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  1. Aposynth

    In Progress Crash when starting campaign or sandbox

    Bug still persists as of 1.7.2.

    Tried to start a Sandbox game for testing purposes.

    I guess, the native.exe-version has to suffice for some more months...

    PS: Looking at the fact, that I reported this bug in May of last year and it still is not fixed: How are the odds, that it is resolved before hitting May 2022?
    It would be embarassing for you guys, if such a severe bug would stay in the game for a year.
  2. Aposynth

    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    That's good to know that I'm not the only one along with a small handful in this forum that are ranting and raving about that!

    "In the meantime..." I am actually doing the same thing you just described because I'm also very hopeful it is going to be fixed even though officials are not saying anything about it!

    As far as I know, they didn't really say something about reverting, when they made a similar mistake, when they took away our ability to command troops after the enemy started fleeing.

    It just was back in with a patch, troops would still start to cheer, but we can hand out commands again and make them charge again.

    So afaik TW is not really in the "excuses" game, but in the end it is not important to me, if they write an apology in the forums, important to me is that they identify mistakes they made and revert them.

    They did so in that instance and I hope, they show the wisdom, to revert this current bad change again.
  3. Aposynth

    Poll: Current Troop Assignment

    I dislike the new troop management as well and I don't care about the console version, I'm a PC Gamer.

    If want to make both worlds happy, they should make seperate UI's for the two versions.

    And a predict that if TW doubles down on this mistake with 1.7.2. and going forward with it, we will see a mod popping up already during Beta, that fixes this for the players.

    If people can add whole new systems like the whole "Fight as a soldier in an army of a lord" thing, they can rework this too, if needed.
    However, TW and we as playerbase shouldn't rely on modders to fix the game, that is the job of TW as developer, not the job of modders.
  4. Aposynth

    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    According to my Poll, not many people are really concerned about it!

    Though the majority of the respondents feel the new system is not working, only 29 people thought it was important to respond. As far as statistics/polling is concerned, this is a very small sample and not very representative compared to the hundreds that frequent this Forum.
    So, that clearly says people have other things to complain about than express their opinions about this particular issue. People think maybe this is not such a big deal/priority at this time...who knows.

    It's pretty sad.
    Well, where are probably more people active: This forum or Reddit? I'm betting, there are more active users in reddit and r/bannerlord and r/Mountandblade than in this forum, simply because it is a social media platform, people pool their interests in different Reddit forums they follow, so you reach more people there, since it is easier, to manage all your gaming interests in several Reddit forums on one page, Reddit, instead of making a library with bookmarkings for all the seperate forums, game devs themselves build on their webpages.

    And imho good community management and feedback gathering looks not only on the official forum of the respective game, but also the Steam Forums, the Reddit Forums and so on.
    I honestly don't know, if TW has a team, that does this or if they only concentrate on their own forum, so they get the benefit of doubt from me regarding this.

    And people are quick on Reddit to upvote or downvote something. By now, that discussion has over 360 upvotes and although it slided down due to Algorithms preferring new stuff over old, it is one of the discussions with the most upvotes still.
    PS: If you go on r/bannerlord and sort it for Top Posts, "Why did Taleworlds fix something that wasn't broken and subsequently broke one of the greatest parts of the game?" is the top rated discussion this month, the one with the most upvotes, just a few shy above the one discussion about proper ambush and blockade battles.
    And independent from that, another person opened up a more general discussion, with what he wants to see fixed, including the the reappearance of the old grouping system as part of the OOB system.

    That has already 68 Upvotes at this time of writing.

    And it also appears in the Monthly Discussion Thread repeated times.

    So yeah, just like back then, when they had taken away the ability to command troops, after they start cheering, this is something, that TW royally... misdeveloped and that bugs the Community obviously hard.

    Some people are even intentionally rolling back to 1.6.5. Beta just to retain the better grouping system (not me, since I haven't lost any hope yet, that TW sees reason, they did so in the past).
    And my guess is, that TW has numbers on how many Steam players are playing which version, so if suddenly a larger than usual number of players are playing 1.6.5., the older version, that could serve as an indicator, that they disliked something, that came with 1.7.0. and then they just need to look at the large features or changes they introduced with that Beta Patch and they can narrow it down pretty quickly.

    In the meantime, I tolerate (not accept) the new system and treat raw Tier 1 Recruits as cannon fodder, who either survive their trial by combat in battle or they die, I just don't care about them.
    Or, if I need to only recruit a small number of troops to fill up again, I only recruit Tier 2+ Troops and travel a town or village further instead of recruiting recruits, if there are still open slots remaining.
  5. Aposynth

    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    Look at this reddit post:

    If you count the upvotes for the thread, it is by far the post with the most votes on r/bannerlord, on the very top and over 90% in that post want the old grouping system back.

