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  1. Do people like Smithing as a concept

    I like it, but some adjustments must be made. Currently, the only real way to level it is to craft two handed swords (on low level smelting high tier weapons works too), this must be fixed. Also, unlocking new parts must be reworked, my char has 288 smithing points and unlocking parts is a real pain in a well known place, plus it's totally random, so I craft and smelt dozens of weapons, may be even hundreds to unlock a single sword hilt and I still didn't get it. I suggest unlocking parts to relate to the type of smelted/smithed weapon, like learn new sword parts from swords, maces from maces etc
    Yes please!
  2. Ridged iron broad sword glitch

    Ahhh I see, well, good to know it's not just me, still immersion breaking, but can cope with it knowing that it's something that Tale worlds amazing team can fix lol
  3. Ridged iron broad sword glitch

    The ridged iron broad sword has mesh textures from something else pasted on the edge of the sword as you can see, immersion breaking, can't play knowing it's there! lol Unfortunately i download like 8 mods and applied them all at once, only one that could have affected the sword is the Weapon...
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