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  1. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    My regiment used some of these medals, we did change some of them though
    Sounds like a perfect usage then :grin:
  2. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    Glad to hear that you can use them Ging Freecss.

    Best wishes to you, the 49th and Turkey :smile:
  3. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    Hi. TS versions of most medals are already in the zip file.  :cool:
  4. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    Hi Gatts.

    A TS version is already in the zip on the first page.

    Example of the 4 sizes available:

    Killing Machine:



    TeamSpeak (16x16)

    PS: The Bump was just a prank medal. Haven't made it into the versions or the zip yet.
  5. Loppen

    No rules server interest check

    Saying this will only lead to randoming is missing the point. PW servers used to have very few or even no rules. It was way more fun than now.

    I would like a more straight forward way of playing:
    1. RP if you like.
    2. No rules.
    3. No banking.
    4. No gear saving.
    5. No combat logging.
    6. No complaints.
    7. Get an adult to admin and ONLY kick disruptive players.
    8. Perhaps try to use the new features that saves info for a short time if a player crashes.

    Join a faction. Live longer. Why not try it?

    I say yes to the above.
  6. Loppen

    Persistent World 4.5.1 - download and general discussion

    Haven't played for a long time. Won't spend time on broken gameplay. So.
    Would love to see a Classic/Vanilla server use Vornne's "Save area" and "Crash place holder" some time in the future.

    Vornne said:
    The "combined world / server travel" feature was mostly written years ago, as the least terrible example of storing player equipment and troop type in an external database that I could think of,
    for the people who kept asking for example scripts: the scene creator places "travel area" props at the edges of the scene, which players hold "use" at for 30 seconds to store their character to the database then automatically disconnect from the server, with a message specifying the name of the other server they have travelled to; they then join that other server (which is connected to the same database) and are then loaded at the linked travel area with equipment and troop type and the entry is removed from the database, to represent travelling from one realm to another; connecting multiple Warband servers into one large world. The feature could also be used to create "save areas" for a single server, where players could use a travel scene prop placed in a non strategic area while not in active combat (since they would be undefended from other players killing them) for 30 seconds, disconnect from the server, then rejoin later to the same server, loading back inside the same travel area - avoiding the game breaking "combat logging" and "strategic log off to take people unawares later" issues that plague the common implementations.

    Another excuse players use to try justify being able to teleport in and out of the game world without penalty is that they crash a lot, and don't want to die in that case: to circumvent that, I started on another feature to keep a "place holder" agent in the game world after a client is unintentionally disconnected, which the player will take over from again if they reconnect to the server within a short time. While the player is disconnected, their place holder agent can be freely attacked by other players to take the armor, items, or loot money, preventing players from using it as a way to unfairly get out of trouble (by intentionally ending the game process with the task manager, an old trick). The code in the git branch basically works, but it has multiple bugs to be fixed.
  7. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    Added TS sized versions of the micros. 16x16 pixels.
    Should make a fine "Fruit Salad" for any eager soldier.
  8. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    Medal of the month!


    Extreme Discipline
    For the perfectly disciplined soldier.
    (One of my first medals. Dated to June 2011)
  9. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    New additions

    The Philanthropist: For members that support the regiment financially.

    Tutor: For officers/veterans who consistently take the applicants under their wings.

    The Bombardier: For a person that is seen as the "sensei" of artillery.

    Totenkopf: For a person that is seen as the "sensei" of cavalry.

    Hitman: No matter the situation, this person takes care of business - in melee or shooting.
    **Receiver must have "Melee Sensei" and "Designated Marksman" before receiving this award**

  10. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    Only 2 members of the 19te has this High Prestige Award. My twin Deafbee and ... guess who :grin:


    Designated Marksman
    For continuous prefect shooting.
  11. Loppen

    Regimental Medals / Achievements / Ranks / Detachments [Free for all]

    On request by the 19te Prussian Infantry, I have added a Gemeiner rank and a new graphic for Obergefreiter.

    All rank files updated including the source files.

  12. Loppen

    19te Prussian Infantry, Going Strong Since 2011 Updated: January 25, 2016

    Me and my son are sleeping in a shelter in a forest tonight. Gonna be fun.
  13. Loppen

    [NA/EU] Nexus Classic

    Ah yes. The "no bull****" approach. Love it!
  14. Loppen

    We have damaged PW with our scripts.

    Give it time. Classic might take off ... or not. Classic is much more competitive and interesting for factions. They just don't know it yet and perhaps never will.
  15. Loppen

    NW Completed The Napoleonic Campaign

    Thanks all. We hope we will be able to pull together some organizers and regiments soon.
  16. Loppen

    Where should I play ?

    Following a discussion on pw-nexus there is now a Nexus PW Classic up and running. Let's see if people on a longer term will start to find that more enjoyable.
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