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  1. Game won't launch after the new update.

    Good thing I was still on 1.7.1.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.7.2

    I personally feel positive about the range of content updates that are likely to be included in the patch. However, I would be cautious about the time of arrival as outstanding issues and significant further testing remain.
    That's really good to know. The last time someone from TW said that, the actually release of the patch was quite a welcoming one.
  3. No Wonder the Devs Run and Hide (images inside)

    There are those who play and complain and there are those who have never played, but complain. It should be obvious now that most of the white knights are now gone. The majority that are left are those that want to improve the game. However, there are still a few that are solely here to...
  4. Damage/protection conception: the elephant in the room

    Yeah, there are things that can't be neglected, especially something that is supposed to be the backbone of the game.

    Another thing that has been little talked about are the animations; whoever has been reading me will know that I have been (and still am) concerned about a few of them throughout this development process. The swing arcs is one of them.

    This root problem is more palpable in MP but certainly affects SP. Well, first OurGloriousLeader provided feedback regarding this issue in 2019 and after bringing the issue to Taleworlds attention repeatedly (I insist, repeatedly), recently we were officially told that modifying the animations has a low chance of being implemented.

    It's all a question of priorities... I wonder...instead of having your animators busy with cutscenes and other menial things, why don't you get them to actively review this problem and fix it once and for all? The vision™... there's another example of the Bannerlord experience™.

    And I repeat, this fundamental issues cannot be relegated to modding because regardless of the people who may be concerned, it affects the newcomer to the franchise just as much as the veteran player. Want new items? -Modding ok... want more factions? - modding ok, you want AoE-style RTS mechanics like Bloc's latest video demo? -modding ok.

    OK; but the combat system must necessarily be as solid or stronger than Warband's was back in the day.


    I'm quite concerned about this issue, honestly.
    Until its fix. Let's have a moment of silence for the passing of bannerlord.................................
  5. Damage/protection conception: the elephant in the room

    I would like to make a reminder to anyone who might be interested in this.

    Again, fixing the calc. of damage/protection + combat Ai + jittering is an absolute must for both the new and veteran player gameplay experience.

    I recently watched this video which I start in this minute:

    Pops to KoA crew

    Well, it doesn't matter if it's Lotr themed, samurais, 100 years war, pike & shot, ancient battlefields etc... without the basics of a 100% working Native combat system it's going to be the same bad experience with diferent paint coat.

    Imagine for a moment how a mod with a "Greek/Macedonian wars" theme would work today with the fundamentals of the current native combat system... I'm telling you... a disaster...pikes that don't work... formations making blobs... absurd projectiles damage... jittering... a non stop nightmare.

    I don't understand how something so obvious and that is necessarily approachable in a cross-cutting way for all player spectrum gameplay has been neglected for such a long time.

    LOL. True. True. I say the same thing all the time. People in the modding discord have got to stop inflating their egos everyday and attacking anyone not in their boyz club. They can have all the cool and best looking assets in the world, but at the end of the day their soldiers will just clusterf_ck on the battlefield.

    Formation attacks and complex ai tactics are possible. Its just not on taleworld's list of things to do. Think about it. TW was able to change the ai behavior and allowed them to march forward cohesively. Then allow the infantry to engage the enemy while the cavalry does a perfect flank. RBM was able to make the two sides keep a distance while engaged. Enhanced Battle Test was able to allow one to select which unit to attack.

    In all fairness to tw, polearms have been improved since release. They just need to keep working at it and they will get it eventually. They would get more done if they made a team that focused on such. Only a few people are needed in such team.
  6. Bloc is still on fire - Age of Bannerlords

    We can't sell stuff with money we are not Russians like Bannerlord Online.
    Don't do it. If anything, wait at least until BL is out of EA and no major updates will be added. History has shown that a feature that wasn't meant to be release suddenly releases shortly after a mod was made public.
  7. Control/play battles of your other parties on map

    If you thought about it, there's already a mod out there for it either publicly or privately. There's a mod out there where you can control anyone on the campaign map. I strongly advocate that people not persuade taleworlds to incorporate people's mod into the base game. This leads to mods going private. We already lost some good modders already. We can't afford to lose more. This can be seen on nexus where new mods are just similar to others, a throwing stone or arrow that can do explosive damage, or a bunch of translation mods.
  8. Simple question about mods

    just go into the armor file and delete everything you don't need. That way only what you need shows up.
  9. Bonnerlord Out of EA and Full Released

    So, a lot of people are wondering when bannerlord will be out of ea and be fully released. Some even think that in one full swoop, it will just be released. Well, I just checked steam and... If we go check steam, we can see that I for one prefer it not to be out of ea so that it will...
  10. Full release

    why do you guys think that its going to be released on the 30th? Just like so many people thought that covid would end on 12/31/2021. There could be a riot if the game released on the 30th. One of which I am not a part of. The game should not even be close to finished. The latest playthough, I just got dragged around by Sturgia for in-game days on end. They finally siege a castle, build all the equipment, have a campaign map siege weapons fight. Leave to the nearest village and return. Rinse and repeat. The base game is very boring.
  11. I am once again asking to make spears good again

