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  1. Phantom Lamb

    A Misguided Year in and Need Some Help!

    I feel like it's when they can't offer you anything any more and you're also confident in being able to defeat their parties. You will be at war with them a will lose some of those relations when you leave, but you can easily get them back by defeating their parties. Now, clans with fiefs still aren't going to join you even with high relations though. What I do is make clans from wanderers, so I'm goin to start the war when I leave and make a kingdom I want to defeat all the enemy parties and get influence for myself, first I pass policies I need (trial by jury, forgiveness of debts, tribunals, grazing rights) then every 500 influence I make new clan from a wanderer, giving up my own fiefs around a central base fief, then expanding out. It's also a good idea, before you leave to use the influence you have to gather a large army just to milk leadership skill and possibly to weaken faction too, I like to kick them out of army outside my town right before I leave faction and immediately beat them up and get an oversized prisoner haul into town.

    It's important to know that it takes awhile for you clans to get going and become helpful, so be prepared to do all the fighting for a good while.
    Appreciate it. To date, I don't even have to try to be awarded fiefs anymore, they just hand them to me whether I am involved in the siege or not so...

    @Ananda_The_Destroyer My worry is that money making isn't as easy due to employing so many garrisons and my standing army is small, just cav to move quickly. I plan on making my companions vassals as well as it seems a bit easier.

    Also, when you kick them out, do they auto-siege your city and you win or do you just attack their armies outright?

  2. Phantom Lamb

    A Misguided Year in and Need Some Help!

    @Ananda_The_Destroyer and anyone else, first of all, thank you very much for the help, it has been invaluable.

    Update: I restarted and skipped the main quest, am a vassal of the Aserai and currently own 5 cities and 8 castles, close to wiping out the Vlandias and Western Empire.

    My question is; how do I know when to break away and form my own kingdom? I'm paying $8k/day now as I've stocked every garrison to be impenetrable (yes I recognize that I shouldn't do this but the thought process was when I break off no one can reclaim my land) and have 100 relationship with everyone in Aserai. My thought is to finish off Vlandia/Western Empire, take as many of their settlements as I can while biting the bullet to stock those garrisons, then poach all the lords from Aserai as a starting point.

    My biggest problem is how much this is costing me. I have roughly $1M in the bank but it's a lot to maintain due to the thousands of troops I'm employing. Any guidance on next steps?

    As always, appreciate the help.

  3. Phantom Lamb

    A Misguided Year in and Need Some Help!

    The quest fails (takes about 10 years IIRC) and you cannot do the quest lines with Istiana or ...the other npcs. However you can still make a kingdom (or be elected ruler of one when the ruler dies). You need to be clan rank 4, own at least 1 fief and be a free clan (not vassal or merc) then speak to a governor you've' set for you fief and they will have the option to start a kingdom. TBC you can make a kingdom whenever you meet these requirements, you don't have to wait for the dragonbanner quest to time out. I only rescue brother/sister and then completely ignore the rest of the quest.
    Killer, that's what I was hoping was the case. Storyline seems unnecessary as the purpose of the game is the same?
  4. Phantom Lamb

    A Misguided Year in and Need Some Help!

    @Ananda_The_Destroyer or anyone else, one other question; since I just started a new campaign, do you what happens if I simply let Neretzes Folly run out? I believe the timer on it is around 4 years or so...

  5. Phantom Lamb

    Late Game unplayable with Failed Banner Quest

    You can play in campaign and just not do the dragon banner stuff too.
    Also I answered your other questions in your other topic. If you put an @"username" it will send someone a notification you're asking for them.
    I can't answer the Istiana stuff though so if anyone knows the particulars of her quest failing/finishing please let us know.
    Cheers, thanks Ananda. I ended up starting the campaign again and will be putting off the banner quest as long as possible or hopefully will conquer Calradia before then. I'm going to dig into your strategy in the other thread to see what I can apply.

    My new character has high trade/smithing/charm. Focus this time around is going to be on stockpiling cash quickly, getting a merc contract to start winning fiefs, getting good relationships with lords, and capturing as much as I can before breaking off on my own.
  6. Phantom Lamb

    Late Game unplayable with Failed Banner Quest

    Sandbox mode is a good fun way to start, but you won't get the family members from the story mode.
    Correct but then I wouldn't have to deal with the obnoxious banner quest which is the biggest thorn in my side ATM.
  7. Phantom Lamb

    Late Game unplayable with Failed Banner Quest

    I've started a new campaign under 1.7, so many changes with this Beta I suspect old saved games won't work.

    ..and I have no intention of doing the Banner quest until they fix it .. like reading your favorite comic, getting right into it then you turn the page and .... nothing, blank pages to the back cover .. a few coffee stains here and there .. a scribbled note in crayon saying "<insert ending here>" ..and that's it..

    Ugh, was kind of hoping you wouldn't say that but oh well. In your opinion, which is better to run with, start over again or play sandbox mode?
  8. Phantom Lamb

    Late Game unplayable with Failed Banner Quest

    I'm late to the party but wanted to put in my two cents. I'm about to break off on my own, I explain my situation in the thread over here. Am I doomed to repeat this? Should I just start over in sandbox mode or try the main game again and just put the bannerlord quest off as long as possible?

