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  1. NW Completed 1stNOG Saturday Linebattles [NA] (Applications being Accepted)

    Application for the 85th Buckinghamshire

    Regiment Name: 85th Buckinghamshire
    Leaders Steam: hockeyftw1
    Amount of men: 6-10
    Special Unit Required?: We would love to be skirmishers for our time in your event if all the skirmisher spots are not taken. If they are we are able to go line infantry
    You have read the rules and agree to adhere to them? Yes, I have read your rules as my men have as well. We will adhere to your rules.
  2. NW Completed 15th Regiment Of Foot Saturday Linebattle *READ THE NEW RULES!*

    REGIMENT NAME - 85th Buckinghamshire
    PREFERRED NATION - British Or Austria
    TROOP/CLASS - Skirmisher

    If need be add me on steam, hockeyftw1. We would love to be skirmishers every event if that is alright. Any questions just add me.
  3. Vassals in a player run kingdom.

    Is this only happening to me? All my vassals wont bother to defend their villages/fiefs like this one time Napoli settlement was being raided and the guy who was raiding had like 40 men and my vassal had around 100 men all full health. Are my guys just stupid?
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