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  1. Sparticulous

    Crafting stamina regeneration

    Is there a way that crafting can regenerate as you traverse the land. The regeneration while resting only, kind of hampers a balanced play through of trading, killing, and crafting? Maybe make a athletic or smithing perk that allows slow but some stamina regeneration while traveling?
  2. Sparticulous

    Make crafted equipment eventually disappear

    One problem i have seen is that when i abuse crafting, all the town shops become incredibly filled with javelins that make it hard to scroll. is it possible for these things to neatly stack together and or just disappear from the shops after a time period to deal with clutter
  3. Sparticulous

    Companions/clean members recreate and recruite for their own parties

    One problem I have noticed is that after I give a companion/family member 100+ troops for their own party, they would often get defeated and captured. After they get release or escaped, they do not recreate their parties. Same for caravans. Seems sort of a hassle/micromanagement nightmare for...
  4. Sparticulous

    What mods does everyone use?

    Here is the mods I use and I enjoy them: zculturedstart Beta 1.4.3 Experimental UnblockDLL1.3 Party AI overhaul and commands Improved Garrisons - For 1.4.3 Realistic batle mod - realistic battle with realistic armor for beta 1.4.3 CaravansGiveTradeXp Separatism Mod 0.8.0 Beta...
  5. Sparticulous

    Temples and religious sites

    I think it could be pretty cool if there were religious sites and "villages" on the campaign map where you could donate wealth to and allow your troops to rest to "boost moral" and maybe even receive omens which could randomly give you a boost or penalty based on what is seen by the "oracle" and...
  6. Sparticulous

    help with a kidnap quest

    >.> I Got the girl from the kidnappers and i brought her back to the town. she's in my party and when i go to complete the quest, it won't let me complete it.  the only two options are What if i can't finish it, and the other is to say your still working on it.    I even put her first in my...
  7. Sparticulous

    what ever happened to...

    the companion compatibility chart/circle thing >.>  I Know it was here before but I can't find it anymore.  smite me if its somewhere obvious but i was just wondering about it. for europe 1200
  8. Sparticulous

    companion chart

    Is there a chart for Europe 1200 which shows which companion likes who since many new companions were made for europe 1200?  Just asking.
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