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  1. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    Are there any open world mods(where battles and travel aren't seperate)

    this is an old topic from Mount and Blade but i was wondering if it is possible for Warband or maybe we can get the developers to do it for Bannerlords?
  2. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    random crashes :(

    I will be playing the game for like 30 mins and then it will just crash.  And i don't have some kind of save-save-saveitiy-save condition so i don't save my game every like .01 secs.  Is there any one else that is getting this problem?
  3. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    after-death tactics

    I was playing the mod today and I realized that after you die your troops just kinda charge at the enemy, while your friendly AIs form a massive shield wall or a massive wedge with their cav.  But there is no way for my troops to do that, instead they just charge the enemy and die  :cry:.  Isn't...
  4. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    Runtime Error

    every time i try to play i get a runtime error, like right before a battle or something like that.  it says C++ Runtime Error.  is there any way to fix it?
  5. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    Runtime Error

    i keep getting a runtime error when i play, like right before i am about to battle someone, it freezes and then i look on the desktop and it says C++ Runtime error. is there any way to fix it.
  6. gh3tt0 gangst3r


    when i try to play the game i start it and then i get a message saying: unable to open file Modules/Sword of Damocles/Resource/SOD_Armors.brf what do i do to fix it? EDIT: there is no Armors file in there so that is why it cannot read it
  7. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    From Dust

    you guys (and Gals) should check this game out! it is on the Xbox Live Arcade and it is really addicting. you have god like powers and you have to help a tribe of humans survive and it is all about physics.
  8. gh3tt0 gangst3r


    there should be roads in this game. look at this http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,2951.0.html
  9. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    random parties

    i think it would be cool if there were other random parties running around the map like the players
  10. gh3tt0 gangst3r


    this is totally random question but, how does the rank system work on the forums? and i think the lords in the game should give you a rank when you join their faction and stuff.
  11. gh3tt0 gangst3r


    i know that there is already a topic about this in the section with all the other important things. so i looked at it and it told me to turn my specs down really really low, so i did and i thought that that would help but it didn't. all i can do is one battle and then if i try to do another...
  12. gh3tt0 gangst3r


    is there any one making a clan? i am looking to join one if any one will let me  8-)
  13. gh3tt0 gangst3r


    i got this error? can some one help me?  it says that it can't open CommonRes\costumes_a.brf     
  14. gh3tt0 gangst3r


    is this a bug or is it meant to happen? when ever i play Poland gets wiped out within a moth of in game time..... even if i join them we still get wiped out.
  15. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    flag bearers

    should there be flag bearers? i don't know if there were any in this time period but it would be cool to have them. well wasn't there flag bearers in Rome? then they should be in this time period too.
  16. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    Favorite Fraction

    hey guys i was wondering what your Favorite Fraction is: in Warband: Rohonk in WfaS: Polish, only because i am polish in real life  :mrgreen: and they have winged hussars woot
  17. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    multiplayer game type

    it would be cool if there was a multi-player game type that was like the signal player campaign. the players could be lords and have their own castles and maybe become a king sometime down the road.
  18. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    how much renown do u need?

    how much renown do you need to become a vassal of a king?
  19. gh3tt0 gangst3r


    can i join the Kingdom of Sweden? i have tried to join a couple of nations but when i talk to their Kings i can never ask them if i could join there nation or not.
  20. gh3tt0 gangst3r

    With Fire and Sword

    this looks really cool (i am not a member though) and once they release the modules tools for With Fire and Sword you guys should make one.
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