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  1. WFAS key from steam can't be activated.

    M.ArdA_TaleWorlds said:
    That issue got fix on that week. Just tried, the activation is working. Please make sure that your game is up to date and unmodded while activation.

    I have just bought five copies of M&B WFAS on Steam and gifted them to my friends while the current sale is on. (it cost me $1.79 so that you believe what I am saying). I then downloaded the M&B WFAS 1.143 setup from taleworlds website and when I entered the serial keys copied from steam, the game did not activate. It would always say Activation Denied!.

    Please look into the issue because apparently it is still not solved. All we want is to play this game that we have bought genuinely without steam. I mean the legit serial keys should activate.
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