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  1. macethump

    fief and taxation help

    Just my two cents, from my *vast* experience! :lol:
    Castles were sucking my income away, so I assigned them to my lords, after removing any troops I wanted to keep (especially Mamlukes and Lancers).  I only kept the towns, since they at least pay for themselves.  Dyeworks really bring in the cash, and it seems the farther away for Yalen the more they bring in, so I establish lots in Vaegir and Nord cities.  Now, instead of losing 1000 dinars each payday I bring in 8000.
  2. macethump

    A singleplayer manual

    Now we've got another problem.  Lady Mereced is the new minister of my new kingdom, based in Halmar.  Apparently she is a party animal.  We invited everyone to a feast in Halmar weeks ago.  Invitations went out and a few lords attended (though there seem to be a lot of ladies standing around talking).  The party is still going on weeks later.  I have a fully stocked larder, everyone seems to be having a good time, but I can't organize another feast until this one is over.  And it never seems to be over.  I was always told that house guests, like fish, begin to stink after 3 days.  We're going on 3 weeks with no end in sight.  How can I make them all just go away?
  3. macethump

    A singleplayer manual

    After a few game days she did show up in Narra so we promptly planned a few parties.  But the fire's gone out, since now I'm sleeping with a relative.
  4. macethump

    A singleplayer manual

    Well, I did it and got married to Lady Mereced - what a hottie!  We ran off and eloped from Yalen.  I thought she was supposed to get transferred to my main holding of Narra, but she's still in Yalen.  That's where I have to meet her and plan our parties.  Rather inconvenient, Yalen being off in a corner and such.  Is this a glitch or is there someway to get her to Narra?
  5. macethump

    Activation denied!

    OK, buy I will.  Last time I updated or played, Warband was still a dream of the future.  Looks like the future is now.
  6. macethump

    Activation denied!

    I bought M&B long ago.  Do I need to rebuy WB?
  7. macethump

    Activation denied!

    I got in in about 2006 directly from Taleworlds.
  8. macethump

    Activation denied!

    Well, I looked through threads relating to this, but found nothing useful.  I sent an email to TW support, but have not received an answer for a week.  I reloaded WB again, but still have the same message.  I am using my M&B serial key without success.  I got the manual activation code in the...
  9. macethump

    What do you do, Taleworlds?

    Park manager.

    And I'm back, *****es.  After a several year layover.  Here to spread more reactionary crap.
  10. macethump

    Anti-Religious Towns and Too Much Badboy

    It is possible, especially if you have nearly unlimited denars!.  Mine has been over 100 most of the game, and every faction has lost castles and towns to my empire.  But then, I don't want to cooperate with them, I want to conquer them.  The Rhodoks only have 1 castle left, but then I always try to leave each faction 1 property - makes it harder for the Legion to defeat them, what with all the lords and their armies packed into one location.

    All my towns and villages have churches and cathedrals, but they're not all on board.  The religious edicts aren't working anyways.  Even with all my religious buildings and 2 - count 'em - 2 Holy Wars, my relation with the religious leaders still goes down -100 every week
  11. macethump

    I need a little help (me VS 4 remaining factions)

    Badboy may be bugged.  In all the versions I've played, if I get over 40, it only goes up.  Now I'm up near 100, and even though I periodically get messages the my badboy has decreased, it never does.  Not such a big deal since all other factions are getting pwned at present.
  12. macethump

    Faith Troops Bug?

    You don't need to be resting - my pair appear (1 Paladin of the One and 1 Zealous Magnate) most often while I am trevelling.  Never had any trouble upgrading them - maybe your religion is not the One True Religion! :grin:
  13. macethump

    How do you make enough money ?

