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  1. Main Quest Broken???

    Is the "something else to talk about" option complete yet? I always get the response "Never mind" and need to go back. waste of time.
    No, I don't think so. Thanks to a helpful suggestion above I managed to bypass the problem by going into town and finding her that way, so it seems that the trigger is broken. When I trigger that piece of conversation from the at-the-castle chat menu, the game crashes. But when I loaded it up from the in-town menu it appropriately loaded up the next steps.
  2. Main Quest Broken???

    I don't know what he's talking about saying it's a barely used option but I digress. Do u have any mods running? Even unrelated mods can cause issues. Maybe try to actually visit her in town and see if there's a difference. Good luck
    Thank you! I'm not using any mods, but I went into town and found her in her house and it worked. I really appreciate your help. :smile:
  3. Main Quest Broken???

    Wouldn't surprise me this rarely used option wasn't tested.

    Did you verify your files in Steam before playing ?
    Thank you for the response.

    What do you mean by 'barely used option'? This is a basic chat function between characters, and I needed to use it a bunch in order to get this far in the quest. It's just that - all of a sudden, now that I have all 3 pieces of the banner - using this option crashes the game, as if it's trying to load up a chat option that doesn't exist.

    I didn't know about 'verifying files' as I downloaded it from steam just a few days prior, but I'll try and look into that as well.

    I appreciate your help.
  4. Main Quest Broken???

    So, I just finished taking out the second hideout to get all 3 pieces of the banner together. I go see Istiana to talk to her about it. But as soon as I press on "I have something I'd like to discuss' in the chat options, the game freezes and crashes. It's happened 3 times now. But I see in...
  5. Party member not in list.

    In the second picture (clan/parties/ your party) looks like you need to scroll down to see all them members.
    If he's not there...

    Lol... that was it :p I feel stupid. Thank you very much for your help, and to everyone else who chimed in! :smile:
  6. Party member not in list.

    Screenshots here
  7. Party member not in list.

    Under the Clans tab there are 4 subheadings - Members, Parties, Fiefs, Other.

    He appears under 'Members'. He does not appear under 'Parties'.

    Then, separately, there is the 'Party' tab from the main screen where it lists all your army units. he is there as well.

    Does that clarify? I can't assign him a role because I can't find him under 'parties'. Which is not the same as not finding him under 'party'
  8. Party member not in list.

    Do you mean he's not in the clan members tab? The parties tab should only contain party leaders, which means he shouldn't be there if he's in your party.
    In the clans tab, he appears under 'Members' as a companion. But in the 'Parties' tab he's not listed.
  9. Party member not in list.

    So, I had Bidal the Golden running a caravan but decided I wanted him back in the army for his medic skills. I disbanded the caravan and Bidal is clearly travelling with me again, but I don't see him in the 'parties' tab to assign him a role as surgeon. Any ideas? PS - Completely new to the...
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