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    Can battle deployment be updated?

    would be the best person to ask as the UI guy of Taleworlds, I haven't seen any other TW staff comment on the troop sorting system in the past, except Dejan/Callum said this:
    That is related to party screen troop sorting. With that feature players will be able to sort their troops in the party screen by Type, Name, Count and Tier.

    I'll quote my other post that relates to OP's topic:

    Not being able to assign troops and lords in the party screen is intended but the reasons are different.

    Being able to assign troops to different formations would break the saved values and how the percentage sliders/filters work. If you could assign a horse archer to an infantry formation, you couldn't get him out of the infantry formation in current implementation of the OoB. Zeroing the Infantry slider in that formation would still keep the horse archer you put in there. OR we disregard the horse archer assigned there are, move him back to a horse archer formation when the slider value changes. Formations would be a mishmash of troops and it's not possible to represent that with sliders.

    If we add all 4 troop type sliders to all of the cards then one of the problems is, "when do we remove the troops assign from party screen?". Player changed the filter, do we remove them? Player set the slider to zero, do we remove them? I'm not even going into AI problems with having 8 different mishmash formations.

    Now one way to overcome that can be locking each formation's troop type from the get go and not letting the player change them. Formation I-II is Infantry, Formation III-IV is Ranged, Formation V-VI is Cavalry and Formation VII-VIII is Horse Archer and you can only assign a troop to a formation that is related to their equipment. But we didn't want to restrict the player to these pre selections.

    All in all, assigning formations to normal troops in the party screen is conflicting with changes made in OoB that's why it's removed.

    Now lords/companions are a different story. Since they're more fluid with their equipment and they're unique, they don't have to conform to the formation types. We can handle them in a different way. This doesn't have to be in the party screen, we can add a separate UI in the formation cards that you could use to put unassigned heroes in that formation as troops. We can save the assigned formation of the hero and not let them be affected from the sliders. I am, personally, not against this and would love to bring it up internally. That's why I asked for a suggestion post, here. If you feel the assignment of heroes to specific formation as troops, not just captains, would be a good addition feel free to leave a comment in that post.

    I've discussed this change in many posts in this forum, this is one of those I'll leave it here:
  2. MRay

    Implement Adjust Screen Fix

    The play area option is read from the system. So, you can adjust it through your system settings. We actually have to do it this way to satisfy Microsoft's requirements for their consoles.
  3. MRay

    Multiple characters in a formation.

    This is implemented and will be live with upcoming versions.
    or the ability to place companions in specific formations in the “Order of Battle”.
  4. MRay

    Resolved Unable to Re-bind "Menu Shortcuts" Keybindings

    This should be fixed with the new version
    Fixed a bug that prevented hotkeys from being re-assignable. This will reset all keybindings.
    Can you confirm?
  5. MRay

    Overhaul mods - stripey thumbnails

    Is there a way to make the icones as well apply the team color, etc?
    I would try setting team color on the material of the armor piece itself. When the item gets used by the game code it'll be overriden but it'll have that team color by default when it's not given/set.
  6. MRay

    Can we get Autoscroll on the Party Screen?

    Sorting feature in the party screen is already implemented internally and should be live with upcoming updates. Let's see if that satisfies your needs and discuss afterwards.
  7. MRay

    Overhaul mods - stripey thumbnails

    These thumbnails are taken with the default material textures and properties, meaning without applying team color, banner texture etc. I've seen mods that add new equipment not have a problem with the thumbnails, so I would imagine it's case by case and not a general issue.
  8. MRay

    Need More Info PS4 - Inaccessible menus and disappearing save file

    This isn't some minor little thing. This isn't something we can just mess with the settings and fix, something isn't right we don't have a free cursor like on warband while on the world map. Or any access to UI at all. You're right on one thing though, it "also" seems to be struggling fitting my TV. Some of my HUD is completely cut off from visibility. Just don't undermine this, as something minor. Cuz it needs to get fixed, like I said in a previous reply. You can't use 90% of the vital functions in this game right now.
    This isn't just that my TV or whatever is configured's the game, the game won't allow people to access any menus. At all.
    Unless your at a village. Which is extremely inconvenient, still can't use the can't function or do anything.
    It's not just being touchy, but we can change settings to make it work. It's just won't work. Believe.
    Sounds like Circle/B button issue, have you tried using Circle/B? And if doesn't work, what happens when you press Circle/B while moving on the campaign map?

    Also have you tried setting your display area size through system settings?

    - PS4:
    - PS5:
    - Xbox: (Calibrate TV option)
  9. MRay

    Need More Info PS4 - Inaccessible menus and disappearing save file

    Does not seem like as big of an issue, but the bottom row of icons at the bottom-right of the screen remains out of reach.
    You can extend the info bar at the right bottom of the screen with the arrow pointing up, that will show you the remaining stats at the second row.

    Screen shot here with the display area at its smallest (in which I've successfully highlighted the "clan" button--yay):
    That's as far down as the cursor will go,
    This seems like a TV/monitor issue, maybe you can fiddle with its settings to get a better view of the UI.
  10. MRay

    Need More Info PS4 - Inaccessible menus and disappearing save file

    A screenshot would help a lot with debugging this issue since these navigation buttons can be in different states.(enabled, disabled, out of screen/hidden, semi disabled etc.)

    - Are the buttons out of screen for everyone?
    - Are they grey/black and not clickable at all?
    - Is the issue not being able to go into the "cursor" mode(with Circle/B button) while moving around the campaign map?
    - Is the Display Area setting set correctly? (We use this setting to position the UI inside the display area)
  11. MRay

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Either way man thanks for all the communications throughout the years and the awesome UI/UX design work!
    Thank you as well for the suggestions and feedback on the UI subforum!

    I assume that 0.2 means 20 % increase in charge damage ?
    Yes, this has been fixed internally but didn't make it to the patch. It'll be changed in the future patches.
  12. MRay

    Troop info gets too long

    We're actively looking into this but probably won't be live for some time. Still, thank you for the report.
  13. MRay

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    @MRay do you know whether the addition of these 10 Town scenes result in all 53 towns having one?
    AFAIK, only 1 or 2 scenes left to update on 1.9.0
  14. MRay

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Voiceovers, weather, and siege reticles please...for release? @MRay make the reticles happen man :'(
    Siege reticles for release? Sadly, too late for that but I'll bring this up again internally.

    I don't *think* so.
    Ah ok, you mean the module parity between host and client. I'm not too familiar with that aspect of the project so I'll relay this to the relevant team. Thank you for the report.
  15. MRay

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Are there any plans to let custom servers define some sort of "optional" module that joining players may have (but don't have to have)?
    DependedModule already supports an "Optional" flag. If true, modules defined as optional will load before the current module but if they're not present, "PLAY" button won't be blocked. Is this what you mean?
  16. MRay

    Reset statistics companion

    I'll bring this up internally, thank you for the suggestion.
  17. MRay

    Add slider to party creation window

    Looks like an oversight. Thank you for the suggestion we'll be adding this.
  18. MRay

    Show the relation in the clan viewer window

    I'll bring this up internally, thank you for the suggestion.
  19. MRay

    First person / Third person button too easy to accidentally press using a controller

    We'll be looking into this. Thank you for the suggestion.
  20. MRay

    Give Nobles Advice, which direction large enemy troops are coming from /Flee /Support Allies/ Defend Castle / Patrol just like WarBand

    This relates more to game design than UI, if the decision is taken to include something like this, we'll implement the UI no problem. I relayed the suggestion to the relevant team. Thank you for the suggestion.
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