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  1. Kreu2009

    Campaign AI still needs work

    Currently fighting for the Aserai. Had several wars with the Western Empire. They are absolutely pointless so far. WE keeps attacking Tubilis Castle (closes Aserai castle to their territory). They come in with a 1000 men strong army and besiege it. They eventually start the assault and i can...
  2. Kreu2009

    Caravans balancing and mechanics.

    I think right now it is really difficult to correctly balance caravans. Currently they are just a dice roll. They might make money, they might not. The player has no controll over it at all. All the developer can do to balance caravans is to tweak the chances of it to make money. If the chances...
  3. Kreu2009

    Too big focus on leveling your troops

    In my opinion leveling units up is a too big part of bannerlords gameplay. Hunting bandits and later weak lords isn't a lot of fun. There are a lot of threads that talk about this problem already. Most of them suggest to give the player more ways to lever their units. Giving the player more and...
  4. Kreu2009

    Allies blocking your attacks (Edited title)

    Currently you constantly get stuck on allies behind you because the animation looks like this: Please change it to this: That would solve the problem and the animation would still be readable. Here a video to showcase the problem: As long as somebody is blocking behind you, you can't...
  5. Kreu2009

    Combat AI needs improvement

    They never block after they get hit. They always try to counter attack and that almost always fails if they don't get a lucky chamber. This is partly the reason why tournaments are so easy and battles over so quickly. Here one of my Tournaments. The Video tries to be entertaining. I don't...
  6. Kreu2009

    The gameplay loop again.

    I played the game for 128 hours. Thats quite a lot already. With many games it would be completely normal to move on now. Taking a break is what im going to do. At least until the next update. So here is my feedback. (Played the beta on highest difficulty.) I think the game has a lot potential...
  7. Kreu2009

    Unit aggressiveness based on units health.

    It would be nice if units that just got hit or are low on health were a bit less aggressive, at least for a short time. That would help with several issues. 1. Fighting AI soldiers would be a bit more interresting. Especially in tournaments i often notice my AI oponent being very agressive...
  8. Kreu2009

    Soldiers as Quest rewards

    Right now espacially the early game feels extremly grindy because the only way to level up your units is to constantly hunt down bandits or weak lords. I would be really nice if some quests with the appropiate difficulty, would offer some mid tier soldiers as quest reward.
  9. Kreu2009

    Test Clan

    I guess its not intendet that the southern empire is at war with "Test Clan". I didn't creat the clan is all i can say :D
  10. Kreu2009

    How to upload an image

    How do i upload an image. When creating a post it wants a link when i want to display an image. is there an other way?
  11. Kreu2009

    My suggestion to make hideout attacks more fun

    I think the whole hideout thing needs a lot more work to really get interresting. 1. Finding the hideout. Right now its exltremly easy to find hideouts. You just want to visit a village and suddenly you spot a hideout at the other end of the forrest. I haven't even skilled scouting and i still...
  12. Kreu2009

    Deliver herd to Lycaron

    I have accepted that quest but can't find the herd that i have to deliver. On the Campaign map there are some sheeps standing close to Sagora (The place where i got the quest) but they don't seem to be interactable. Any advice would be nice.
  13. Kreu2009

    My hopes for the singleplayer

    1. Less but more meaningfull battles. One thing that always comes to my mind when i think of Warband are these endless battles that never felt like their outcome was very important to the overall campaign. Once i had massed up swadian knights (like 120) non battle had any tension or was...
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