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  1. Non dedicated server not found in internet list

    Yes, the option to make it appear was checked, and the firewall was ok with Warband.

    I have added some ports to host a game for Borderlands and after that, my server in Warband was in the internet list !

    Maybe Warband needs more open ports, and 7240-7241 are not enough, I don't know  :smile:

    But it's ok now, thanx !
  2. Non dedicated server not found in internet list

    Hello, My non dedicated server doesn't appears in the internet list of servers. It appears only in LAN, same if I try with mb_warband_dedicated.exe for dedicated mode. I have the last version of the game : 1.125 (bought on Steam) Ports 7240 and 7241 are opened in the router and in the Windows...
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