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  1. Tareth

    How much are you willing to pay in € for the upcoming title?

    Anything cheaper than an N64 game at launch.
  2. Tareth

    Pavlovskiy Grenadierskiy Polk [EU - Recruiting]

    The only reason anyone writes here is to notify the community of updates to the OP.
  3. Tareth

    Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    A ¼ within half a year...  :dead:

    Is there going to be a way to speed up the army drifting when you're playing a simple soldier?
  4. Tareth

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    I too would be surprised and even disappointed if it were the case. Obviously they can't be going down that path.
    But I wonder if it isn't possible to let very aggressive characters abandon their defensive positions. Would make the game a little more unpredictable and replayable if there were more variation in such AI behaviours.
  5. Tareth

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Let's not dream too hard...

    Character permadeath, faster passage of time, aging, "character traits" and "political factions"...
    Note that the first Q&A implies that there'll be a battle time limit - LOL.
    Q: What determines the General’s strategy?
    A: Lords have their own skills like in the prevous games, but they also have their own personal attributes as well. So "X" character might be a lord who plays defensive so he could be more passive in battles. Also in a battle we might be the aggressor which means we would have to attack as well. So he could get away with playing defensive because if we do nothing then we will just lose the battle.

    Q: How are the political options in the game?
    A: We haven’t really expanded with options and we can’t talk about all of them right now. One new feature we have are clans within the factions so families that kind of group together -- as in the way that you have a relationship with a lord is going to affect how his brother in law thinks of you. We’ve really deepened and improved diplomacy.

    Q: Does the feudal system in Mount and Blade 2 remain the same as Warband, which is the 2 tier (King and vassals) system or is that different?
    A: Each faction has a monarchic ruler and then the vassals below that as well. They’re still ranked as vassal but the influence that different lords have in the kingdom is going to vary based on if their the owner of a town or just an owner of a village so different lords are going to have different amounts of power and sway in the faction but -- they’re all “Lords”, yeah.

    From "The Passage of Time" blog
    One major change from Warband is how time progresses; the yearly cycle has been shortened to twelve weeks, which adds more importance to the changing seasons and ageing of characters.
  6. Tareth

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 13 - Weekending

    Gazerbeam said:
    I really start to think that there should be an option to lock first person on servers ... just as an option not permanently. But so that you are not the only one having a slight disadvantage.

    Server-wide POV-lock and more Admin control would be nice. FOV slider too.
  7. Tareth

    Any news on first person FOV?

    Increased FOV would be awesome. Admin control of server-wide POV in Bannerlord would be... ~Ö~
  8. Tareth

    spears still ridiculous

    Spear&Shield combo will not work without the speed. Quick thrusts, m8. Quick thrusts. That's the only way to fight with Spear&Shield in M&B unless they implement some kind of new mechanic, but I don't see that happening. IRL, tho, the S&S could do so much more... =/
  9. Tareth

    How has your L'aigle adventures been going?

    Swedish Lieutenant in the Prussian army with my own company of about 75 men. Champion prizefighter. 70 renown. (´._.)

    To all who say that Austria is OP, well... They've been eaten by France in my game, so I've been trying to conquer Pressburg on my own (during peacetime) in an attempt to re-establish German (Prussian) domination over the region. I've failed five times. Damned French cavalry under General Étienne Maurice Gérard almost always shows up. I've also noted that the Austrian cuirassiers are the beasts of the game. Guns, horses and swords beats everything, and thus you require cavalry to win sieges. Bayonets sucks.
  10. Tareth

    How do you get unique units like Polish Guard Lancers?

    I thought Docm30 said that the Polish Guard Cavalry weren't lancers in 1809. They're Chevauxlegers in the mod.
  11. Tareth

    Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    Docm30 said:
    What rank were you?

