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  1. sifis172

    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

    Hi guys! sorry for being out of topic, but i would like to know how to
    tweak TLD to start the war later. when my character would be a higher
    level than 20.

    i've searched online, but can't find an answer.

    thanks for this trully awesome mod!
  2. sifis172

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    i think that the feature we had in VC with the player's camp,
    should be re-intoduced. it was an awesome feature.

    anyway great patch, thanks
  3. sifis172

    How do i give my troops XP?

    Thanks LordDoom!
  4. sifis172

    How do i give my troops XP?

    Hi, when i win a battle it asks me if i want to donate the loot to give my troops XP how does that work? its a dumb question but i'd like to know. Thanks
  5. sifis172

    Real-Life DLC or Expansion: Michael the Brave

    all i got from this, is that i should watch a documentary about michael the brave.
    he seems interesting.
    and something to add, the most popular culture in today's world
    is west-anglosaxon. so the majority of historic researches, books, docs etc.
    are made by that perspective. so Akfiz
    don't get angry.
  6. sifis172

    Please make shield wall like this......

    I don't think I attacked you at all. you wrote this:
    "now we go to historic sources. it's a huge topic. who wrote them, why, was something he needed
    to report or something he wanted to report."

    I interpreted this that you don't trust medieval (pre-Nappy) sources because they are biased.
    I don't see what can be considered an "attack" in my post.

    ok, ,maybe i'm a bit itchy :razz:

    what i meant wasn't that i don't trust the medieval\ancient sources.
    it's just that after the renaisance, sources increase drasticaly in size.
    in medieval battles you would have at most two or three, or maybe even one.
    source. in the societes of 1700 until now, source's are more than enough..

    I think the answer to that is extremely simple. It's probably not the only reason, but I can only assume to be the main one.
    Horse training. The Polish-Lithiuanian Commonwealth was at the time of its height renowned for its military horses, which were well-bred extensively trained.
    I can only assume that at the time of the Napoleonic Wars, when the importance of cavalry already diminished significantly, horses were no longer trained to the same standard as before. Especially since their primary role changed from the breakthrough force into more of a support screening one.

    yes it might be that. different horse training could make up for.
    i don't really know anything about horse training.
    what baffles me is that during the battles of 1800, there existed shock-heavy cavalry.
    which general directions were not to scout, or run through panicked running troops,
    but to destroy ennemy formations. i suspect that battles weren't that straight of with cavalry,
    meaning that they didn't just ended with a glorius charge, but was a more
    time consuming of setting your pieces correctly.
  7. sifis172

    Please make shield wall like this......

    @Askorti, what i'm trying to understand is why would in some periods
    horses wouldn't dare charge and at other times they would. it's a little
    strange that horses would charge pikes and not bayonnets.
    it startles me. anyway about f.e waterloo, there are about 700+
    primary sources, eyewitnesses. that's why i am confused, as to why apparently
    trained horses in the one would charge something that is really
    more fearfull, like long forests of pikes of 700AD, and not
    small in size riffles with bayonets.

    in napoleonic times the way that i have understood cavalry tactics, is that cavalrymen would, could
    and did try to charge infantry in formation. but horses would insticaly decline
    to throw themselves and impaled in pikes, bayonnets etc.
    horses like any creature with survival instincts would deny to continue.
    it is reffered in many primary sources (eye-witnesses), that the horse would
    full gallop, but once saw the wall of pointy things the would stop gallop,
    and then just trott, or completely stop.

    i'll try and give an example that happened countless times, in napoleonic
    fields. if during a battle the weather was rainy, this would occur:
    musquets wouldn't fire, and cavalry would be unable to mount a charge.
    so that both type of troops would stand some feet apart, looking at each other.
  8. sifis172

    Please make shield wall like this......

    Napoleonic cavalry and square is not a good comparison.
    - guns (much more important than the bayonet)
    - difference in the role of cavalry (hussars/light cavalry was not armed with lances and armor)
    - difference in the origins of cavalrymen (conscripts vs. nobility)
    - difference in the equipment of cavalry (which limits their use)

    If you don't want to accept pre-Nappy written sources, because of biased viewpoints, it will be difficult to discuss this topic :smile:

    that's really impolite. you want to appear smart? attack the argument not me. i don't think it will
    take you anywhere. i won't discuss this topic because of biased(?) viewpoints(?).
  9. sifis172

    Please make shield wall like this......

    Infantry squares of the Napoleonic era could be broken by cavalry, and they were broken, under certain circumstances. So your basic thesis, cavalry could break infantry in the medieval times and could not in Napoleonic times, is not true.

    when we are counting 1000 times a square hold, to 1 or 5 or10 times a square was broken, then it doesn't
    diminish theargument, it strenghthens it. yes there were a few times that a square was
    broken, but if the percentage is so minimal then you just make an argument for the opposite site.

