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  1. tommylaw

    Duty to Rescue

    In the UK, what does the law say about that? Not going into specifics, if I come across a person in peril, almost certainly mortal peril if I dont intervene, and I could intervene without putting myself in danger, and nobody else is likely to be in the vicinity. If I didnt cause the original...
  2. tommylaw

    How do I permanently remove Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver?

    As titled. I'd also like to ask if it's safe to do so, because I have no idea what it does, I just know everytime i uninstall it it comes back at the next reboot.
  3. tommylaw

    Massive, massive, MASSIVE problem with some siege ladders

    This may have been brought up long before, I'm behind on the warband forum. I've noticed on a couple of, not all, ladder scenes where troops go onto the ladder and simply stop near the middle, effectively stopping the assault. At first I thought it was ranged troops holding up the show by...
  4. tommylaw

    This re-textured campaign map...where's it from?

    I was searching for re-textures of the campaign map and the only thing I found after trawling through pages of results was this: Does anyone know where this is from? The only response to that thread said it was 'Polished Landscapes', though not in certain terms. Can anyone confirm that for me...
  5. tommylaw

    Tories: tough on crime, tougher on criminals In essence, it will be permitted to use severe and maybe lethal force in the defence of your property without legal repurcussions.
  6. tommylaw

    "Iran Women Banned from Olympic Qualifier Over Headscarves" "Theses are the dictators and colonialists who want to impose their lifestyle on others," - says Ahmadinejad of FIFA. People's thoughts on this?
  7. tommylaw

    Tips on New Earphones?

    Long and short of it: I need new earphones. My old ones last a couple months before one side fails. For, lets say, £40 or under, can anyone recommend any earphones that are durable, and of good sound quality?
  8. tommylaw

    "German insurer Munich Re held orgy for salesmen" That is true awesome. Words fail me.
  9. tommylaw

    TV in your country

    Whats the standard of television like in your country? I'll start off with Scotland: STV productions are pretty bad, heavy exaggerated accents everywhere and STV doesnt show FA cup games even though ITV does. BBC in scotland prioritises Scottish football over English football, which is fair...
  10. tommylaw

    British Election and Referendum

    Sooooo... The SNP win a majority of 69 seats out of 129. Clegg takes a bit of a hammering and we're set to keep our absurdly disproportionate voting system. Which of course was the Lib Dem's flagship policy. Will we get an independence referendum in Scotland? Will Clegg step down as leader...
  11. tommylaw

    Enemy regard for friendly fire...

    ...doesnt exist. They'd happily fire at me (and in some cases notably misses) even when I'm around, or in some cases on the other side of, a bunch of their comrades. Odd when they dont hit me, frustrating when they do. Have a missed a beat in thinking that friendly fire should be a concern for...
  12. tommylaw

    Transfer Deadline Day

    A month's transfer festive goodness has just ended last night. And with quite the climax. How was your transfer deadline day? Or your january window in general? As you can probably tell from my avatar, mine hasn't been brilliant  :?
  13. tommylaw

    Question about serial key

    I have a problem with my disc drive, and cannot use it. As the box version is cheaper from my local retailers than it is to buy the key online. Can I unlock the full game by downloading the 'demo' and using the key from the box version to unlock it?
  14. tommylaw

    World Cup hosts: Russia (2018), Qatar (2022)

    The first choice is rather dubious. Qatar is an insane choice. More convincing than that panorama programme that FIFA is corrupt.
  15. tommylaw

    Papal Visit

    Personally, I find it difficult to see any benefits from the pope's visit, at least none that negates the £12 million cost. Anyone in the UK have any opinions about the visit?
  16. tommylaw

    Buying new PC Wondering if this is good enough for, lets say, ETW, Fallout3 and Assassin's Creed 2. Any help regarding the ATI Radeon HD5450 graphics card would be muchly appreciated as I have no knowledge on the matter. Thanks in advance.
  17. tommylaw

    FIFA 09 on the Wii

    Wondering if anybody here has it on the Wii and want to get their opinion on it. I've just played it after leaving it alone for a while and now I know why I left it. Passing's insane, no intuition when the ball goes astray as to who should get it. Tackling is useless, that is when you get to...
  18. tommylaw

    The Monkeys and Shakespeare Conundrum.

    If an immortal monkey was given a typewriter that doesnt wear and has infinite supply of ink and paper, would the monkey (let's says he really likes pressing random keys in typewriters, he likes the noise, it's all he does) produce the works of Shakespeare given infinite time? I say no, but I...
  19. tommylaw

    Player Colour

    My name on the world map icon has turned to the rhodok colour, even though I'm not rhodok, just a rebel. And this is a page from location tab: Noticed another thing, the Vaegirs, who are at war with the Rhodoks but not with me not chase me because of this thing.
  20. tommylaw

    Regarding Archers

    I'll get right to it. I suspect archers or rather bows are overpowered in that they have a spectacular rate of fire. Archers barely have to aim before the loose off, then their hands just flick back and another arrow is notched and loosed just as quickly. He was aiming for me, I know this...
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