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    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Is having a beta branch a good idea anyways? I don't see the point
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    What kind of new faction(s) would you like to see added to the game in the future?

    None. I want them to improve the current factions so everytime I play a new one I actually feel like something changed instead of just the colors.
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0


    En el primer Mount&Blade (native) había.
    También había minas para llevar a los prisioneros y venderlos.
    Estoy 100% seguro de que usaste un mod, no se puede ni en warband ni en M&B nativos, y las minas, eso se puede en el mod brytenwalda y hay otros mods que lo usan. Hasta la wiki no dice nada de minas ni ejecuciones. Solamente se pueden vender en tavernas o dejarlos en castillos ciudades.

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    Let's share your best battle tactics

    F1 F3
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    Why doesn't blocking reward XP?

    Well you can have automatic blocking which just makes it too easy, so I doubt you should get experience for it
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    [Xbox] Servers Downtime

    Definitely some weird stuff happening on Xbox, servers disappearing, or when you try to join it says can’t join players not ready
    Glad the game is in a released state
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    Unban MostBlunted one month after release of Bannerlord?

    I think recruits (empire at least) should have shields.
    Definitely not blunted
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Por favor, TW agregue el botón "para vender todos los artículos" en cada modelo cuando intercambie en las ciudades
    y el boton de ejecutar a todos los prisioneros como en Mount&Blade 1
    Nunca hubo un botón de ejecutar a todos los prisioneros en Mount & Blade hasta ahora xd
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    SP Top Suggestions

    Bigger map more factions. New world Asia Africa.
    Bigger map??? I don't don't understand why the world is as big already, half the game is grinding and taking castles in repetitive sieges, I would rather prefer a smaller map with better politics and more differences between factions. They all play the same.
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    Players spamming the N word on public custom servers

    Well … the medieval era was quite full of that if I remember anything at all about history… maybe these guys are just extreme rpers.
    Not really, there wasn't any racial war. Bannerlord players are just very lonely people
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    Multiplayer campaign (Co-op)

    Streaming on yt or twitch. People like to watch someone else play.
    But watching someone click around going on a town selling stuff then going out again then half hour of blacksmithing then trying armors, I mean, the other player with its own army could do its own thing while the other one is doing all of that. I really see no reason on why one should just be a companion, other than "its less complicated" something I doubt too
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    Multiplayer campaign (Co-op)

    But why is it boring - they decided to play for the bandits - everyone chose a class for themselves - an archer, a swordsman, and so on.

    They run and rob caravans, communicate, make decisions together in dialogues.

    They will run in one squad with friends and fight against small squads relying only on their own strength.

    It's fun to play alone, but suddenly boring with friends?
    Elementary, I have a friend with whom I would like to complete the game (capture the whole of Calradia) and we are at war together.

    The FACT itself - there is no cooperative at all in the game, although there is a huge demand for it, that even mods are now developing.

    So why can't the developers themselves create it even in the simplest version ?!

    This game must have co-op!
    But why would a player controlling its army bw bad, if literally the same but the other player has more choices and can roam around the map at their will. If they're just your companions they can't control anything and will have to watch you play the game the whole time
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Something can't be half-true. It's either true or false; and fundamentally that list of full of mistakes. Once again - I am not asking for people to not provide feedback or even not complain; just be accurate.
    Here's a fact: an apple is red, that is an universal truth, even if you're colorblind, or blind or whatever, now, this particular apple is tasty, well that depends in if you like apples or not, you cant call an apple being tasty a fact because it will depend on each individual.
    Now, when that other user said
    -no feasts
    How is that factually wrong? There are no feasts in the game, whether or not you want them or deem it necessary for the game is your opinion and nothing else.
    -random generated companions > Jeremus
    Well that's entirely your opinion too, I don't see how this can be factually wrong.
    Now, what is being accurate exactly? Something that fits your view on what the game needs? I'm sorry, but you can't consider a list of what players want for the game to be true or false, it really doesn't make any sense. If you're taking that list as a bunch of promised features that TW never promised you would be right here but I don't think OP is referring to that at all, I think he's aggressively asking for that content... which isn't going to happen ever anyways
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    But why though. I'd rather have fleshed out world mechanics like political intrigue, kingdom managment, NPC interactivity, actual strategic compagins rather than just more battles but now in the sea (and I bet they would be very underwhelming). I cant live the entre game just having eternal 7 minutes battles
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    Moderators of crpg servers allowing terms of service violations

