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  1. King Henry V

    I've noticed in the latest version of Bannerlord, a certain animation for npc females is gone & Banner Customization

    Throughout all versions of Bannerlord so far, there has been an animation I really loved about the npc ladies. It's the one where they look up at you(the male player), and their eyes are all cute, with that smile. Basically she's in love with the male player and this animation also happens with...
  2. King Henry V

    A glorious wedding ceremony in a large Gothic Cathedral/Temple for Vlandia

    Dear Taleworlds Developers, I have been thinking about this for a long while. What will the wedding ceremonies be like and will it take place in a different place like a Gothic chapel/church/temple/cathedral? I was thinking it could be like the scene from Medieval 2 Total War: Depending on...
  3. King Henry V

    Need More Info A crash bug in 1.4.3 with dev console mod

    Hi, I would like to report a bug that causes a crash when reloading into 1.4.3 saves. This is after I had created my player Kingdom. Whenever there was voting of who should get which fief etc, it would just simply crash and then when I tried to reload in, it would crash. Will there be any fixes...
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