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  1. John_M

    Tutorial 3D Hand Morphing Tool and Tutorial(3DS Max and Blender)

    Blender Tutorial:
    1. What You Need
    This tutorial is assuming you have your hand armour meshes are complete rigged to your skeleton mesh already. You should also have Enpremi's resource above downloaded.

    2. Importing Enpremi's Resources
    Import Bannerlord_HandsRig.fbx with these settings:

    For my default settings, I needed to enable Force Connect Children and Automatic Bone Orientation.

    3. Meshes and Skeletons
    These are the objects we are using:

    -HandMRef_Rigged is the animated hands we will get our morphs from.
    -HandMRef_morph is an example mesh with hand morphs already applied to it. It is purely reference.

    You can look under its Object Data Properties to see how your hand armour's morphs should look like in the end. 1 Basis shape key and 0-25 normal shape keys. Each shape key is an animation/pose of the hands the game choses from. The name does not matter, only the order of shape keys, but use the 0-25 naming convention to avoid confusion.

    -royal_guard_bracers is my hand armour mesh. It should not need any more mesh work, new modifiers cannot be added after this process, so do them now. You should also apply every modifier except Armature. It is currently rigged to the BL skeleton in another folder. We aren't actually going to make any changes to this object until the end. We are going to duplicate this object so we can make the shape keys.

    I rename this object something obvious for workflow purposes.

    4. Rigging Shape Key Mesh to Hand Skeleton
    royal_guard_bracersSHAPE needs to be rigged to "Armature" from Enpremi's resource.

    Use ctrl+p to parent the shape key object to the skeleton, use With Automatic Weights under Armature Deform.
    We want to transfer weights from Enpremi's HandMRef_Rigged to our mesh. To do this,
    First select HandMRef_Rigged then select royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.

    Second enter Weight Paint then select Weights, Transfer Weights

    Third, open Transfer Mesh Data at the bottom left, change Source Layers Selection from Active Layer to By Name.

    The mesh should be rigged now, but bad rigging is possible, so manual clean up will be likely. Here the hand is good, but I need to move the bracer and strap weights away from the hand bones completely.


    Remember to do rigging for both hands since the mirror modifier has been applied.

    5. Creating the Shape Keys
    This is the most tedious part of the process, and is the part that is automated in Enpremi's Max script. There is currently no Blender equivalent, so it must be done manually. If someone makes one, I can add it here.

    To do this, you will want to be in the Animation window to use the timeline. Then follow these steps:
    1. Duplicate royal_guard_bracersSHAPE. This should create royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.001, we can use the automatic naming system as it numbers them how we want.

    2. We should be on Frame 1. Select the mesh the was duplicated, it should be frame number minus 1(royal_guard_bracersSHAPE in this case, since it is logically "000"), and apply the modifier with Armature as its Object, not the BL skeleton. It will usually be the second Armature modifier, like in the image below.
    If we were on Frame 10, we would apply royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.009.

    3. Move to the next frame. The last frame that should be done is 26.

    An example of the workflow looks like this:
    -Duplicate royal_guard_bracersSHAPE into royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.001
    -Apply Armature modifier of royal_guard_bracersSHAPE on frame 1
    -Move to frame 2
    -Duplicate royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.001 into royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.002
    -Apply Armature modifier of royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.001 on frame 2
    -Move to frame 3
    -Duplicate royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.024 into royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.025
    -Apply Armature modifier of royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.024 on frame 25
    -Move to frame 26
    -Since royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.025 is the last shape key, it does not need to be duplicated.
    -Apply Armature modifier of royal_guard_bracersSHAPE.025 on frame 26

    The final product should look like this:


    6. Apply meshes as Shape Keys

    Under Object Data Properties prese the "+" by Shape Keys. This adds the "Basis" key, it doesn't need any changes.

    After this, select all of the shape key meshes, then the original mesh last. In the Shape Key section there is an down facing arrow button. Click it, then choose Join as Shapes.

    None of the SHAPE meshes will be used from now on, nor will the Armature skeleton, so all can be hidden. On the original mesh you should have all of the shape keys added:

    You can test them by increasing their value to 1. Compare them to HandMRef_morph with the same shape key applied. When finished, remember to return values to 0.

    This is technically finished now, you will just want to create LODs and import into Bannerlord.

    7. Importing to Bannerlord

    The standard export options can be used, make sure to turn on Selected Objects and turn off Add Leaf Bones.

    Bannerlord Import Settings:

    When you make the xmls, hand morphs on hand armours only work when you hide the hands.
  2. John_M

    Need More Info Crash on game launch

    It seems there is a critical file that got deleted. You should perform a clean install and then verify the files. Could you try this?
    "Summary: 1.6.5, unmodded, validated files, reinstalled, all to no help"
    I verified after the install as well
  3. John_M

    Need More Info Crash on game launch

    Could you try this one? It turns out I forgot to update the first one.


    Crashed before the video even started
  4. John_M

    Need More Info Crash on game launch

    Could you try this workaround and report back if it worked or not?
    That file does not exist for me.
  5. John_M

    Need More Info Crash on game launch


    I am experiencing the same thing.
    Summary: 1.6.5, unmodded, validated files, reinstalled, all to no help. Black screen after launching then crash.

