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  1. IJIN

    Need More Info Clipping

    Sorry, I happened once and it would be difficult to replicate (being hit hard and clipping through the wall).
    It doesn't really bother me, I just wanted to bring it to your attention so you would be aware that it is actually possible however unlikely.
  2. IJIN

    Suggestion - allow a companion to clear a hideout

    Imagine a scenario: It's mid/late game, you have a small starting kingdom with couple of towns. "King-ing" around and right in the middle of your lands there is a bandit HIDEOUT. Currently, there are two options to clear it: 1) Do it yourself (being a king), 2) wait/hope for a quest to pop up...
  3. IJIN

    Need More Info Clipping

    Summary: Not really a bug, more like a clipping error. During the tournament my character was standing next the wall ("entrance area into arena") and was hit hard (I believe couched hit) by a mounted warrior. The hit was so hard that it literally pushed me out of the arena and clipped me into...
  4. IJIN

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Very low auto generated companion amounts in some campaigns for the player's culture, can we get a boost here? For example I started a Vlandian campaign and only had a black and barrel chest companion option. This is an automatic campaign restart and have to go through the whole character creation over again.

    There is some quality of life changes that could fix wanderers in the campaign

    • The culture you pick during character creation gets a small boost to the wander pool of you culture like +3
    • Fix the the way wanders spawn into the campaign so that you don't get 3+ barrel chest companion clones
    • Allow the player to change wanderers appearance at the barber with all options unlocked
    Noob question if you don't mind. Why is wanderer culture important ? I'm aware of the benefits for being governors... But otherwise - what other stuff am I missing?
    Please and thank you.
  5. IJIN

    Does the AI still cheat and know every settlements troop numbers?

    thought this was obvious, the Aserai use magic carpets, the Khuzait use eagles, the Battanians use flying unicorns, the Sturgians use ravens, the Vlandians use teleporting butter to write messages, and the Empire use pigeons.
    ? Thank you for this. Lol
  6. IJIN

    What are your must-have mods you can't play without that you'd like Taleworlds to implement into the base game?

    For my money as a semi-casual PC player..
    I mostly look for a good RPG experience in bannerlord.

    I find RBM to be a positive influence overall, spicing things up and making the game more challenging; nevertheless, every playthrough I roleplay differently: swordman>archer>axeman>maceman etc. So if a mod forced me to play as maceman every single time, it would become boring real quick.

    As of late I stay away from RBM, all the negative comments are frightening.
  7. IJIN

    Yes, spears, again

    Infomative and educational.
    Agreed with your suggestions, spear isn't implemented well.
    What happens to me, whenever I try to roleplay as a "pikeman" (with thrust dominated spears, not swingable OP ones) I usually stab/kill one enemy, then others notice and rush me, and at that moment I am left with a long stupid stick that doesn't stab anymore as everyone is huging me.. very annoying.

  8. IJIN

    [Mega-Feedback] On recent versions 1.6.x - 1.7.0 beta

    Interesting read. Thank you.
    I think I agree with every single point made in the article although I only play sandbox so I don't really have an opinion on main quest matters..
    I do hope the developers will take note of your ideas.

    The ability to save previously created customizations, is still not here. After repeated playthroughs, in many cases player come to a certain type of external customization they most enjoy. Or, at times, one may come up with a customization they are extremely pleased with. It is a pain to have to "recreate" the results you seek.
    SUGGESTION: As a temporary fix you could use Copy/paste from previous character (literally ctrl + c).
    I personally have a favorite "archetype" that I just copy from one playthrough to another. I usually modify a bit after pasting though.
  9. IJIN

    How about a bandit faucet?

    Agreed, this needs to be addressed. In late game, looters hurt the economy/caravans and I'm sure it's not intended.

    Manhunters seem an obvious fix, but these other ideas sound cool as well
  10. IJIN

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    I think got one.

    Playing fresh 1.7.0. Received castle Uthelaim castle - and since then I've checked village for new troops but none are replenishing.
    I've disabled/enabled recruting to castle garrnison but no effect. Nothing recruited to it. And in village are present only few troops that are outside my relation range to recruit. Nothing new shows up.
    +1. I have a same issue in Vladiv Castle and it's villages. It belonged to me at first, later I gave it away to a vassal but the issue persists

    LOL, As soon as I posted this, the issues sorted itself out. No idea how.. But it looks fine now :neutral:
  11. IJIN

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    Serious hotfix - seems there's more than meets the eye - 9.3 GB for me..
  12. IJIN

    Giving quests to your companions?

    Taleworlds and common sense are age-old enemies, my friend
    True that.. but I try to stay optimistic. I feel like 1.7 was a very nice leap forward. In general I jump back into the game every two-three months and the progress achieved is usually impressive, at least to me
  13. IJIN

    Giving quests to your companions?

    I personally would find it really useful if I could send a companion to recruit for example "a squad of 20 sturgian recruits/archers" while I am doing quests deep in Vlandian territory.

    I do hope that TW will implement something like this soon™ as I believe it is common sense, otherwise..modders
  14. IJIN

    Do you think smithing skill should be removed?

    I had never thought of the idea of removing smithing from the game before.. But you might be up to something here. I actually agree with all your points, as in - "you either do it well of you don't do it at all'".

    I guess my only concert is, that keeping it in provides an extra role play possibility. I roleplayed couple of times as an engineer/blacksmith, but because of your aforementioned reasons, it wasn't very satisfying experience.
    In my current playthroughs I completely ignore smiting, it's a dead skill to me.

    Anyway I wouldn't want to take away an element that others might enjoy. However if smithing skill was replaced by some other more relevant intriguing skill.. ?
  15. IJIN

    [1.7.0] Battlesize & reinforcement issue

    CaptainFracas, nice videos man ?
  16. IJIN

    You should be able to view all wanderer stats in tavern mode or encyclopedia

    +1 Yes,.please. Sometimes I just scum save - recruit, check stats and if I don't like the guy/guyette I reload.. :sad:
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