    Trade is underestimated.  Running furs and iron from Vaegirland to Rhodokia can be lucrative, as can running spice from Khergistan to Nordholm and velvet from Rhodokia to Vaegirland.  Beat up sea raiders and deserters on the way for extra.  Sometimes you will actually run towns out of money this way.  You just need good trade and better inventory.
    After you get your own towns and have guilds built, investment can make the most money.  If you  time it right, you can get an investment cycle in before payday.  That's important, since the most investment money seems to be made when you invest your entire cash reserves.  Returns of 150% are not too hard, but you can lose it all.  Might pay to have some expensive items in a chest just in case (spice and velvet work well). 
    There may also be in investment bug.  On one occasion I invested about 200,000 denars and got 17,000,000 in return.  Invested that again and got 52,000,000.  Must be those Imperial junk bonds.
    While mercenaries and regiments are quite useful, they are also quite expensive.
  14. macethump

    [v4.6][P#8] Beta testers needed

    Gunnard Bearmasher clone bug!
    I rescued Gunnard from the Swadian prison at Suno, and one of my options was to ask him to join me.  He did.  He has some issues though - he keeps losing items (3rd and 4th weapon slots, sometimes helmet).  The helmet is interesting - he appears in battle with a winged helmet, but his inventory shows a kettle helmet - sometimes.  And sometimes a winged helmet.  Some kind of dimensional-transfer ability, I guess.  He also has the ability to be garrisoned in a castle or town, but I haven't tried it yet, as I might lose him and he's useful.
    After a few weeks in my party, his clone has appeared at the head of the Jotnar Clan army
  15. macethump

    [v4.6][P#8] Beta testers needed

    Still having issues with Black Army groups. If I hire a mixed army of 150, I actually get 70 troops.  If I hire a pure cavalry army of 150, I actually get 150.
  16. macethump

    need TIPS for beating the invasion

    Adenians pwn imperials.
    An army of Adenian heavy cavalry, with help from Paladins of the One, mercenary cavalry, and a few Swadian and Vaegir knights and Khergit lancers have no trouble with large imperial armies in the field, especially in open country.  The imperial cavalry are tough, but there are never very many of them.
    In sieges - first, make sure your castles and towns have lots of troops.  1000 or more is helpful.  It would be handy to know where the invasion is coming from, but we don't get to know, in spite of messages that "the imperial army is seen just over the hills."  Apparently we can see the army but not which hills they are behind.  Even a little warning allows some troop transfer and concentration of lords.  The imperial army will bypass centers with large armies, looking for easier game.  I had 7000 troops in Yalen and the entire imperial army just went around, heading for Nord country.
    Siege armament includes a masterwork heavy crossbow, 2 large bags of steel bolts and a balance northmans axe.  Station for a clear shot on the ladder or tower and headshot.  But I may switch to a glaive or halberd, trading reach for speed.  After the attack is broken, trade the best cavalry into the army and attack the imperial army remnants. 
    After the battle, recruit as many troops as possible.  Place infantry and archers in centers and keep cavalry.
  17. macethump

    Mosque to be built on 911 site

    FrisianDude said:
    Oh god, it's Macethump. Now the thread just got that much more stupid.
    Good to see you think a conservative opinion is motivated by stupidity (or possibly evil).  Thank you for proving my point that liberals can't actually address the substance of opposing opinion, but must denigrate the speaker.
  18. macethump

    Which is your homeland favourite faction ?

    Adenians.  Heavy cav is at least as good as merc cav, but less expensive.  And they pwn anyone else in the field, including Swadians, but Khergits are a little harder.  For sieges, I just bring Adenian elite archers or a bunch of recruited Rhodok or Swadian sharpshooters or Khergit veteran horse archers for range and Adenian magnates for infantry.  The advantage of sharpshooters is they leave bags of bolts lying around so I can reload.
  19. macethump

    Mosque to be built on 911 site

    Back on topic... :roll:

    "Why does the Left attribute only nefarious motives to those who believe that the Islamic center does not belong near Ground Zero?

    Because leftism holds these beliefs:

    1. Those who hold leftist positions are, by definition, better people than their opponents.

    2. Those who hold leftist positions have, by definition, pure motives; therefore, the motives of their opponents must be impure.

    I conclude with this: I believe that a wiser man than the present imam would have decided to avoid precisely what he has inspired — intense division in America — and would have immediately retracted his decision to erect an Islamic center and mosque right by the slaughterhouse of 9/11, which happened to have been caused by his co-religionists.

    But I also believe that there are good arguments and good people on both sides of this issue.

    I can say that, however, for one reason.

    I am not on the left."

    — Dennis Prager
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