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  1. Saif ad-Din

    [BT] Black Team [RU]

    Black Team Black Team (BT) is a Russian gaming community inspired by “The Black Company” series by Glen Cook. First appearing in Warhammer Online, the clan has been present in Mount&Blade since the release of Warband. Many have since become real-life friends. Our team is focused on...
  2. Saif ad-Din

    [Syn_BT_Invisible] The Syndicate

    The Syndicate (Black Team & Invisible) A Mount&Blade Warband Clan Who Are We? The Black Team (BT) is a massive Russian gaming community which is represented in a vast variety of online games, including Darkfall Online, EVE Online, LOTRO, Warhammer Online, APB, AION and lots of others...
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