    It is very clear. TW should heed the wishes of the community.
  6. Aposynth

    Resolved Cannot Select soldiers for particular Groups

    This change is intended and not a bug. For more info:
    Take a look at reddit adressing this, this is a very clear picture.

    As of the time of writing this, 71 (and rising quickly) people upvoted it, agreeing, that the current iteration needs to be partially reverted.
    Only one guy in there advocated FOR the changes that you implemented with introducing your sliders and abolishing the manual grouping.

    He only has 11 Upvotes.

    So, if we take the numbers of people who cared to vote, 82 people and run the numbers, about 86% of the players don't want these sliders, they want the old grouping system back! Keep the Pre-Battle-OOB-Screen, that is fine, no one has a problem with that.
    But just give us the old grouping system back, it worked well, basically no one from the playerbase asked for it to be removed in favor of something else.

    It is a well and trusted system since... I don't know if it was in the original Mount & Blade or first appeared in Warband, but the majority of your playerbase for Bannerlord are most probably old Warband players.

    Don't change a proven to be working well system. Listen to your playerbase.

    PS: Update a few hours later and it is the top post by a large margin in the Bannerlord reddit with over 200 (245 to be exact) upvotes and that guy in favor for your system only has 16 upvotes, so the percentages become even clearer, 93% of the voters in that reddit post want the old group system back.

    I think, they totally don't care, how you do it, just do it, give us the old grouping system back.
  7. Aposynth

    Petition to return to the pre 1.7.0 method of assigning troop types.

    I agree, this change sucks, they should abolish the sliders, keep the Pre-Battle OOB-Screen itself and mix it with the old grouping system.
  8. Aposynth

    Resolved Cannot Select soldiers for particular Groups

    This change is intended and not a bug. For more info:
    I agree with the others, I literally never saw someone asking for the current OOB iteration (pre battle formations yes, but not for the sake of sacrificing the old grouping system!).

    The devs did grave mistakes in the past, e.g. taking away the command ability when the enemy started to flee, and they reverted it, giving us command ability again after the last enemy started to rout.

    Abolish these sliders, if someone wants to transfer troops in battle, he can still do so via the Transfer-Commands.
    Give us back our old formation groups!

    PS: This is an Early Access Product, I give a damn, if savegames get ruined by abolishing sliders and giving us back the old group assignment system, players who bought Bannerlord in this Early Access Stage should expect saves to break and shouldn't bond with them.

    And if you devs don't do it, I'm as sure as the Amen spoken in churches, that some modders will bring it back and the abolish the sliders and that this mod will become one of the most popular mods out there.
  9. Aposynth


    Whatever it is, I would be happy if finally the Crash would be fixed, that some of us get, when they want to load a save, start a campaign or sandbox.

    I can only play the game via the Native.exe, not via Launcher and MP is not working this way...
  10. Aposynth

    In Progress Crash after starting a new game

    I have exactly the same problem and the same answer from the dev team ( As a workaround to get at least Singleplayer running:

    Go to ...Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client

    You'll find 3 exe-files there, the Bannerlord.Native.exe starts the singleplayer directly and that works for me as a workaround solution.
    It clearly, atleast in my case, is not the game itself, it is the launcher version (that is the regular Bannerlord.exe), that somehow crashes on this.

    Bannerlord_BE.exe is the BattleEye-Launcher, that also somehow starts up the Singleplayer Side of the game, I have no idea, how to access the Multiplayer via this method, sorry for that.
  11. Aposynth

    Serious issue with gameflow

    Armor is not the problem, the problem is, that the AI mixes shieldless infantry with shielded infantry, since archers usually concentrate on the closest enemies.

    As human player you used to be able to clearly set formation groups, so you could pack Heavy infantry into a seperate group to follow the shielded infantry or lead them over the flank or just let them charge, while cavalry distracts and kills enemy archers.

    But with the newest formation system, we can't do that anymore, that needs to be reworked ASAP.

    Besides that... We're talking about Artificial Enemies, the "AI" (since it is no real AI, we're talking about here, just a bunch of scripts) is pretty limited and at some point predictable. If you have more troops than them, they will turtle. If you have less troops, they will attack and you can plan accordingly.

    And even if you'd introduce a random chance, that the AI will bravely attack you despite being outnumbered, that is still the same situation as when they outnumber you, only it is easier for you to shoot them down.

    The game would need new types of battles to mix things up, like ambush battles (extensively discussed in another thread), like seemingly the Battle of Pendraic in the lore was one, where you could really maneuver troops on the Battlefield BEFORE the AI knows, that they're there and goes into high alert, so you can really surprise them or, decided by other factors, they spot your troops and reorganize on the field.