    Appreciate any feedback.

  9. Phantom Lamb

    Trying to Move Into Late Game (i.e. Start Kingdom) and Need Help

    Ok so revisiting this and could use some more help please! I really want to avoid what happened here but it seems that it may be inevitable at this point? Here's my situation: 1. Currently a vassal of the Aserai, holding 2 cities + 4 castles (all garrisoned to the max), pretty much infinite...
  10. Phantom Lamb

    A Misguided Year in and Need Some Help!

    Help, I've fallen and cannot get up...but really, any help is very much appreciated.
  11. Phantom Lamb

    A Misguided Year in and Need Some Help!

    Ok so revisiting this and could use some more help please!
    1. Currently a vassal of the Aserai, holding 2 cities + 4 castles (all garrisoned to the max), pretty much infinite money, 100 relation with Sultan and around 50 with all the other nobles. We were tearing into Vlandia but then got attacked by Western Empire. Map has pretty much stayed the same except we stole some cities on the bottom left coast of the map.
    (My initial thought was to ride it out with Aserai, wait until Sultan died, and use that as my vehicle for conquest but not sure if that is reasonable or not?)
    2. I'm getting really sick of Istiana's Plan and am around 1700/2000. What happens when this hits 2000? It's not ideal at all being at war on one side of the map and running to the other for a one-off quest.
    3. Originally I was thinking of getting 4 cities and another handful of castles before rebelling. However, after reading some posts about Istiana's Conspiracy quests, all of the Empire ganging up on you, and constant wars, I am unsure what to do? I know a lot has to do with recruiting nobles and mercenaries ASAP, which is why I've been trying to keep my relations up with all other nations (i.e. releasing after a battle, helping in random acts, or gifting to them).

    Long story short, I'm on year 4 now, have a son, 2 cities, 4 castles, and 1700/2000 conspiracy. What should my next steps be?

    As always, appreciate all the help! Let me know if you need any further info from me.

  12. Phantom Lamb

    A Misguided Year in and Need Some Help!

    If you haven't played bannerlord before you should certainly join a faction and focus on learning to defeat much larger forces and building wealth and only later consider breaking off and starting you own faction. Basically being vassals first is intended route and the way you can learn the game.

    You don't and even if you do it will only help a tiny bit so you will still have re-load and try the dialogue to marry her multiple times. If you are playing on ironman mode you need be less picky and arrange a marriage by talking to a clan leader, any young woman of the culture you want you kids to be is good enough!

    Basically the question of should you start out on your own comes down to can you beat down an entire faction yourself? Not all at once, but can you beat larger parties and small armies? Can win with little or no losses of troops and go on and on the many more battles? Can you siege a town yourself?
    If the answer isn't "Of course I can" then you should be a vassal take the game more slowly in the intended route.
    Thanks. For background, I've played Warband for years but always on Multiplayer.

    I've tried restarting and I get to the last question in the chain with 13% success and continue to fail. I'm playing on hard (I think that's the mode where you can still save) but will talk to clan leader.

    Regarding the last point, that's what I figured. Most of my workshops are in Aserai and Sturgia so will probably team up with Aserai due to trade bonus. Is it too late in the game for me to right-the-ship or should I start over? First step I need to fix is get my brother back into my party as he is running a caravan for me right now, but need to go track him down.

  13. Phantom Lamb

    A Misguided Year in and Need Some Help!

    I'm currently in no faction on day 430, I have 5 workshops + 7 caravans, netting around 3-4k per day with 200k in the bank and an army of around 130 (30 infantry/archers/horsemen/horse archers respectively.) I'm trying to court Arwa but need to raise my charm with my primary skills being trade...
  14. Phantom Lamb

    Can Someone Teach Me How to Play Infantry

    All the mentorship program on here don't seem to updated. I'm tired of getting wiped or being the dude at the bottom of the board with kills. Can anyone help me out with learning the infantry class? PM if anyone can and I'll send contact info to keep in touch. Thanks
  15. Phantom Lamb

    Selecting and Setting up a Gamepad

    Ebdanian Admiral said:
    It is pre mapped with controls for both fighting and map movement in singleplayer.

    The Xbox one? Is Newegg a good place to buy?

  16. Phantom Lamb

    Selecting and Setting up a Gamepad

    I saw one from Logitech, I guess I would have to use a program to map the controls, not really sure.  Is the Xbox controller pre-mapped?

  17. Phantom Lamb

    Selecting and Setting up a Gamepad

    Ugh, for the last time, I love the mouse and keyboard, this is for my dad.  He is an old guy and refuses to use the mouse and keyboard, again it's NOT FOR ME lol.  Please help me out as I'd like to play this with friends and family.
  18. Phantom Lamb

    Selecting and Setting up a Gamepad

    Will any controller do?
  19. Phantom Lamb

    Selecting and Setting up a Gamepad

    So please, any suggestions?  How would I set this up?

  20. Phantom Lamb

    Selecting and Setting up a Gamepad

    What's the name of the controller, it's not so much for me but for someone else.
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