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  1. Ahmed Reda

    no our realms should make peace option

    if wanna make peace u should send them ur head .. 50 lords dude ?! :lol:
  2. Ahmed Reda

    How to gain honor?

    I don't but man is it tempting when you end up with 25 enemy lord prisoners from just one clan in your party knowing they are just going to escape and attack again.
    That's actually a good point , they escape too easy and too fast
  3. Ahmed Reda

    Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0

    rip autoresolve, 130 of mixed t5 and t6 vs 18 looters, 5 dead...
    What ?! .. that's not supposed to happen right ?
  4. Ahmed Reda


    Same here
  5. Ahmed Reda

    Patch Notes e1.0.9

    Clan and Party
    • Lords and minor faction party leaders will now visit settlements to trade if they are carrying a lot of loot (especially after successful battles and raids).
    that is actually really good , amazing job TW <3
  6. Ahmed Reda

    Patch Notes e1.0.5

    wow guys , you are actually working hard for this , thanks for these patches keep it up ❤
  7. Ahmed Reda

    Patch Notes e1.0.4

    good job guys keep it up ❤
  8. Ahmed Reda

    Everybody looks the same

    i agree with you that they all look the same , and it's actually unrealistic at all to see old people with young faces and the opposite !

    however the game still giving that hype if you know what i mean
  9. Ahmed Reda

    If you still haven't got a key and you are a long time forum member (i.e. you made your account before the start of the beta), start a conversation with me here on the forums and I will sort a key out for you.
    started the conversation already .. waiting for the big bang now :3
  10. Ahmed Reda

    ? Happy New Year!

    Happy new year every body :smile: :party:
  11. Ahmed Reda


    FBohler said:
    Or maybe an ear or finger to threaten them before doing something :lol:
      lol that's actually a good idea :grin:
  12. Ahmed Reda

    Dev Blog 26/09/19

    cool blog actually .. and i really love this part

    " For instance, let's imagine a siege assault where 500 men are trying to take a city defended by 100 men. As the assault continues, men die from both sides, but due to the valiant defense by the city's garrison, the attackers now have 250 soldiers against 80 of the defenders without setting foot inside the castle. At this point, the attacker AI commander may decide to call off the assault instead of losing more "

    i mean if u are in this situation .. u will feel great seeing ur enemy fleeing like that :grin:
  13. Ahmed Reda

    Dev Blog 12/09/19

    man .. it feels bad without the blog :"(
  14. Ahmed Reda

    Dev Blog 07/06/18

    OMG i really love it .. please stop sharing this stuff i cant wait the game any more  :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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