    I won't go too much in detail here, but I think, the Battle AI itself can't be really reworked that much, it is AI, it is a bunch of 0's and 1's and either it knows, that your formations are there or it doesn't, you can't really surprise it. with tactical maneuvers on the field and they can't really surprise you.
  12. Aposynth

    Ambush And Camp Mechanic ( with demo )


    But imho there should be no hard limit on how many troops you bring into a battle, it should be more like a softcap, similar to party speed:

    There is a base chance for Ambush Success to happen, that decreases, the larger the party is from a certain party size (imho somewhere between 50 and 100 men should be the threshold, where success chances start to drop).
    This can be counteracted by the Roguery Skill (Usually I would attribute Ambushes to "Tactics", but since TW associates with Tactics purely the auto-resolved battles, put it into Roguery), either by certain perks increasing Ambush Chance by flat percentage or, more dynamic, by every point in Roguery Skill giving a bonus to Ambush Success Chance (e.g. for every point in Roguery you get +0.167% Ambush Success Chance, making it ~+50% Ambush Success Chance at 300 Roguery Skill).
    Terrain should have influence on that too, with flat, open terrain giving a straight -50%, so only true experts could ambush there.

    We would see Blocs Unit Marching for the Ambushed happening in a straight line, with the new battle map system the map being generated in a way, that this path is open, while the sides are forests, high grasses, a plateau cliff or something similar, where attackers could hide crouched.

    The Attackers would have their spawn rooms to the sides of the enemy, where they could set up their troop formations, close enough so they can reach the enemy before they reform their troops.
    The Ambushed should only act on the base of which formations they can see, so after the oppening you could still surprise the enemy with formations you keep in hiding to strike them in their back.

    AI should be able to do this, for this to work, Warbands/Armies in Ambush Position must have a drastically reduced detection range on the campaign map, with only a high detection range beating that, counteracting the Ambush Success Chance.
    So basically, from the players perspective, an ambushing party would be undiscoverable (bordering invisible) right until they stand next to them, too late to escape.
    This would cause players being in a war being rightfully wary about approaching bridges or narrow paths or forests and really being surprised.

    If the player is ambushed or part of the ambushed army, he and his army won't get the pre-battle set up screen, his troops will spawn in a premade column and he gets instantly attacked by the AI.
    I think this is the best way to simulate a surprise attack on the player, because the player can't really be surprised, if he suddenly gets an "You're being ambushed by X!"-window on the campaign map.

    In this way the player would find him-/herself at the start of a very chaotic battle, being forced to reorganize the formations from his mixed marching troop column in the middle of combat to effectively counter the ambush attack.

    Now one thing is missing: Usually, outnumbered AI parties don't do high risk attacks and attrition warfare, they run away, until they find enough allies in their vicinity to attack you together and beat you in an uneven open field battle.

    So how to get the AI to engage in attritional battles?

    Enemy Lords too far away from allied armies and of cause bandits should be more inclined to engage the enemy in ambush battles.
    Obviously they wouldn't fight until the last man, at some point enemies start running.
    This should include the nobles too.

    In Warband, nobles could escape after defeat, but it wasn't implemented for the player (player always got captured) and for the nobles imho it was poorely implemented, that guy could lay unconscious on the field of battle, surrounded by your troops and yet miracelously they escaped after battle.
    Now we got the opposite, they get captured, always.
    Imho this should only be true, if they're striken unconscious in battle, then there should be a 100% chance of them being captured.
    When they're dehorsed but still alive, when they rout, they should attempt to run out of the map like any other foot trooper, giving you the chance to still find them and strike them down, to capture them.
    If they make it out of the map, they should be gone, only counteractable by survivng allied cavalry, giving you a low chance to capture them after battle (maybe something like up to 25%, depending on how much cavalry is still alive and combat worthy to also perform "lord hunting").

    However, if they rout while on horse, there should be a near 0% chance to catch them, with up to 5%, depending on how much cavalry you got.

    Now, tieing that into an Ambush mechanic:

    To simulate Lords being a somewhat intelligent person and not a kamikazeing cavalry guy, they should automatically be more inclined to more watch from the distance their troops engaging the ambushed enemy, only attacking themselves, when the ambushed enemy is beaten and fleeing, accompanied by a small number of cavalry men acting as body guards. Maybe, but this is optional, this could be tied to new traits, marking characters as either brave or cowards, having an influence if the lord attacks at all and maybe runs earlier or if they engage in battle like in regular battles and don't run away or run away later.

    The same should be true for a "bandit boss", trying to escape after a failed bandit ambush.

    Once a certain percentage of his troops are dead or unconscious, equaling a failure of the ambush, the lord/bandit boss routes and tries to escape to the border of the map.
    If he escapes, the rules written above apply to determine the outcome of the escape attempt.

