, I got pretty hyped.
    I don't know what happened but here we are, getting hyped up for a bunch of stuff that wasn't advertised even a year ago.
    I'm sure the game will be finished soon and it will be great.

    EDIT: In short, I'm still trying to figure out what the plan for keep battles was in 2016 and basic collision, while many forum members are excited for elephant mounts.
  15. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    How to destroy factions?

    AI factions should be dissolved if they have held no fiefs for ten days. All their clans should then instantly either defect to other factions, or go "into exile" (disappear), like they did in Warband.

    Chasing down the scrappy remnants of a faction all over the world just so they stop endlessly raiding your villages isn't fun when you have other **** to do (fight remaining large factions which are still a real threat). It just becomes an annoyance.

    Normally their parties are too small and fast to catch, and because of a broken peace system, they will demand tribute from you rather than offer to pay it, no matter how badly you are beating them. So you either pay money in tribute or lose money in taxes- either way you're paying for being the winner! Or you could execute their parties but then everyone around the world will hate you and see you as dishonourable devious scum!

    And they also get endless mercenary clan parties to spam at you, which for some reason they don't have to pay. And they can recruit armies from YOUR fiefs to keep attacking you once in a while as well, despite the fact they should have no source of funds left to recruit from.

    It makes no sense that a kingdom can have no source of income whatsoever left and yet still have the means to constantly pay armies to attack you, and all their nobles will happily follow the ruling clan (who has absolutely nothing to offer them) for eternity in failed attack after failed attack against a behemoth they will never defeat.

    They should just break up.
    Ok hold up.

    So to summarize we have:
    Large organized groups of people who lost their land long ago
    scattered across the map.
    refuse to assimilate.
    Raiding our friend's villages
    Paying mercenaries to attack his cities
    Extorting him through taxes or treaties
    And acquiring funds from thin air.

    EDIT: This hits home even closer than I thought. I defer to your judgement.
  16. Skeleton At Bulugha Castl

    How to destroy factions?

    You displaced a large group of people but failed to assimilate/exterminate them. Rookie mistake.

    EDIT: Even worse you want TW to "dissolve the factions after a certain period" for you afterward.
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