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  1. Peralta

    Intern Abuse

    http://www.internabuser.com/ Op afstand bediende marteltuigen voor de Neo Pangea stagair. Nog iemand die zin heeft pijn te veroorzaken?
  2. Peralta

    Scene Prop Project - OSP WIP

    Hi all, It's been quite a while, but I'm back :) I'm planning to work on a whole lot of scene props from different eras and scenes, from very simple stuff to more complicated objects and textures (probably later on since I never got far in texturing and I'm still working off the rust). Why...
  3. Peralta

    From sketch to model - a learning experience.

    Hi everybody, Last night I was browsing through some 3D-modelling fora, and I noticed a good deal of great modellers and texturers have a nice portfolio of "façades" of buildings, a rather easy and productive way to fill a large scene with interesting scenery, without overloading your rig with...
  4. Peralta

    SP Sci-Fi [WB] Clone Wars: Arkonne Assault - New ATM!

    This is hibernating, not dead. We're working on it, but it's not even close to a priority right now. If anyone can provide models or retextures of anything star wars-related, feel free to post it here at our disposal. Thank you for understanding. Peralta & Lux The Clone Wars: Arkonne...
  5. Peralta

    1866 Cinematic Studios

    I had this idea some time ago already, but didn't get to setting it up until now: a story-based cinematic with 1866 taking care of the actors, scenery, stunts and props :) Basicly, I'll post some essential stuff here (like the looks and equipment of the main characters) and create a list of...
  6. Peralta

    uniform retextures

    Just working on some retexture of 1866 US uniforms, because all those guys look the same to me ^^ First version was this: ==> the team has these and I'm awaiting some feedback on how useful they would be for ingame use (expecting some negative feedback there actually  :lol: ) But I decided...
  7. Peralta

    LSP 3D Art Saloon/Bar Pack - V2.0 released!

    I was working on some models for the 1866 mod, and thought I'd share them with the community :) Since my texturing skills are very limited, most of these models aren't UV-mapped or textured. Anyone who wants to support this model pack and wants to make some textures for it, feel free to post...
  8. Peralta

    BNL EYW - FAQ & Guide

    BNL:EYW covers a rather obscure part of history and, although many know the general outlines, it may require some help to get used to the featured moment in time and locations. For that reason, we decided to set up a Guide, that can lead you through the game in no-time (well, most of it, you're...
  9. Peralta

    Thoughts on EYW

    The bèta has been released Nov 30, I think it was about midnight (CET) at the time, and has been downloaded over 500 times when I type these words... I wonder about a few things... - What is YOUR motivation for playing this mod? - How did you get to know the mod? - How accurate do you want the...
  10. Peralta

    BNL EYW - Development/Recruiting

    BNL: Eighty Years of War is recruitng Modellers, Scripters and Texturers, apply now ! - Current version: v0.21 - Next update: v0.3 In this thread, you can find our progress on development of the mod and its versions. More information about V0.3 can be found in this thread and else in the status...
  11. Peralta

    BNL EYW - Screenshot Gallery

    A classic amongst any Mod Board :) You know the drill: CTRL + Ins to make an ingame screenshot, upload them to any image hosting site, post them here in a spoiler (!) Even more multiplayer screens! V0.2/V0.21 Screenshots Version 0.3, more coming up! Ok, just to limit the amount of...
  12. Peralta

    BNL EYW - Suggestions

    If you have the most splendid idea for an item, character, tweak, quest or anything else that you think would fit this mod, feel free to post it here  :) Visit this topic for more suggestions; http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,91802.0.html Maybe I forgot something, which I...
  13. Peralta

    BNL EYW - Bug Reports

    Please post any bugs or errors you encounter here. So that we know what is bothering your game and how we can solve this. Thanks in advance, The Team
  14. Peralta

    BNL EYW - Main Topic

    BNL Eighty Years Of War Look for screenshots in our Screenshot Galery http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,86309.0.html! Download the latest version from here; http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,158711.0.html History In the mid 1500’s Karel V was the ruler of...
  15. Peralta

    Gangs, posses and other independant factions -update

    I posted this in the suggestion thread, but it's becoming quite a big idea for me, so here goes :) Every party you encounter ingame is now related to a faction, but the whole game lacks the sense of freedom that in fact is so typical for Westerns. Why not add some independant parties, who...
  16. Peralta

    SP Native Quest Pack - Update!

    Hi everybody, Since a full grown mod is a bit of an overkill on my skills, I decided to go for a minor mod pack. Not about 2000 new helmets, the newest fashion textures for your outfits or some architectural additions. This pack will be a Quest Pack (hence the name  :P), which will allow you...
  17. Peralta

    CMM Recruits: Scripter/Coder

    Christmas Makeover Mod Recruits! I've tried and tried, over and over again.. Yet still, I'm not capable of adjusting any MnB scripts to fit this mod, nore am I able to implement any new object whatsoever ingame... Therefor, I am now officially looking for someone to convert all our nice...
  18. Peralta

    RGL Error after editing .py files

    Ok, so I tried to modify some .py files (like names of certain items and troops) for the Christmas mod. I run the bat: np I run the game: it loads to nearly the end, then an error pops up: - RGL error Too many variations for mesh 0 - Can somebody please help? Edit: MnB version is 1.011...
  19. Peralta

    Problem: getting items ingame

    Ok, so I: - added the BRF to the Resource map in my Mod map (kerstbalschildtest.brf) - added the texture to the textures map in my mod map (gvdbrf.dds) - added this line to module_items.py: ["christmas_shield", "christmas_shield", [("gvdbrf",0)], itp_merchandise|itp_type_shield...
  20. Peralta

    SP Native Other Christmas Makeover Mod - Recruiting - Newest: UPD:Oct 12, Looking 4 Scripter

    Apparently, for some strange reason, no one ever made a Christmas Mod for Mount & Blade... I think a world without Christmas is sad, even an imaginary one, so let's give MnB a Christmas makeover!  :mrgreen: The Idea: To create a Christmas-themed makeover of the Native Mount & Blade module...
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