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  1. Lukee123

    More depth ideas for improved gameplay

    Was thinking about what this game was missing and thought to put some words to paper- feel free to add- yes, some of these ideas may not be possible within the current dev progression but the dynastic and living/ruling as a lord element just seems abundant and quite shallow in its current state...
  2. Lukee123

    Changes needed to war diplomacy!!!

    I'm just getting annoyed with how war operates in this game- You capture lords, put them in a keep and they escape 2 days later, execute them? people hate you! I had a castle full of enemy lords with captured castles put I still have to pay ridiculous amounts of tribute to make peace, and then...
  3. Lukee123

    Fortified Settlements

    Will keep this forum post short- but something that is frustrating me throughout the game is raids on your smaller settlements when troops are too far to defend and coming to find them burnt and waiting for them to come back- There should be an option (more possible for later game) to fortify...
  4. Lukee123

    Household Guard

    Is it just me who would love to see household guard implemented? The idea would be related to both around the map where (similar to companions) you could assign up to a number of troops categorised as household guard to follow you around in places like town (perhaps 5-10 for this) - they could...
  5. Lukee123

    Cool additions that could be added to the game (suggestions and discussion)

    Hi all, thought it could be cool to suggest some additions that would be a cool touch to the game, not necessarily features that the devs would implement, but nevertheless they could be fun. What about expansion of mercenaries where instead of belonging to one faction, lords could approach you...
  6. Lukee123

    Quick fix needed for diplomatic war option to stop influence plummeting

    I understand that the devs are still working on personal kingdom functions, but for now i think there could be some quick features added to stop the huge loss of influence when starting a war through raiding villages then attacking- yes you can gain the influence back but in the meantime you are...
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