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  1. JankoMega

    Constant Crash to Desktop (CTD) error - Help Needed

    G' day to you all fellow Persistent Frontier lovers and fans. I'm Janko, ex-developer from Mount & Gladius mod and one of the first Persistent World players. Ever since this mod started its development phase, I immediately fell in love with it, without being able to wait for its release. Now, as...
  2. JankoMega

    JankoSRB's Cinematic Movie Thread (Teaser Uploaded)

    Hello all of you RaW fans. :) I guess you know the reason of making this thread; Yes, some cinematic videos are coming soon! The time has come to end the silence about this mod and people really need to give a bit of feedback for it. Though not any kind of feedback, a feedback which you can read...
  3. JankoMega

    The Peloponnesian War Trailer

    If you haven't seen it, here you go:
  4. JankoMega

    Napoleonic Wars Cinematic Thread

    As the previous thread about this died, I decided to put a new one here. I won't make this a long post, though will cut it to the important part, the videos! :) Here are mine: The Battle of Krasnoi An Ambush Hope you enjoyed those. :) Of course, these aren't all that Napoleonic Wars has, so if...
  5. JankoMega

    Porting over to Multiplayer version

    Hello mates, Janko here. Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I had to ask a really important thing here... I won't continue up the entire story, the thread title says it all. I'm sure I've posted it in the wrong area, so if anyone's kind to give me an exact link to the right thread...
  6. JankoMega

    Taking Over the Mod

    Hello folks. This is Janko, former head developer of Mount & Gladius. As seeing that Lyno hasn't been here for good, I'll take over the mod and port it to Multiplayer. Now, don't get me wrong, but this has been dead since December, and nobody wants that. There won't be any new things added for...
  7. JankoMega

    JankoSRB's Machinima Thread | People, Sign Up Here!

    EDIT(20.05.2012.)Here's the final product: I really hope you'll love this; Rate,Subsctribe or Comment. Thank you. Huge thanks to 18e and the 6th Regiment of Foot for participating in this even, love yall. For other machinimas of mine...
  8. JankoMega

    Anyone bought on TaleWorlds

    Hello, guys. I recently got my card in here and it's activated. I wanna know if anyone bought on Taleworlds, as I have "An Unexpected Error" on Steam when trying to buy. Also, could you tell me what is: "CVV2/CVC2 code" and "Card holder name" I would be really grateful.
  9. JankoMega

    JankoSRB's Cinematic Video(s) Thread - Napoleon Total War Machinima

    Hello fellow Total War players, I'm Janko, JankoSRB on YouTube, and I'm going to share my work with you guys in this thread. I have done one cinematic video and it (in my opinion) is pretty cool. It was edited in Sony Vegas Pro 11 and recorded with Fraps. Although it's my first cinematic video...
  10. JankoMega

    Navy battles

    Now don't get me wrong on this, but I saw this info somewhere before. Question is pretty simple and quick: Will there be Navy battles in NW? Cheers.
  11. JankoMega

    Janko's Trailer(s) Thread

    First one in the list:
  12. JankoMega

    +Something to consider+ Ealabor, read!

    Obviously, this mod is, I never wanted to say this, but it looks like dying.I never wanted it; but if You, Ealabor, will come back soon, I want You to read this thread. Considering you have left since 19th January, the mod is currently dead I would say.So my opinion and suggestion was to release...
  13. JankoMega

    0.93 Trailer Acting

    After seeing this thread, if you're knowing Deluge mod's forum a lot, then you might say I have big ambitions with film.But that's totally right, I do. :P If not, then welcome to this thread dear Vikings! I wanted to invite some EU players to join Fyrnigum(misspelled for sure) and "act" for the...
  14. JankoMega

    Trailer Acting

    Hello dear Deluge players! For some time, I and my friend were thinking about making a trailer on this mod as it really attracted us, and is really fun. So we wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in "acting" for the trailer for Deluge.If so, say it here, and we will go to recording as...
  15. JankoMega

    Video Thread

    Hello, dear developers and fans! As I saw there's no video thread made, I made this one, so I request it to be sticky thread now. I will be uploading my upcoming videos related to Teutonic Order's war with Poland and Lithuania; and all other related to Anno Domini 1257. Here's the first...
  16. JankoMega

    Question:New version?

    Sorry for this kind of question,but I wasn't here on this board for quite some time...And i'm sorry. Reason I posted this is because I'm not sure whether the new version has been released recently.I remember that I downloaded the subversion somewhere in September, and nothing else never after...
  17. JankoMega

    Multiplayer ping going wild

    Hello dear community! Excuse me for posting this thread here(if it's a mistake of mine)in order to ask this question.For several days(around 4-5 days),i've been experiencing a really big ping on the regular servers where players have normal pings on.My ping previously used to be 45,now it is...
  18. JankoMega

    Mount&Gladius events

    We,Mount&Gladius v2.1 developers want to bring the great Mount&Gladius mod back,and if possible make changes/additions to it as you can see on our mod's actual thread(click on the signature). With these events,we're trying to make big,organized battles,in formations and tactics. As other mods...
  19. JankoMega

    How to add custom music to your mod

    Any helpful answer would be appreciated. ;)
  20. JankoMega

    Mount&Blade 2 Announcement

    Hey,Ealabor.I'm posting this thread in order to just give You the latest info that i can share with You.This thread doesn't have anything with insult,spamming nor trolling,i just wanted to tell/ask. First,look at this video: The question is,pretty...
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