    Ranker as in first given rank. No other messages given throughout the campaign about any promotions from what I recall.
  12. Tareth

    Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    Not really a bug, but being a ranker while being given 3 villages is... Yeah. (Austria)
    I suppose it's because the game sees me as any other vassal lord after joining the faction. I have participated in many battles and have had some renown.

    Buying commissions isn't working for me. Cheated in 50'000 to check it and...
    "I'd like to buy a commission."
    -"Ah! With a commission, bla, bla, bla. Question?"
    "Actually, I shan't buy a commission."
  13. Tareth

    How large will updates be?

    Baktech said:
    And Docm, would all your updates and patches be save compatible?

    Docm30 said:
    Certain aspects may not be save-game compatible. You probably can continue to play your save, but you'll likely run into issues or miss out on improvements.
  14. Tareth

    Installion Problem

    A problem I have with Warband that has been around for a while is that only five modules show up. Move some others and the desired one appears. Might not be the same problem for you folks though. :s
  15. Tareth


    Ambrush said:
    New animations definitely working, my men are able to defend properly now, thank you.

    They still need a little polishing, maybe making their arms go a little bit further so the melee animation is able to look a little bit more natural and that would be it for melee animations, excellent new running animation, pay close attention to the walking animation with muskets though, they look kinda off, the muskets is not held properly by the character.

    Thank you for all your effort.

    Get a broom (or any pole), hold it by your hips and thrust.

    The bayonet thrust in l'Aigle is pretty nice if you ask me - works best in First Person - though it still doesn't go far enough for me. Having to get close leads to all too many bump-hits.

    EDIT: Woops! I read it as "go a little bit further back" for some reason. 'Twould require it to be more like NWs and, wow, I did not want that. x,)
  16. Tareth

    The REAL reason why this DLC is performing bad and crashing - Including Tips-

    Many of my problems involving FPS, texture glitches, etc. (graphics, basically) are solved by playing in Windowed-Mode. :l Any idea why windowed-mode helps?

    1EDIT: Loading time when entering towns also reduced(?)
    2EDIT: After a while, this solution "kinda" stopped working. I don't know why. :l
  17. Tareth


    Fänrik Ståls sägner ~*~\(!)/~*~

    Shemaforash said:
    läser bara manga    bara hipsters som  läser böcker lel xD

    Tss - den enda mangaserien jag läst är "Sanctuary" - en seinen skriven utav Okamura Yoshiyuki med illustrationer från Ikegami Ryouichi.
    Jag tycker att den kunde ha varit bättre. :/
  18. Tareth

    Vad fick dig att förlora tron på mänskligheten idag?

    masterborn12 said:
    Väktaren av Jämtland said:
    Fanns ingen tråd för detta ändamål så jag skapade en ny tråd här kan ni posta allt som-ja, ni vet ju hur titeln lyder. Det här fick mig att tappa tro på mänskligheten:

    Ni vet väl att det inte är en invandrare man kan ju höra röstmodifieringen. Det är en kille som försöker sabotera invandrarnas rykte för helvete inte ens de främsta svenskfientliga har sådant hat. Kolla på kanalen och se vad han kommenterar i andra videor.

    Videon som har länkats i denna tråd hänvisar till ett originalklipp som är borttaget. Däremot så finns YouTube användarens profil kvar med andra olika klipp, t.ex.

    Sedan kan det riktigt vara så att originalanvändarprofilen är fejk. Man ska alltid vara mycket kritisk när man stöter på information på nätet från okända källor. Då ingår det att inte dra alltför snabba slutsatser.
  19. Tareth

    Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest DLC (Release Date: 11th December)

    Ramsay Bolton said:
    I just hope its more accessible than Brytenwalda. Don't get me wrong is a great mod and all, its just unbearably and soul crushingly hard.

    Hard!? Bah! Travelling, playing songs, capturing bandits, keeping them as slaves, duelling warlords, crushing skulls at the tournaments and bowing before the different kings isn't hard at all!

    Just kidding - got stomped and ****ed everytime I tried to gather a party. :wink:
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