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  1. tintontoe

    Bug - Khuzait Heavy Lancer stats 1.0.3

    The Khuzait Heavy Lancer has way too low stats.
  2. tintontoe

    Imperator: Rome (New Paradox game)

    Well looks like we've got another Rome game. I only played the first one a little bit, this one seems to cover a longer period judging from these first screenshots from 450 bc 450 AUC so 304 BC to Caesars death like last time? The map is also bigger, it stretches from Scandinavia to Ethiopia and...
  3. tintontoe

    Hearts of Iron IV (Release June 6th)

    Well now that we got a release date for HoI IV I felt like it was time to create a thread for it. It will come out on the 6th of June due to that being the date of D-Day. Developer Diaries and gameplay footage/livestreams Previews, articles and interviews It looks like that a lot of things...
  4. tintontoe

    Unban request

    Name under which you were banned: Shieldings_Titan_Khan (I think) Server(s) you are banned from: All 22nd both vanilla and MM servers. What was happening when you got banned: Einherjar/Shieldings had some fights with the 22nd, don't remember if I was involved or not, if I don't get un banned...
  5. tintontoe

    Danske/Islandske hold for Nations cup.

    Jeg har besluttet at åbne en tråd for et dansk og islandsk hold til Nations Cup. Hvis du er interesseret svar her.
  6. tintontoe

    Danish nations cup team.

    Since no one else opened a thread for the danish/Icelandic team then I shall. I'm not very good at making threads. :P If yer Danish/Icelandic/Faroese and if yer interested in joining the team, please write in the thread. (Willy gave me permission to combine Iceland and Denmark.) P.S We need a...
  7. tintontoe

    Great hammers.

    I do not know if there's a question topic, sorry if it escaped my eyes but... Are the greathammers in games historically accurate? I've seen lords wieldin' these rediculous hammers. For those who do not know what it is let me describe: It's a big ball of steel on a stick. (Not the morningstar)
  8. tintontoe

    [Suggestion] Nerf the great lance.

    The great lance is very over powered, it can almost outreach a pike but can outreach any other lance. You do not need any skills to use it, you can just start your thrust from 2-4  meters away and hit with the courser. It doesn't bounce off if the two horsemen are really close to eachother...
  9. tintontoe

    A suggestion for the search function

    Could you add so you could also search by location? It would be more easier to find people from your country and others. :D
  10. tintontoe

    (Server side suggestion) Ban polls

    Can you please disable the ban polls from the official servers... It's just annoying to see everyone that camps or runs away get kicked/banned... I know that there has been spams of this kinds of threads... Sorry
  11. tintontoe

    (Question) What happens if...

    What happens if I install the mod to "Modules"?
  12. tintontoe

    [Suggestion] Starting choices

    I didn't see a suggestion topic stickied so I have a suggestion: How about new starting choices more than the new officer one, thank you for your time :D.
  13. tintontoe

    [Bug?] Randomly loosing money 0.660

    Nevermind, just searched the bug tracker
  14. tintontoe

    [BUG] Arena is unplayable 0632

    I wash trying to join an arena battle, it gave me couple of errors and when i tried to leave it my game freezes
  15. tintontoe


    The european servers dont show up on the server list? Does anyone know what's wrong?
  16. tintontoe

    [BUG] Incorrect authorization key

    Ive been playing the game for awhile the all of a sudden it says incorrect authorization key whats wrong? EDIT: nvm i just had to restart warband
  17. tintontoe

    A noob question

    How do i make a worshop work? i have couple of NEJA engineers but the workshop wont work
  18. tintontoe

    A question

    Where is the Baggage officer, or what is he called
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