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  1. archaicwarrior

    Voting System and other Realms Issues

    I think Alliances is coming later ?

  2. archaicwarrior

    Am I racist or is this game too woke?

    Yeah educate yourself with YouTubers selling you overpriced brain pills lmaooo
    Ooops someone is butt hurt :grin:
  3. archaicwarrior

    Am I racist or is this game too woke?

    That's not an option.

    You haven't seen any hollyweird's movies last couple of years ?

    treat yourself, become educated.
  4. archaicwarrior

    bannerlord coming to console?

    ..and the more this game goes down the console path, the LAMER the UI will get

    Next we'll get Mario riding around as a armoured knight, while Sonic will probably be a javelineer ?

    Hope modders have super-powers to correct everything .

  5. archaicwarrior

    In Progress succession

    So if my Dead kings army goes to the closet fief, where do the troops go ? to the garrison ? what If I don't control that fief, controlled by one of my lords. Then my heir has LOST his parents army !!! not good enough .

    A Hand over screen is needed.

  6. archaicwarrior

    Latest Patch - 19/04/2022 - OMG! what have you done?

    Game worked fine yesterday then i uploaded the latest patch .. WTF.. My main character can only fire 1 (one) bolt from his crossbow then nothing ... he still has 17 bolts left to fire but Left click does nothing .. Hope these patches aren't introducing new / very old bugs .. Do have Version...
  7. archaicwarrior

    1.7.1 is great but literally unplayable from crashes, any fixes out there?

    I'm testing 1.7.2 and the only crash i get is the - "attack Raider of a village" (an old bug returned to haunt). Apart from that, game is stable. Rarely stalls / stuttering, I'm always pushing the envelop for higher graphic quality and soldiers in the battle.

    CPU - Ryzen 5 3600
    GPU - 1080
    RAM - 32 G

  8. archaicwarrior

    Need More Info Bannersnore... Zzzz

    I started as Sturgia (yes the pretty blond girl) and was always at war, now i own most of the map and am STILL in constant wars .. wars never end ..

  9. archaicwarrior

    Patch 1.7.3 will be great

    Insider trading ! arrest him

    I like Leek pies ..

  10. archaicwarrior

    Ability to write numbers in slider-based UI elements

    Yes, totally agree. We need this option.

  11. archaicwarrior

    In Progress succession

    Summary:With players death, succession process needs work How to Reproduce:razz:layer character dies, succession process is insufficient Have you used cheats and if so which: no cheats Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM...
  12. archaicwarrior

    Add Hunting

    Hunting was great, with smart - realistic AI.

    Sigh .. you're making me nostalgic .

  13. archaicwarrior

    [1.7.0] Impossible to separate infantry types now into different formations?

    Here we go guys:

    It's not perfect, but I'll keep making it better. It does the job for now.

    Modders need to replace TW features ... yeah.

  14. archaicwarrior

    More depth ideas for improved gameplay

    I'm hoping modders can add Government Types, and Republican / Democratic types will have a workable senate .In the senate laws will be debated.

    The key word in all the above is ...... "modders" ....


  15. archaicwarrior

    Quest idea: Corrupted Governor

    I suspect a corrupt governor would either flee or fight once exposed.

  16. archaicwarrior

    [Quest] The Art of Trade

    I like this quest, a good way to get a LOAD of what ever they produce.

  17. archaicwarrior

    Full release please!

    With the state of the game ATM, I don't expect any full release until Late 22 .. maybe even early 23.. they need to build a quality base game so modders have something great to work with ..... :grin: ....

  18. archaicwarrior

    Nice Shirt, where do i buy ?

    Grey checked shirt, gold trimming with chain mail under lining ... yep, that's me. .not to mention the padding ..
  19. archaicwarrior

    Feasts by Bloc

    Realistic Battle Mod should be stock. Improved Garrisons (in some form should be in the game).

    I vote no to that. Some HI fight in Rank n File. I haven't seen that from RBM yet, maybe I'm wrong but in general mods like this should stay as mods, Someone else might develop something better later on ???

  20. archaicwarrior

    After 2 years of a successful EA launch I just want to say "Thanks!"

    It's a large, complex game that needs deep AI, It needs serious testing which takes time.

    Yes, thanks to the modders who see the potential in this game, and are willing to put tin the effort to ..... FIX DA GAME ! :grin:

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