    How to Reproduce: Launching the game, the screen is black but I can hear the hammers of the starting video. When the video ends(I assume because I can only hear), the crash occurs.

    Computer Specs:
    OS: Windows 10
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
    GPU Driver Version:
    CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.00GHz
    RAM: 24GB
    Motherboard: Gigabyte H170M-D3H-CF
    Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD
  6. John_M

    Suggestion General Add command to hide head (xml files)

    Today's hotfix included a potential fix to the crashes when using the covers_head tag (both e1.6.4 and e1.6.5). Could you guys please give it a try and see if the issue has been fixed?
    I could equip, save, and reload the game without problems. 1.6.5.
  7. John_M

    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    Rohan Forest by Macbeth


    Dunland Concept by Roman

    Harad Concept by Roman

    Dol Amroth Infantry by John

  8. John_M

    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    The Wold Battle Map by Macbeth:



    Mordor Orc Concepts by Dimas:

    Gondorian Civilian Concept by Mithril:


    The Witch-King and Nazgûl by Hakan:

  9. John_M

    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    The Road Goes Ever On track by Emil

    Garsfeld Village by Nordous


    Ithilien Rangers by Avelium



    Westfold Concept by Seigfried
  10. John_M

    Suggestion General Documentation on Audio "Events"

    The documentation on adding audio is currently very limited. We have methods of adding audio files to the game, but this is very limited. Firstly, the voice_definitions file is not possible to add to a module with the submodule. It should be possible to overwrite the vanilla one with modded...
  11. John_M

    Suggestion General Add command to hide head (xml files)


    Crash trying to load the game when my character has a helmet with the covers_head tag.

    1.6.4 unmodded(only changed a vanilla item to have the tag).
  12. John_M

    In Progress General Can't have 2 materials on a shield

    I had this issue a while back. I can't remember what was actually said but I ended up having to make one texture out of the group.
    Yeah, sadly there are situations where I'll need 2 materials on a shield if I dont want to make a bunch of redundant textures/materials.
  13. John_M

    Do you want more complex features, such as proper formation behaviour in Bannerlord?

    I think you're reading too much into it. There are half a dozen poll threads like this with a loaded question which amounts to "do you want the game to be better or worse?". It's just circlejerking and confirmation bias, I don't think even the people making the polls intend for them to be taken that seriously.
    Perhaps, but it's been posted on multiple platforms as a serious motion, so just adding my pickle to the jar.
  14. John_M

    Do you want more complex features, such as proper formation behaviour in Bannerlord?

    It doesn't matter, we all understand the point he's making

    I'd also say the mod does actually add more complexity to the AI over vanilla, however small you want to debate it, the AI not acting like feral zombies is already more complex intelligence
    Point is that it isn't an argument for more complex gameplay, but a specific improvement. It's asking, "do you like better gameplay?" while showing a fix to something broken, of course everyone will agree. It has no extrapolation to other places.

    Everyone agrees when the example discussed is a specific feature everyone likes. The conclusion "people like complex mechanics" I don't think will change what Taleworlds does, except perhaps implement the specific suggestions raised.
  15. John_M

    Do you want more complex features, such as proper formation behaviour in Bannerlord?

    Fully agree with the sentiment and the mechanic displayed.

    But I have no idea why this is labelled as a "complex" mechanic, perhaps it is more complex under the hood, but from a gameplay perspective it is not so.
    The reason I point this out is because adding complex mechanics can be ignored because of the "danger" of making the game not welcoming to newcomers. But the comparison between vanilla battles and RBM's, isn't simple vs complex. Vanilla battles look buggy, unrefined, illogical, poorly paced, and unfun. Those are the reasons to add this mechanic to vanilla, not complexity.

    If you are actually trying to argue for complex mechanics, this poll and thread aren't a good way to do it. Instead it gives an impression of the people who want the mechanic in the OP.
  16. John_M

    In Progress Cloth Editor Cloth Editor crashes when Cloth Simulation is disabled.

    Were you able to see the crash uploader tool? If you can upload your crash to us we can check it out. Please don't forget to copy the Crash ID and write it here so that we can find it.
    More info about the crash uploader tool can be found here.
  17. John_M

    Suggestion Open Cloth physics for more Mesh types

    The cloth simulation system for BL is quite good and adds a lot of quality to assets, but it is quite restricted currently. Attempting to add it to CraftingItems, it will crash: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/crafteditem-crash-with-cloth-physics.439740/#post-9649062 There are...
  18. John_M

    In Progress Cloth Editor Cloth Editor crashes when Cloth Simulation is disabled.

    If you try to save settings in the cloth editor while cloth physics are disabled, it will crash. After updating my game to Main, my options seem to have reset and Cloth Simulation disabled. Ideally this does not crash at all, or, there is a warning message in the cloth editor: Cloth Editor does...
  19. John_M

    In Progress General Can't have 2 materials on a shield

    The problem is specifically tied to shields. Only one material works on the shield, when there is 2, it defaults to both to 1 of them.
  20. John_M

    In Progress General Can't have 2 materials on a shield

    I implemented a shield mesh with two materials, one with 1:1 UVs and the other with 1:2 UVs. It works fine in the editor and within the Custom Battle menu, it does not work in battle. What seems to happen, when both materials are present on the mesh, the 1:2 UVs stops using its material and...
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