    @Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James wars in napoleomic era were chaotic. massive cavalry
    charges were present in all battles fought. with maybe one exception the battles and skirmishes
    during the retreat from moscow.

    yes there were times that squares were broken by a single horseman. but it was extremelly
    rare that something like this would happen.
  10. sifis172

    Please make shield wall like this......

    Even though back in the 17th century horses were capable of charging straight at literal pike blocks? (Winged Hussars used in the wars against Swedish Empire and the Russian Empire in early 17th century)
    I'm not going to say those charges were 100% successful, but they happened. So saying that a horse will never, ever do it is contrary to historical events that transpired.

    i don't know a lot about 17 century warfare. i know tho that the lances carried by the winged-hussars were
    a lot longer than most cavalry units in history. so thatat least the mount 'felt' the distance of reach above it's head.
    are you sure that the horses charged straight a t lances? in my understanding that would
    be a excellent way to destroy your cavalry forces.
    now we go to historic sources. it's a huge topic. who wrote them, why, was something he needed
    to report or something he wanted to report.
    anyway in the 1700's, a strategy that was used by the cavalry, if the ennemy infatry was
    coherent, was that they would gallop near the ennemy infantry, shoot them with pistols.
    and then retreat.
    battles were fought for hours, maybe to make the matter more clear. it probably
    happened to give the general's more time to hit, at weak points, such as a disrupted formation.

    @Askorti napoleonic war, is the first war that has the priviledge to be documented so well,
    from multiple and different sources, that most of the academic community has found itself
    unable to contribute much more, after the original plethora of original texts.
    the fact that the cavalry force was unable to break a square, is documented so many
    times that you have to instead search the times a square was broken, you have to dig up the times a cavalry square
    was indeed broke.
    in my reading of napoleonic warfare i have yet to find more than 5 to (max) 10, 'squares'
    being destroyed while beinging tp form square.
  11. sifis172

    Please make shield wall like this......

    i think that the whole issue of cavalry charging has to be
    re-adressed in the historical community.
    f.e(1), a medieval horse would charge a shieldwall of spearmen,
    and it is said and re-said by historians, that they actualy were.
    but on a 2nd example it is well dommented that in the napoleonic era,
    no horse no matter what, would never charge a square of infantry with bayonnets.
    that is well researched and confirmed by historians.

    this seems obscure to me, and i haven't reached anything that seems conclusive.
    why would a horse charge a wall of spears, with spears 2, or 3 metters?
    and not a relatively small range of sticks 1.5 meters?
    if anybody knows something about that please share it.
  12. sifis172

    Bring back Camps


    an awesome addition!
  13. sifis172

    Sieges Are Super Laggy Always??

    there are some scenes that are a bit messed in optimization.
    some battanian ones i struggled with.
    but generally they shouldn't be.
    i think they have fixed some.
  14. sifis172

    [Discussion Area]Castle projects

    i remember the viking conquest DLC, that secret lair that
    you were able to create, have blacksmiths in it, storing your troops,
    and generally speaking with NPC's really skyrocketed
  15. sifis172

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    nice patch, thanks!

    i'd also like to know about armors. can you find them?
  16. sifis172

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    that's the right of every man... or women.
  17. sifis172

    Please add the function of repairing weapons and armor to the smithy


    it would give a reason to enter town scenes too.
  18. sifis172

    How many scenes are finished?

    agreed, you should have a reasonto enter all these scenes.
    which are beautifull.

    i remember at launch, i entered towns and villages all the time,
    to look at the world. now it's gone because of all the windowed
    character in the menus of towns.
  19. sifis172

    Were thrown weapons nerfed too much?

    I mean if we go by historical standards, arrows weren't even that great against armor. Javelins had the advantage of damaging the enemy's equipment, making shields unusable for example. The hybrid aspect (melee / ranged weapon) of javelins is also undervalued (melee damage / handling of javelins are too low in game).

    i think that it depends on the specific era, what type of armour, and the quality of the armor.
    if you take a longbow against plate armour, like you said, it can't penetrate at all. maybe a dense
    in the armour.
    on the other hand if you shoot a warbow-longbow (more than 100 lb of draw weight),
    it will, if the shot is well timed, go through mail, and gambeson. but not through plate.

    there is a vid, that tests plate armor vs longbow. the bow the guy uses is a massive 150 dw
    longbow, and is reffered that he can shoot up to 200 d.w.. but anyway, check the bow, it's like a tree!

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