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  1. Kripaz

    What's the end goal?

    After 1 year and 7 months (not including alpha or beta) multiplayer has seen next to nothing improvements contentwise in that period. After waiting for so long, you'd think you could see what multiplayer is going to be like, when it's officially released from early access. But for me personally...
  2. Kripaz

    Resolved Skirmish crash when players joining

    Summary: Game crashes when players are joining to skirmish match. It doesn't crash when the server is full, but it specifically crashes when people start to join. Some say it might be related to some specific unidentified skin, but that's just an estimation. How to Reproduce: Join skirmish...
  3. Kripaz

    In Progress EU Siege stuck on intermission screen

    Summary: EU Siege server is stuck on intermission/loading screen and stays like that for who knows how long. Players are still able to use chat. After a long while it finally is able to load map. How to Reproduce: Join EU siege server (don't really have answer for this) Media Computer Specs...
  4. Kripaz

    Need More Info Unable to join back custom game

    Summary: My game crashed twice while playing siege (crashes were caused most likely due to too aggressive GPU overclocking) and after those crashes and downclocking my GPU I try to join back to the server. This time I game tells me: "Couldn't join custom game, Not all players are ready to join"...
  5. Kripaz

    Resolved Wrongfully awarded stats (siege)

    Summary: So I jumped in EU Siege server and after I have spawned the first time I get kill assist. After checking leaderboards I have somehow 2 kills, 2 deaths and 1 assist, even though it's my first spawn. How to Reproduce: I've never seen this before, but I guess join a ongoing siege match Media:
  6. Kripaz

    Resolved Main weapon getting dropped

    When first round begins my character drops it's main weapon when timer reaches zero. You can see it's getting dropped immediately when round starts. This happens only at the beginning of the first round. I have experienced this before (really rarely), but before this I was sure that I must have...
  7. Kripaz

    Resolved Throwing spear hitting through shield

    As you can see in the video, I'm blocking incoming throwing spear, but somehow spear managed to hit my hand through shield. You can see clearly that spear is stuck on my hand/shield and if it's stuck on hand that spear didn't care that there was a shield on the way. I might have experienced...
  8. Kripaz

    How to approach Xbow?

    This is so stupid. It's not the first time and I guess it's not the last time. How are you supposed to approach when crossbowman has a loaded bolt? In this scenario I knew he's going to try kick/shoot so I keep my distance. He fails his kick so I immediately decide to attack him, but guess...
  9. Kripaz

    Autoblock in Multiplayer

    On Thursday there was a bug report by @yndynihcovaqutpbzs which showed how easy it is to enable autoblocking in multiplayer with only so few tricks. The thread is now hidden for obvious reasons, but that's not quite end of it. That specific exploit also gives you possibility to use other means...
  10. Kripaz

    In Progress e1.5.4 "Enter" on numpad no longer functional

    Kinda minor issue, but here it goes anyways; After update e.1.5.4 "Enter" key on numpad stopped working, when trying to send a message. Other keys work just fine for hotkey and messaging purposes. Tried to test if the problem was on my end, but after testing, it clearly wasn't the case. This...
  11. Kripaz

    1.5.0 Beta Crush Through Ranking

    After testing most of the two-handed weapons in 1.5.0 I'd like to share my opinion how well they perform to crush through blocks. In order to successfully crush through a block, you must hit from up to down. You aren't able to crush through with side swings (might be different from horseback...
  12. Kripaz

    Need More Info Siege tower sprint

    V. e1.4.1 My friend encountered a absurd bug where a siege tower quickly sprinted its route to it's final destination in a blink of an eye. On my screen it wasn't moving and it was staying in place where it was on 0:03 on the video (this was it's correct place when we tried to shoot it with...
  13. Kripaz

    In Progress Wrong damage when hitting with pot

    V. e1.4.1 When you throw and hit with an exploding pot, it sometimes show that you killed your opponent when in reality you didn't (Not even sure if it does damage in these cases). Also this happened when someone threw a pot directly to my friend: (Yes, he's fine) This wasn't a problem in...
  14. Kripaz

    Resolved Standing instead of crouching (Animation)

    V. e1.2.1 As finally being able to test combat with my friend (thanks for duel server), we ran into couple of minor bugs and this is one of them: When you attack and immediately crouch and press crouch again your character shows as he's standing, but actually he is crouched. This is from his...
  15. Kripaz

    Resolved Invisible kick animation

    V. e1.2.1 As finally being able to test combat with my friend (thanks for duel server), we ran into couple of minor bugs and this is one of them: When you quickly tap down block and immediately kick afterwards, it doesn't show animation to the opponent This is from my perspective: And this...
  16. Kripaz

    Resolved Configure exposure doesn't work in Main Menu

    V. e1.1.1 When you are at MP main menu and try to press configure exposure in video settings it does nothing. When you are at game then it opens Exposure Adjustment setting as it should. This is not the case in SP, it happens only when you launch MP.
  17. Kripaz

    In Progress Ladder fork clipping inside wall

    V. e1.1.1 mp_siege_map_007_battania Fork that is used to drop ladders is clipping inside the wall. Makes it really hard see it is there and that's why almost nobody uses it. I remember that during Multiplayer Beta this wasn't the case and you could clearly see it.
  18. Kripaz

    Need More Info Lords stuck out of map boundaries

    Two lords stuck in a place where you or anyone else (except them) can reach.
  19. Kripaz

    More channels

    Is there any chance to get more channels like we had in beta channel? Currently there's too many threads coming every minute so many good threads get buried and same old answered questions pop up all the time.
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