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  1. Noble fugitive

    I am wondering how lords become fugitives? My younger brother married Sora and when I looked at her history in the enclyclopaedia she had become a fugitive 2 days before the proposal. But she wasn't exiled from her clan and she didn't escape prison either. What did she do? I wanted to know what she did to become a fugitive and what the implications are?

    Also I recently killed her dad in battle. She didn't seem to mind lol. The conversation strings should really be more immersive to reflect something like that.
  2. Resolved npc wife flickering in castles

    Hi sorry for the delay. I was trying to recreate it but it only seems to appear randomly and not all castles. Also it isn't always the wife, the companions do it too. I also noticed another bug with no flickering but the npc having a conversation alone so she's talking to herself lol.

    But anyways here is the video on youtube showing the flickering
  3. Resolved npc wife flickering in castles

    Summary: In castles when you see the animation of two NPCs talking with each other, one of them is always flickering. Its always either my wife or my brother's wife that is flickering. How to Reproduce: 1.8.0 beta. Just go to any keep in town or castle where your wife or inlaw is staying at and...
  4. In Progress Factions don't attempt to take back city from Rebellion

    But are they at war with another main faction when it happends?
    I've noticed that as soon as peace happends - armies disband, and rebelclans dont count as kingdome, and thus they cant form armies to siege.

    Bit of an oversight with the designdecision imo.
    But overall the reason why they raid is to make it easier as the loyalty will plummet due to low security.
    Thus only the garrison will be resisting the siege and not the milita.

    Overall the ai tend to "raid too much" for my taste, specially when its counterproductive afterwards in maintaining control of the city aka prevent it from revolting.
    A bit of an update!

    So the factions in question eventually did take back their town but it took a good 2 in game years! yes I think part of the reason was exactly what you said, they were not at war with any other major faction and therefore lacked the motivation to create an army.

    However, you would think that they would be more likely to siege gains the revolt when they are not at war considering their resources are no longer tied up with other wars. So even though the issue is "resolved" I do consider it still to be a minor game flaw that needs a bit of tweaking.
  5. Resolved Companion led parties just stay in town and don't leave and don't patrol

    Sorry for the late response. I will upload my save file when I create another party. I have since disbanded my parties.
    I do know that the issue I believe is in recruiting. They go to a fief (I've seen this happen in both town and village) and they are recruiting but seem "stuck" in recruiting mode and don't wanna leave. I know this because I tried inspecting the troops and taking away some troops and they automatically fill up again while they are stuck. This may or may not have to do with the recruiting cash limit that you impose on them. I always try to adjust the limit a few denars higher than what they currently have but maybe I should widen the gap.

    It happens most with my "Golden" companion, although my "Bloodaxe" companion started doing it eventually as well.
  6. In Progress Factions don't attempt to take back city from Rebellion

    Summary: Not sure if this is by design but I notice that every time a faction loses a city due to a revolt, they almost never attempt to take it back. They won't siege it, they will only just raid the villages, which doesn't make sense because they are basically raiding their own village. Also...
  7. Resolved Companion led parties just stay in town and don't leave and don't patrol

    Summary: My apologies if this is a known bug. I checked and did a search and didn't see it mentioned. The party just rests int he town and just stays there and doesn't patrol. I set my wage limit to slightly more than what they are currently costing. I have two parties and one of them just...
  8. CTDs

    Crashing at least once a day for me. I'm out. Back to POP.
  9. Perisno Factions, Lore, and Info

    I think Perisno should be country, not a continent, since according to the Wiki its only 571,000 square miles, meaning its just double the size of Texas.
  10. Perisno Factions, Lore, and Info

    After reading Elintor Lore I'm still wondering something: Why are all Elintor units male?
    I know that the troops of the Princess (Noble Maidens) are female, but they must have started somewhere? With Queen Arwen and the Princess leading the faction, I'm curious why (almost) no other females are allowed to fight in their army.

    I'm doing a Hard Mode / Female only run atm and some archers from the Elintor would fit right in.

