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  1. Bug reports and complaints topic

    Least someone answered, thanks man.

    It needs to be fixed though cause even if your a merc. king like i am, it totally ruins your game pretty much the game late-game. >.> Because then you cant train anybody, and you cant have a treasury since if you lose your home base they never come the hell back D:.
  2. Bug reports and complaints topic

    Anyone know a workaround for my problem? >.>, I've posted about it two different times in this thread with no response while everyone else's stuff gets answered >.<, I just want my constable and advisor back if I lose my home castle >.<.
  3. Bug reports and complaints topic

    Still having the issues with the constable and the financial advisor not showing up anywhere else if you lose your home base/castle to the enemies. It keeps on taking the money to hire them and you never get them afterwards.  I'm not sure if its because you lose your base, they get captured or what, but Miles nor the other dude will come back, and this time around I did it while under vassalage, this gets incredibly annoying since if i wanna do anything I haveta start my game all over again.
  4. Bug reports and complaints topic

    I fount what is potentially two in game bugs, or what Im assuming as bugs.

    First off, if you tell your constable to train recruits, and you leave for a while, especially somewhere far away and come back, he appears to "forget" to continue to train the troops, even if there's treasury money.  This becomes incredibly annoying because then you have to tell him again to train recruits, and if you go too far again, he forgets, also if you go back into the castle soon after telling him to train the recruits, even if you haven't went far from the castle at all, he still forgets and you must tell him AGAIN to train troops.

    The second bug I believe is a bug, is that I've got an independent kingdom set up, and it's all fine and dandy until the holy roman empire comes and takes the castle that my counsel is at.  So I lose my primary castle that holds the counsel, but one of my vassals lets me use his castle as the new place that my counsel can form.  I go to the new primary castle, and I only have my minister, so I tell him him to hire me a new constable and financial advisor.  I wait a few days and go back, and theres no constable, no advisor, and I go back to see if I can still hire staff, and I can.  It constantly takes out the 10-20 cash for them, but then they never show up at my primary castle that my counsel are supposed to meet at. I've tried it multiple times, left the castle, and stayed at the castle, and it always loops back where I can hire a constable and a financial advisor, but it never delivers them to me now matter how many times I pay the 10-20 cash to the minister, and it's the same person that's recommended each time for each position if that helps.

    These appear like bugs to me but I could be wrong.
  5. Firearms

    Ohhhhh thank you!
  6. Firearms

    Where are they? D: I've been to every town multiple times to see if any of the merchants have them, to never find any >.<, my troops have them and I want them damnit :( All I've done is install ver 2 of the game, and its been days among days with no firearms, please hallp.
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