    There where several mods that claim to improve spears with almost all the points the OP makes. Is there any updated mod that one can recommend?
    I haven’t seen the attack while blocking feature anywhere, i am interested to see what the effect would be
    All I can say is that almost everyone who dis or criticized my spear buff methods ended up doing what I did. LOL. SMH. Haters gonna hate.
    The block while attacking feature is definitely a good thing in single player only. Soldiers can still get attacked through the gaps or flanked, or their shields can break after awhile. A mod can easily accomplish this, but this is a feature TW needs to address themselves.
  12. Bannerlord - UAV - Bayraktar Drone, Military Convoy demo

    So he should work for our enjoyment for free? wth is this argument lol. He can do whatever he wants, besides, this kind of comment is probably why Bloc left the forums alltogether, can believe the dude is just pushing the game a little bit and he gets criticized for "not being usable to the community", back off mate

    Most entitled comment I read on a popular youtube channel in a bannerlord video goes something like this and it wasn't sarcasm either: Someone should spend all his free time making mods while I get to enjoy my life and that mod should be free. I'm not subscribing, not donating, etc. These modders don't have a right to privatize their work. It should be available to the public no matter what.

    Bloc, LLMuse, who's next?
  13. Bloc's Development Update : Epic Space Battle - Spacecrafts, Space Fleet AI

    Taleworlds: "Shut it down boys."
    Employees: "But we spent so much money on that entrance logo."
  14. Beta e1.7.2 Troop & Equipment Changes

    @Dejan Is it possible in SP for troops to spawn their equipment "set" instead of spawning random pieces from the "sets"?
  15. Bannerlord - Royalty - Commonfolk Behavior, RP Dialogues demo

    I know perfectly where such features would go in a mod that super immersive. Whisper to no soul what it is.
  16. Bannerlord - Assassination - Procedural Climbing, Assassin Mission demo


    I've been talking to him and that line of forgotten code and that prop was simply an old mission which you had to buy grappling hook and sneak into somewhere but didn't have actual gameplay/mission element in it.

    Apart from the fact that Bloc is a good lad, with great creativity and technical skills; I love his always inextinguishable curiosity in looking for an extra nut twist to mechanics and dynamics through this kind of demonstrations.
    Bloc is on a creative frenzy!
    Regarding the above grappling hook "feature', there is nothing that much to be excited about.
    From what I could see, it is only an item needed to be present in your inventory to probably unlock a button in the town menu (the one for starting a siege).
    Hitting it would launch a specific mission by night, spawning your character on the wall, maybe for killing some guards etc.
    Nah man. There is another grapple hook that goes straight up to wall height.

    This is awesome! Taleworlds should really hire this guy.
    The only thing that's going to come out from this on Taleworld's end is:
    "We no longer need siege ladders and the likes. It's too complex to implement. Instead, soldiers can just start climbing the walls."
  17. Sea Battle Demo - Longship Control

    For Warband i played later mainly the 1257 mod and/or crpg which was nearly more a different game.
    And clear hopes are also for great bannerlord mods, but sometimes i think the origin bannerlord version seems still in its neverending early access phase a bit to early in development for stable especially overhaul mods.
    But also for entire older Mount & Blade's' i needed to search for attractive mods (also years after release), not waited for interesting M&B updates or new content. It is more the mod community which makes and made M&B to something really great. Momentary some interesting bannerlord mod developments seem to be in a kind of rest position. And i hope really those mod-makers will not be forced to leave their hopes and needs for their work. Here the ''Sea Battles'' is absolutely not only something very nice, it is a finest addition and content for bannerlord. Nearly a 'must be'. Hopefully also with coming updates implementable as mod.
    Please stay tuned folks of the 'Sea Battles' :wink:
    OMG! Loved 1257 and floris. Just wished a lot of those features were in the BL native. One would think that taleworlds would've played those games and take ideas from them. But can't blame them. Quite a few BL moderators haven't even played bannerlord.

    *edit: the endless EA phase seems like it happens on a modder's level too. One makes a game to a certain level and one just gets bored or feel complete. But the community definitely knows that BL EA isn't or should not be anywhere near baseline complete. So many basic features are still not in the game.
  18. Sea Battle Demo - Longship Control

    Really, it is nearly unbelievable, if that mod would not exist i think most folks would say, thats not possible to make...
    True. But it was already possible from the beginning because things could burn. Use prefabs of original and destroyed. Code some extra logic (in this case morale drop) and done. If only Bloc was open to collaborating with me.
  19. [Poll] Armor Crafting

    Vultures & Leeches: Mods are just Band-Aids
    Also Vultures & Leeches: Said mod should be incorporated into the base game.
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