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  1. ReneKB

    MP Other Hungergames 2.0 (A Battle Royal Mod)

    Be excited! Original Hungergames project:
  2. ReneKB

    Nations Cup 2018

    ~ Team Germany - Nations Cup 2018 ~ Da die Initiative im Vergleich zu den letzten Jahren doch eher niedrig ist, möchten Haakon, Bullez und meine Wenigkeit nun gerne diese ergreifen und die ersten Schritte zur Gründung eines Teams beitragen. Da die Sign-Ups Ende September enden, wäre es nun...
  3. ReneKB

    Trinity [Trinity_]

    WELCOME  TO BANNER INFOS Discord: Discord Link Steam: Trinity [Warband] Ingame-Tag: Trinity_<Name> Recruitment Open; Contact: ReneKB     OVERVIEW Trinity is a Mount and Blade: Warband-Team founded at 1st June 2017. Trinity was established by a bunch of former...
  4. ReneKB

    Trinity_Hungergames | Back at 30th October 2017

    [30th October 2017] Trinity_Hungergames is gonna go online today at 18:00 GMT! As Aeterna doesn't exist anymore we renamed the server to Trinity_Hungergames. As the server went offline due to bigger problems with the WSE features, we removed the troublemakers and hope the server runs well now...
  5. ReneKB

    MP Fantasy [WB] Calestria | 0.4.0 Release 11th December at 18:00 GMT

                    Create your persistent character!       Homepage   Forums   Steam Group   ModDB OVERVIEW WHAT IS CALESTRIA Calestria is a brand new multiplayer mod for Mount&Blade: Warband. It contains lots of new features such as online character development...
  6. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side] Rules & Regulations

    RULES INDEX 1. League Rules 1.1 Pre Season Format 1.2 League Format 2. Player Rules 2.1 Behaviour 2.2 Cheating 3. Team & Roster Rules 3.1 Team 3.2 Roster 4. Match Rules 4.1.1 Server Rules 4.1.2 Match Course LEAGUE RULES 1.1 PRE-SEASON [§ 1.1: General] (1) Purpose of the Pre-Season...
  7. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side] Administration

    ADMINISTRATION If you have any concern regarding the rules or the decision that has made, you can contact one of our administrators: ADMINISTRATORS   • ReneKB   • Tallie   • Tardet   • Luther CONSULTANTS   • Deacon   • Magnus [font=georgia]REFEREES   •...
  8. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side] Referee Applications

    [font=georgia]REFEREE APPLICATIONS We currently search for Referees for the 5-a-Side League. In case you are interested, please send a PM to Tardet. Answer following questions in your PM to him: Who are you? Why are you interested to become Referee? Have you already gained experience as...
  9. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side] Suggestions & Questions

    [font=georgia]SUGGESTIONS & QUESTIONS If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions regarding the league, feel free to post them here in a constructive way.
  10. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side] Division C Sign-Up's

    INFORMATION The 5-a-Side League is divided into three divisions. Division A will consists of the best teams, Division B consists of established middle-tier teams. Division C is a place for new teams starting out and for teams still learning how to play the format. The league will consist of...
  11. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side] Livestreams & Records

    [font=georgia]LIVESTREAMS & RECORDINGS This thread will be used by admins and streamers to announce and archive streams. Please feel free to use this thread to request streams.
  12. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side] Announcements

    [font=georgia]ANNOUNCEMENTS This thread will be used by league admins to make announcements regarding the tournament.
  13. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side] Servers

    [font=georgia]SERVERS Latest ECS Mod (Used on our servers!) It is mandatory for teams to play tournament matches on official servers. Please ensure that you book a server as soon as possible in order to prevent any scheduling issues. Servers can also be used for training purposes but...
  14. ReneKB

    [5-a-Side League] Announcement

    INFORMATION We are glad to announce our next project, called the 5-a-Side League. The 5-a-Side League is devided in three Divisions. While Division A consists the best Teams of the league, Division B consists a number of potential teams. Division C is a place for new teams and teams which...
  15. ReneKB

    Aeterna Hungergames | Warband's Hungerspiele sind zurück!

    Warband hunger games is back, now even bigger and cooler! Servername: Aeterna_Hungergames Slots: 64 Gamemode: Deathmatch Forum: Das Ziel des Servers ist es zu überleben. Jeder spawnt ohne Waffen an einer Startposition, nachdem der Countdown...
  16. ReneKB

    Aeterna Hungergames | Warband hunger games is back!

    ANNOUNCEMENT Aeterna_Hungergames has been closed. But don't be worry, we add Hungergames as a core feature in Calestria. With new content 'n stuff! >> Calestria <<
  17. ReneKB

    [Clan] Lux Aeterna

        Leadership: Archduke ReneKB Duke Magnus Count Rapez Count Albrecht Competitive Members: Knight - Man-at-Arms Emilio Man-at-Arms Haakon Man-at-Arms Spartacus Man-at-Arms Kulis Man-at-Arms Nero Recruit N._Machiavelli Recruit Weppy Casual Members: Man-at-Arms voce...
  18. ReneKB

    [Clan] Lux Aeterna

        Teamleitung: Archduke ReneKB Duke Magnus Count Rapez Count Albrecht Kompetitive Mitglieder: Knight - Man-at-Arms Emilio Man-at-Arms Haakon Man-at-Arms Spartacus Man-at-Arms Kulis Man-at-Arms Nero Recruit N._Machiavelli Recruit Weppy Casual Mitglieder: Man-at-Arms voce...
  19. ReneKB

    Nations Cup 2015 - Team GER - Interesse?

    ~ Team Germany - Nations Cup 2015 ~ Die 1. Besprechung wird am 07.12.2014 um 18:00 gehalten. Wir weichen auf dem Aquila-TS aus: Der nächste Nations Cup steht schon so gut wie vor der Tür. In letzter Zeit wurde ich schon öfters auf das Thema Nations Cup 2015...
  20. ReneKB

    [WNL4] ID Management

    The Warband Native League is brought to you by Website · Facebook · Twitter ID  MANAGEMENT In order to receive Captain Status on the WNL server, please fill out the template below. Limitied to three players per team. Clan Name: Name Player 1: Name - ID Player 2: Name - ID Player 3: Name...
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