    Racism/transphobism/homophobes/doxing/harassment/blackmail/scam have always been a part of the culture in warband as have server admins/owners going on a power trip, no clue what is going on here but like this is part of the M&B experience.
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    Moderators of crpg servers allowing terms of service violations

    Will I be permabanned if I root for the underdog in all this? :wink:
    Yeah, I'm sure that in a medieval game like Bannerlord being transphobic is being the underdog. I'm 100% sure this guy wouldn't have complained about any other form of racism unless it wasnt aimed at white people + he wasn't being permabanned for being a douche. This pity asking victimization is so ridiculous, it's hilarious how these kind of dudes try to act civilized when they get called out for something.

    Literally the average reaction of a 4chan user to being permabanned
  17. Goyyyio

    Moderators of crpg servers allowing terms of service violations

    Knew this would happen back in early access. Some soylent losers made a mod that takes the whole community from native so they can power trip and ban people for not agreeing with them.
    They're still seething at me for posting on their YouTube, telling me my permanent ban is more permanent since I commented on a video. The comment wasn't even that bad. These people are loony tunes. Have fun playing alone once you ban everyone losers.

    "Harrasing social media of team members" = commenting on a publicly posted video. Good, now that I'm banned you can finally win without swapping me to your team.

    "A man can't be a woman" = perma ban. "Ethnically cleanse white people from America" = okay.
    You sound like you're purposefully an ******* and I'm glad you're banned and can't enjoy the game. Maybe try to be nice next time, no one needs your opinion in things.
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    How? There's no progression to it. Are you going to call making a caravan a "caravan play through", you buy a workshop is it a workshop build on a workshop playthrough? If you want to praise it fine, but this is silly.
    Pretty much this. This isn't even banditry even, you can be a lord and have these gangs and you know, Lords don't care. The problem with how taleworlds adds mechanics is that they are isolated from the rest of the mechanics working in the game.

    For a world to be alive every mechanic needs to interact with each other. Say you're a gang leader, then characters depending on their traits treat you differently= gangs + character traits interact, but this of course doesn't happen.
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    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    This list is so strange to me...

    • No naval combat: A system that was not in the prior game - nor ever promised as part of this game.
    Agree, naval combat doesn't make any sense in Bannerlord
    • RtR: A system that has quite clearly been replaced by the clan tier system. Your comments on become faction leader are untrue; because of this system. The only major difference between the two is Warbands RtR was a softcap, bannerlords a hard cap (and family based).
    I don't think this is really an improvement. A hard cap means you can't take a choice and then making the game difficult for yourself, in Warband rtr made sense world wise because sure you can start your own kingdom right away but people won't really care or think that you should be a king at all. And while the mechanic was rough and kinda hidden, things like sending out your companions was cool, even your own King would reprimend you for it, in my opinion it could have been improved upon rather than removed completely. Clan tier feels too MMORPG and more like a list of chores I have to do before the game allows me to do something, I like having the freedom of choosing and then suffering the consequences specially in an open sandbox.

