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  1. Marcolino

    Need More Info I have a state of the art PC but game keeps crashing

    HI. I have tried multiple times to have a playthrough in this game but it keeps crashing. The latest is playing 1.5.7 when I paly a tournament, win it and then boom, it crashes My PC specs are: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K CPU @ 3.6 GHz (Its overclocked at 4.9GHz stable) Installed RAM...
  2. Marcolino

    Resolved 1.5.7 - Game crashing when I try to launch new campaign

    Hi. I tested the new 1.5.7 on old saves (from 1.5.6) and it ran normally. However, if I connect to the game and select New campaign, I get to the screen with the riders and instead of loading the new campaign effort (choose culture, create character, etc) the game crashes. In fact the screen...
  3. Marcolino

    Purchase more than one enterprise per city

    Hi. I wanted to find th code (mod system) that restricts the player from buying more than one enterprise per city. Can someone help me please? Thanks :?:
  4. Marcolino

    Own character being treated as a peer of the realm

    Is there a way to alter the game to make sure that your own character is treated as a peer of the realm once he joins? Same question if he decides to become a king of his own kigdom. Thanks
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