    I made my custom troops female Elves. My household guard is still male though.
  11. Perisno 0.99 - The Main Thread (HF18 - 27.Mar.2020)

    Oh, for the love of...

    First, we have an anti-ctd thread,
    Second, I said it many times and I'll say it again: never play with automatic saves. And there are rules of saving which I and other people mentioned several times here and there but now I added them to the anti-ctd thread too.
    Perisno is a biiiiiiiiig mod. It needs time to save (Perisno saves - 15k+ Kbs, PoP saves - 5k+ Kbs, Native saves - 3k+ Kbs). When you're saving hastily, without pausing (and that's how autosaves are made), the risk of corruption is high, even in smaller mods like PoP, let alone in Perisno.
    Whatever we do with the mod we can't possibly change the Warband saving/loading algorithm.
    Avoiding ctds on saving and corrupted save files is only up to players. Whether by saving properly or by playing Native and equally small modules.
    Thanks I've certainly learnt my lesson the hard way. Only unique slot saves from now on.
  12. Discussion + Suggestions

    1. Make Lupus a unique spawn. 2. Make the Dueler a companion after you beat him. 3. Give Giants extra strong but but slower and more inaccurate bows as suitable to their size and strength. 3. Give the Elves ears. 4. Make the Shrine of Grazir an outpost after you complete the quest. 5. Make Red Immortals hireable. 5. More interaction with the Illica Falki.
  13. Perisno 0.99 - The Main Thread (HF18 - 27.Mar.2020)

    0.99 Keeps crashing on me! The last time it crashed during a save. Both the save file and the backup are corrupt. 30 hours of gameplay down the toilet. I save constantly. Get floating heads or wrong file type ****. ****!!! I'm taking a break from Perisno until you guys can sort this out. I never had this problem with previous Perisnos. Thanks alot everyone!
  14. Companion Emissary dislikes?

    phlpp said:
    Kojiro is Roguish
    Youmu is Martial
    William is a Benefactor
    Gonnosuke is Quarrelsome
    Meiling is a Custodian
    Tojiko is Upstanding
    Musashi is Martial
    Francisco is a Benefactor
    Nagako is Martial
    Goemon is a Benefactor
    Mari is a Custodian
    Hoshi is a Benefactor
    Teruyo is Cunning
    Sessai is Self Righteous
    Yoshio is Cunning
    Hyogonosuke is Good Natured
    Yeosong is Quarrelsome
    Mandukhai is a Benefactor
    George is Roguish
    Shih is Roguish
    Enrique is Roguish
    Isosangemat is Martial

    nobles have been bolded

    Thanks for this info! I was going to create a new topic but found this in the search which answers my question. I am surprised that Hyogonosuke is good natured. He seems more like the roguish type to me considering he's modeled after Klethi.
  15. Suggestions

    Hi everyone. Long time Floris player here.  Thanks for making such an awesome mod. Its still my favorite. Its pretty much the perfect way to play MB in my opinion.

    When I play I made some changes:

    - I edited Floris' dialogue so he no longer references the "real world" eg. France and Holland as I always pictured Calradia as a completely fictional place like Westeros or Middle Earth.
    - I also edited the names of the staff so they no longer have the names of real historical people.
    -I also made it possible for the freelancer troops to have the Imperial plate armor, crusader helmet and Dragon greaves that Black Khergit horsemen use. Having a whole army of these guys look so FN cool.

    I don't really have any suggestions as this mod is already so damned perfect but I was wondering if it were possible to have quests that relate to the companion's backstory?

    For example Odval winning an archery tournament legitimately or helping Alayen and Matheld reclaim their house or Deshavi getting revenge on the bandits who kidnapped her or Nadia defeating the town elder that kills women. Would that be possible?
  16. Gekokujo: Bugs and Suggestions

    Thanks guys for making such a great mod! I'm a long time Floris player and finally moved on to something new. 

    I was wondering are there any plans to have enemies killed counter for companions in future versions?

    I always liked keeping track of how many guys each of my companions killed in Floris and would like to see something similar here.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.
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