    • No Deserters: Except there are deserters as part of quest missions, there are rebel factions and military units can be found as part of bandit parties?
    Except it isn't the same thing, isn't it? They are only part of a quest but they should be able to be found in the open world. Rebel factions are a cool addition yes, but again, not the same thing. There's a request from that list your let out which is manhunters, and I think the issue here is not just that they're not in the game, it's the fact that there isn't enough variety in the world in terms of groups roaming around. Manhunters where a cool neutral faction that again, could have been improved upon, I would loved to see it as an actual neutral faction you could be a part of, or have it made a faction where you could quest in early game hunting bandits and such. Deserters could have been a consequence to losing wars or to fighting too many wars, where they could spawn around and cause trouble in your kingdom. I like the living reaction to the things happening in the world, I feel it just doesn't happen as much in Bannerlord. (Really didn't happened a lot in warband, but some mods hitted the spot with this, example, angry serfs spawning in PoP).
    • No Camping: As in the mechanic where you stand still and pass time....?
    I agree, camping didn't have much use in Warband, and now you can wait in villages in Bannerlord which helps pass time faster and safer. I think camping was a solution to waiting for your army to attack in sieges. Here armies solve that perfectly.
    What I liked about camping is what mods did with that mechanic. You could stroll around your camp, chat with your soldiers, train your soldiers or train yourself. I mean, there sure was some potential in it, while OG was useless it's sad seeing features go away nonetheless.
    • No gang playstyle: Except the gang playstyle TW just added in this patch?
    While a step in the right direction, there isn't much going on here. It's practically the same you've been doing in precious patches, except you get a bonus when you do it and from time to time you have to defend it. Eh sure it's a good addition, can't complain, it kinda feels like taking gangs in GTA San Andreas lol... maybe that was the inspiration? Who knows. I just hope they go some steps ahead and add more stuff to a criminal playstyle. The problem here is that there isn't any consequences to doing any of this, no one complains that you're ruling 5 gang alleys on your kingdom, like, yeah sure, he goes our kingpin ****ing my daughter no issues. If you're being a gangster lords should hate you, at least, based on their personality (a system Bannerlord has, yet the devs refuse to use for some reason, can someone tell me what do they affect? Seriously asking).
    Kinda railed away with this one but TL,DR: good step forward, needs more additions to be called a playstyle.
    • No usurpers: Except there is a full rebellion mechanic implemented into the game?
    Rebellions are a great addition, it's exactly the kind of stuff Bannerlord needs. A mechanic of consequences happening in real time to the point it can be a real pain in the ass, I want more of this happening. Ususrpers are not the same thing though, ususrpers/claimants were side characters YOU helped rebel. It was basically creating a kingdom, but for someone else. Really not a huge mechanic, could have some more stuff going on, but for some strange reason I loved doing those in Warband. Should it be in Bannerlord? I don't really miss it, but I understand that people would like the choice of doing them, it's variation, everyone loves variation.
    As a final note - I personally much perfer the random companions as it adds another dynamism to the game. Set companions are fun for the first1-3 playe throughs; and then become just set stat bloks that you pick from.
    Itttt kinda does. Random companions are usually called the same (Johnny the fighter, Mary the healer, well not so dumb but you get the point), sometimes they even have the same backstory, and you can completely forget about them, you can even not even realize they've died in battle. And then...
    and then become just set stat bloks that you pick from.
    And while they react to some stuff happening, I don't think they react enough to be important, or to think something will happen. Again, THE PERSONALITY SYSTEM, could have more use here. Picking fights between companions could be considered an annoyance, but personally, I think that having conflicts in your party made the world feel alive, since how you morally and ideologically you run your party could determine if people would like to follow you or not. I want this to be expanded before saying it's better, because I in warband did liked my companions, and I always felt like I was seeing recurring characters that were part of Calradia. And since, backstories are boring and repetitive, and barely have any consequence in Bannerlord what really changes? Not a lot for sure. Not to mention, Lords in Bannerlord do not change at all in each run, unless they have kids in a long run, so what would be the problem with set companions too? Just add more to the list instead of having 10. Also rising companions into lords was one of the best mechanics in Warband.

    On a side note, there's some things from that kinda aggressive list you left out like:

    no deeper courtships, just gamble rng, no poems.
    no real reason to visit towns/castle/villages at all.
    no feasts or events
    no books or trainers
    no lords consipiring on each others, no duels. 0 political intrigue.
    no political quests and denouncement quests
    There's much I'd like to see improved - but people really need to be honest with themselves and their requests. This list is just factually wrong.
    I don't think it's factually wrong at all, there's a lot of valid requests you left out, and half you covered that either were based on your opinion or were not replaced in Bannerlord, just kinda similar.

    And this was my TED talk, Taleworlds, please, add politics into the game, they're fun.
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    Future of RPG Games - Bannerlord and ChatGPT

    This thing is kinda scary
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