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  1. Charly30

    In Progress e1.8.0 Low fps after conquering Shibal Zumr Castle

    So with the new e1.8.0, before conquering Shibal Zumr Castle -> 130 fps, after conquering and going back on the world map -> 4fps, with or without mod. When I load a previous save it's 130fps with mods (like usually). I've tried to redo the battle and the result is same. How to Reproduce...
  2. Charly30

    Need More Info BUG : dialog display error And Graphic Grid

    Summary: The dialog display error appears maybe half the time of the "goods too much expensive" quests ; when it's time to say yes I want to do the quest or not the upper line black. Graphic grid : maybe since the last hotfix (maybe, certainly, almost sure), a grid appears especially on horses...
  3. Charly30

    Need More Info Crash again Driver delay

    Summary: Since the last hotfix (07/22) the game crashes again but les less (sometimes during battles). I keep using ReShade and the shader setting in the game menu is still on low to minimize crashes (before the 22nd the game fainally worked perfectly)...
  4. Charly30

    In Progress Bug in main story

    v 1.8.0 An ally asked for a vote to declare war to a destroyed Empire faction and I accepted (I'm curious). The leader of this ghost faction is one of my guys :
  5. Charly30

    What do you think about the Story Mode? SPOILER

    Hi, So what do you think about the story? Me? Thast's **** from professionals who sold me this game 50$. I guess that the story has been imagined by an intern? A14yo one during his 2 weeks internship (I use a translator for some words, sorry if it's not good)? If yes, this is a good job boy...
  6. Charly30

    Resolved Can't play anymore -> Resolved

    Summary: Now I can't play anymore : it started to crash since the last update of the 07/22 with mods, so enabled it and replayed the game. But then, after some hours, it restarted to crash, so I've done a clean install without mod and now it crashes when it's about to finish to load a save. It...
  7. Charly30

    Better look on the economy

    So yes, I own a lot of castles and Cities but can't see the whole display of the money coming in/out on the world map when you put the mouse on the money on the bottom right side of the screen, it's too big, we can't see the whole list. I'd like to way to can see everything on the same screen.
  8. Charly30

    D3D crashes

    I think that I found the solution to fix it till TW resolve it on their side. TW's shaders are ****ed up. Have a look here.
  9. Charly30

    Resolved D3D crashes? Don't use Bannerlord shaders, that messes up the game -> RESOLVED!!!

    Summary: Hello to all Bannerlord frustrated lovers whose fun is ruined by D3D crashes. I opend a ticket, here what I just sent to the devs : "As you can see in my previous tickets I have a NASA pc and can't play your game proprely (even with a W10 + Bannerlord clean install all up to date)...
  10. Charly30

    How to force DX11 or DX12?

    I'm having so much issues in 1440p, I can't play under this resolution high graphics so I'm looking for how to fix it, only D3D crashes. So maybe that if I could know how to force DX11 or DX12 it could help. I found in the shader folder inside the game one this file : shader_configuration.h I...
  11. Charly30

    What is annoying in Bannerlord in july 2022?

    I create this thread to list annoying things in Bannerlord, I didn't find anything talking about it. I've played with e1.7.2 and now 1.8.0. So I start, I hope that a lot of players will relate annoying/ununderstandable things. -When you ask troups to follow you : they break their formation and...
  12. Charly30

    Does your game use to crash? If yes Which GPU Nvidia/AMD? Mod(s)/no Mod?

    Hi, This is a poll to know if the game crashes on most players' set up and if yes, if the game would be more optimized for Nvidia or AMD. Personaly, it's hell, even after a clean install. With or without mod it uses to crash like a wave if I set something else than low grapghics With/Without...
  13. Charly30

    Resolved Crash in game medium high and very high setting -> certainly because of the famous D3D error

    Summary: Hello, My game crash if it's higher than low setting randomly in game on the map, 100% when I start a siege and maybe 100% too when I talk to somebody. During the benchmark it's ok if I limit the framerate to 60fps (100% sure?) and 30fps (100% sure). There is no stutter, it's very...
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