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  1. Shcherbyna

    B Tutorial Other ModMerger usage

    ru-board: How to install modmerger-pack 1. Download, unzip the latest module system: Module System (TaleWorlds Download Server) 2. Download, install Python 2.7. Take better .msi, do not have to configure Path. 3. Copy the module Native...
  2. Shcherbyna

    [Plugin] MB Warband API (Sublime Text 3 Syntax Plugin)

    Ru-board: Download: New in ver: 1.165.0 + Support M&B module system v1.165 + New plugin command: Command Palette ⇒ cb (MB Warband API: Clear Bytecode (*.pyc)) + Plugin install: via Package Control unzip to...
  3. Shcherbyna

    OSP Kit SP MB Warband - Harbour & Ship Navigation (WIP)

    Intro: ru-board: Download: Features: + a port scene + ship rent and purchase + ship handling Comman Line: + [LEFT_ALT] - open Command Line or set focus + [RIGHT_ALT] - close Command Line + 'help' - show all commands +...
  4. Shcherbyna

    OSP Oriental Animations [MB Warband Japan] Human Animations (Modmerger pack)

    [MB Warband Japan OSP] Human Animations (Modmerger pack) # Adds a new animations and player's actions in game # MB Warband v1.1xx Home: ru-board:
  5. Shcherbyna

    SP Other [WB][OSP] Language Education Module (Modmerger pack)

    Language Education Module. Codename StudyMod. Current version: 0.72 Download page: [OSP] StudyMod (Modmerger pack).rar Ru-board: (EN translate by GoogleTranslate) This module allows you to study the words of a foreign language in the game. + Source...
  6. Shcherbyna

    OSP Oriental World Map MB Warband Japan Map Icons Animation (ModMerger Kit) & Japanese Town Map Icons

    Intro: Update v1.3: + Changing ModMerger pack structure. v1.2:---------------------------------------------------- + Changing ModMerger pack structure. v1.1:---------------------------------------------------- + Cheking and updating AI-party icons during the game...
  7. Shcherbyna

    OSP Kit SP MB Warband - Native Command Line - Modmerger pack

    Intro: [OSP] Native Command Line v1.1 Download page * Is a fork of StudyMod part, so is for players who don't use StudyMod MB Warband v1.1xx ru-board: Is a mechanism that allows you to add text commands to the game for new actions, magic, cheats...
  8. Shcherbyna

    OSP Code QoL MB Warband - Helmet View

    Intro: This is an example of the mechanism for changing helmet views. If a hero wearing a helmet and the player presses the [R]-first-person-view, its review is limited to cut the helmet. zip: dropbox ru-board: FAQ: When pressing...
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