    If the lord/bandit boss escapes succesfully, both parties should be in an disorganized state, as usual influenced by perks, how long that stat state lasts for the individual parties.

    This way, a high leadership character could try to pursue and catch the still disorganized enemy after the ambush, making this the "high risk" part that we strive for.

    If the character (player or AI) discovers an ambush on the campaign map thanks to sufficient scouting skill and engages the ambushing party (or they engage you from invisible state but don't get granted a succesful ambush), a regular field battle occurs.

    An Ambush should take time to set up, if a lord is too far away from an allied army or the kingdom as a whole is too weak (total number of field troops) to beat the enemy in open field battles, they should choose a friendly city close to the enemy and on the path way from an enemy city to the friendly city set up an ambush.

    This should not work while they're seen by an enemy party or army on the campaign map, then they should run away as it is now.

    Set up time should be reduced by roguery skill and/or perks in the roguery tree.

    Cultural traits that gain terrain advantages (so Aserai, Battanian and Sturgian Cultures) should also grant a bonus to Ambush Success Chance, if the Ambush is setup in such a location.

    Imho also Battanian, Aserai and Sturgian Troops should get Skill bonuses in their favored terrain to make fighting them in their accustomed terrain/climate tougher, but that is another suggestion.
  13. Aposynth

    gold compensation

    Hallo zusammen,

    habt Ihr einen Tipp womit ich am meisten Einkommen generieren kann? Also "früher" hat man einfach fast überall Schmiedewerkstätten gehabt und das reichte da dann schon, aber das scheint nicht mehr der Fall zu sein. Ich nehme nicht sehr viel ein mit 2 Schmieden.
    Kuck dir an, was die Dörfer um die Städte drumherum produzieren.

    z.B. Pen Cannoc hat zwei Dörfer um sich, die Lehm produzieren, das ist schon recht viel, meistens ist das ja diversifizierter. Ergo ist Lehm dort billiger. Kauf also dort die Töpferei (oder wenn es keine gibt, kauf einen Betrieb und mach ihn zur Töpferei) und du wirst viel Gold verdienen, einfach, weil das Zeug dort günstig ist.
  14. Aposynth

    Why was Old Troop Assignment System removed?

    +1 For mixing old and new system.

    For the love of whatever the Calradians believe in, I can't fathom, why it was necessary for the old assignment system to be removed, design wise they don't bite each other.

    Bring back as an addition, NOT as replacement for the new system, to sort the troops into formations once again from the party screen.

    And honestly, if it is an issue with the coding side, that for whatever reason they can't coexist, then retract the new system and bring back the old system.
    Atleast I didn't ask for this pre-battle ordering of formations feature, I can't remember other players having specifically asked for it. I was perfectly used to order my troops quickly in the old system, before enemy units approached my position (in some cases the enemy AI was waiting and not moving, giving more time to do so). So I could live with it, if you roll back this feature, bring back the old formation management via the party screen, adapt your new, fancy pre-battle formation system, so they can work together.
  15. Aposynth

    Bring Back Old Formation System (Sort of)


    I was puzzled to see, why they removed the possibility to assign groups from the Party menu. I see literally no design need for removing that.
  16. Aposynth

    In Progress Crash when starting campaign or sandbox

    This bug is still there as of 1.7.1 beta.


    Any news on that issue?
  17. Aposynth

    In Progress Positives and Negatives no longer colorcoded

    Do you have a save file of session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. You can find your save file here:C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves
    You can send your save files to us via the ticketing system on the website. To send us a ticket, please visit the site and login to your forum account from the top right. Click to "My Account" and then click to "My Open Tickets". You can create a ticket there and include the save file and as well as the forum link of this thread. You can find more info about how to upload files to us with the new ticketing system here. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Submitted a ticket with the savegame file under the same title as the thread.
  18. Aposynth

    In Progress Positives and Negatives no longer colorcoded

    Summary: Positive and Negative Outcomes and traits are no longer colorcoded in the e1.6.5. Beta Branch, e.g. in Kingdom Decisions (e.g. the words "decreases" and "increases" in the relations effects used to be red and green respectively). The same is true for e.g. pre-marriage dialogues, with...
  19. Aposynth

    Resolved Perks UI notification broken

    Summary: In e1.6.4., when one of your clan members got a perk point to invest somewhere, the clan member in question in the drop down menu was marked with an orange dot, making him easily findable for the player. Now, in e1.6.5. this orange dot instead appears besides the name of the character...
  20. Aposynth

    Version Change

    You can keep playing your old safe, but this is in no way guaranteed to keep working, it is an Early Access Game after all, if TW introduces something totally new or changes something fundamentally, it could break your savegame. So don't grow a too large attachment to your save.
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