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  1. Nomad_Knight

    Best Class & Worst Class

    Hello all, Here's a very short and sweet discussion topic: As it stands right now in multiplayer, What do you think is the A.) best class and B.) worst class. By best and worst, I mean most effective vs. least effective. This is, of course, completely your own subjective opinion. As an...
  2. Nomad_Knight

    Consider Setting Up a Battle Mode Server in CN Region

    Hey CN players,

    It sucks you guys weren't given opportunities to test the new customer servers. Keep in mind though that these are just tests. Our situations are not comparable, but my team has also been jockeying for a server. We've also been shut down so far as TW is "just testing".

    You all will get servers, eventually™. We just have to be patient for TW to conclude whatever testing they're doing is complete.
  3. Nomad_Knight

    GK NA Battle Feedback

    Thanks for choosing to host battle, Axe. These last couple weeks have been more fun than the last 2 years for me.
  4. Nomad_Knight

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    @NIN3 You are my favorite dev I've had the pleasure of interacting with. Thanks for dropping this massive info bomb, and I wish you luck in whatever endeavor you take up next. Much love from NA, and I'll see you around in game!
  5. Nomad_Knight

    Gotha's Battle Server? An Exciting Sign of Progress!

    Despite the crashes and bugginess, the time I spent on Gotha's Battle server today was the most fun I've had with the game in a long time. Battle is what Mount and Blade was made for, and is the final piece my clan NATO is waiting for before we really start to take off with our plans...
  6. Nomad_Knight

    Plz Battle Servers/Mode


    I've been playing Bannerlord exclusively with the intention of waiting for this. I am in a holding pattern chomping at the bit to play a bannerlord battle mode.
  7. Nomad_Knight

    Any news on PW or PK thats really all that matters.

    Everyone in this thread trash talking on Dev's need to chill out. The dev's get blasted anytime they say something in the forums, then we wonder why they don't share information as openly as we would like.
  8. Nomad_Knight

    Why can't i use bastard sword 1h without shield now?

    Jumping in game to test this, but does X no longer change the grip while not holding a shield?
  9. Nomad_Knight

    Why can't I play the game?

    They can't solve the problem so they killed the problem.
    The ol' "I can't get rid of the bedbugs in my house, so I torched the house" approach. I respect it.
  10. Nomad_Knight

    [Skirmish] Almost a year of EA anniversary

    I may be an outlier for most forum users, but I've been happily playing pretty consistently since EA dropped last year. Between Multiplayer and Singleplayer both, this has been my main time sink as far as gaming goes for about a year now. I have had my skill stretched in the crucible of multiplayer, and had a ton of fun in the sandbox of singleplayer. The periodic updates give me enough to be excited about and generate hype for what's around the corner.

    I won't pretend there aren't problems or that this game COULDN'T BE so much more (Which is true for any piece of software, or any human endeavor, right?). Dev times feeling slow, bugs popping up repeatedly after being squashed, and imbalanced/unfinished mechanics will drive anyone batty after enough exposure. But I personally am really grateful to be able to play this game, and am optimistic about where it will go, no matter the pace. Your points are valid, just remember to take the good with the bad, lest we fall prey to a bitter existence in a hobby that is meant to make us happy.
  11. Nomad_Knight

    Why can't I play the game?

    Same, I can't even press play in multiplayer. Probably intentional due to Sound of Doom?
  12. Nomad_Knight

    Resolved Multiplayer Crashes and Does not work

    Hey - I just logged on to test and it seems like the problem cleared up. It's crazy that something that was causing a complete client crash was fixed within 2 hours. Thanks to you and the team for being so quick to help MArdA!
  13. Nomad_Knight

    Resolved Multiplayer Crashes and Does not work

    My clanmates and i are also running into this issue.
  14. Nomad_Knight

    Resolved Battle Scene Causing Cavalry Units to Suicide off of Cliff (Video)

    How to Reproduce: Begin a large scale battle in the location shown in the sample video Scene Name (if related): (I've spent about 30 minutes googling a way to find this to no effect. Please advice how to retrieve this information) Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU...
  15. Nomad_Knight

    Duel Server Information

    be nice to have admins.. and be able to duel

    Hey Taleworlds team, this individual Sven is committing random death match on multiple nights, against duel server rules. I have also witnessed him doing this, and can provide evidence.

    Please protect the duel servers, and remove this individuals ability to participate.
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