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  1. Need More Info Impossible to improve relationship with nobles by common action

    So I post that here cause for me it looks clearly as a bug : After almost 40h of game and now I care more about politics etc and I realized that I never had positiv relationship with a noble ; after figthing, besiege a castle, give theme gift ( like 3horses rank 5 and 10K gold) nothing change...
  2. Faction wars and unexpected results

    Hello ! After 10h of play I had a funny situation : The Battanians have completely explosed the Western Empire :mrgreen: So they take over all their Cities and the Faction leader (forget the name) is now alone, with his own Clan. I add that I wasn't involved in Faction war, I over pushed...
  3. To many whining kids

    Hi !

    Yes first I said thanks to TaleWorlds for this game ! I enjoy already it a lot (15h playing)

    For the game, personnal experience : no crash, just one unlimited loading.

    And yes communities today are full of unpatient and crazy children, people don't understand the purpose, the concept of early access, I mean what is collaboration with the studio.

    So, keep going (y)
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