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  1. Resolved Can't Give Yourself Fief

    how is this still unsolved??
  2. Declared war upon too often - Daily (up to 4 factions at once so far)

    I have this exact same problem! I'll defeat an army and before I can turn around, another faction declares war on me. As soon as I head in their direction a third faction declares war. before I can turn for a double-take, I'm at war with 4 factions! What's worse, is that now peace costs half a million at least, so I either die a slow death fighting or bleeding denars. It's maddening. What's the point if the AI decides to throw everything at me while i'm still, comparatively, the weakest kingdom? Adding insult to injury, for each of these factions I'M THE ONLY ONE THEY'RE AT WAR WITH. Devs, please fix this bonkers AI...

    And for the record, I never execute in a futile attempt to avoid these exact scenarios (though I do keep them prisoner XP )
  3. Need More Info involuntary war declaration

    Yep, my kingdom randomly declares war all the time, and I can't use any of the mechanics in the diplomacy tab.
  4. Hideouts make me want to quit the game

    Let me begin with saying that I LOVED warband despite coming to it rather late and well after the graphics were, errr... outdated. I spent over 125 hours in that game. I was super excited for Bannerlord, but it only took about 15 game hours - mostly non-stop, since most of the game is GREAT -...
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