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  1. Bannerlord Creative Competition: Scene Design Contest

    Forum username: Sam2290
    Scene name: scn_Asturica

    Once the old coastal fortress was called Asturica in honor of the mythical hero Asturion, who threw the Cyclop into the sea. The fotress was ruined in a bloody Civil war. Many centuries have passed since then. Asturica now is the fast growing village on the trade route, the visionary Empire decided to revive and maintain this region and began this by building an aqueduct for the future fortified city.





  2. Need More Info Scene Editor Missed green circle indicator for brushes and red box when chose vegetation.

    Аfter 1.5.7 update I have no more green circle indicator for brush radius and also red box when I press Space in flora mode to chose flora objects.
  3. Need More Info Scene Editor Two bugs with seasons

    First bug: valley flowers (red, yellow etc) became into green grass when I change season from summer to fall, winter or spring. Second bug: I can't make decal invisible in winter, when I remove check mark from Winter in Season Visibilities, decal is still visible and I can't click on it.
  4. In Progress Scene Editor Changing scene.xscene file makes scene unloadable

    [QUOTE = "MArdA TaleWorlds, сообщение: 9584657, участник: 33906"]
    Извините за задержку с ответом. У вас все еще возникает эта проблема в последней версии 1.5.4?
    [/ QUOTE] I still blame Node resolution changing on old map, 80% that it was reason those crashes. I have no crashes on new map, but I didn't changed node resolution on 1.5.4 and don't want to try it.
  5. Bannerlord Creative Competition: Scene Design Contest

    I'd actually like to add my voice to this one, having lost a scene which took me 3 long dedicated sessions to make to file corruption. I was taking it steadily determined to push it to the limits, not only to try and win but to help explore the potential of Bannerlord engine and editor. To my frustration, at some point the scene was broken and gone.
    I agree with you, same happened to me: scene which took about 100 hours now just unworkable. I really appreciate that developers support modding community, but it was very small gap between releasing editor and making contest, very small time to make some patches and remove bugs. I do not blame anyone, and I also give regular feedback about bugs and crashes. Just feel upset for me and other people who spend much time on corrupted scene. Really hope that they can be restored after next patch.
  6. In Progress Scene Editor Changing scene.xscene file makes scene unloadable

    I saw many reports about unloadable scenes last days. I've encountered this problem several times and saw patterns: if in the folder of the damaged scene I leave all the files in place (like flora, terrain, atmosphere), except for the main scene.xscene file (which I replace from old backup)...
  7. In Progress Scene Editor Decreasing node's resolution corruptes terrain + crushed files

    To optimize my map I tried to decrease resolution of some Nodes from 256 to 128 and 64. I saved file and closed editor. When I opened editor again and tried to load scene - editor crushed all times. Also some of my backups of this scene was not able to be loaded too. I loaded old backup, but...
  8. In Progress Scene Editor Bug with painting layers + 1.5.3 pefomance

    Bug Bug example image Painting parameters image Red - zone with bug, also I have 3 layers (from lowest to highest) 1)Sand 2)Stone 3)Rock a)Rock and Stone paint on Sand normally with blending b)Rock normal, Sand paints very hard without blending(bug), looks like it uses maximum hardness/weight...
  9. Need More Info Scene Editor Complex bug with layers

    Sorry, can't upload pictures right now because of anti-spam system. If you write me on [email protected] I can send screenshot I normally used layers untill yesterday and everything was good. Yesterday I tried to create "water_plane", after I did it It looked normaly in Editor, but when I...
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