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  1. remove script in script.txt

    xenoargh said:
    That's interesting.

    How often does this stuttering occur?  Does it happen when troops are spawning, or just randomly, or every 4-5 seconds, regardless of what's going on?

    Given your testing results, it's fair to say that there may be an issue with the scripts.  Given that it's not happening to everybody everywhere, it's probably going to be an engine issue with a very specific command.

    I take it that you're not seeing any red text in the console display, showing script errors?

    in the stuttering versions, it occures every 4-5 sec, EVERY time I load a big campaign battle (200+ bots), the stutter happens from the begining to the middle of the battle when the number of bots is seriously decreased, so it's retalted to the number of bots in the battlefield. The fps are very good all along the battle. And uncheking every graphic option changes nothing in the stuttering problem. No script error since it's the original scipts.txt.

    In the working versions, I load the very same battles and no stuttering at all, regardless of graphical options. I can have battles with near 1000 AI with no particular problem.

    I'm gone for a week I'll try to find a workaround when I get back
  2. remove script in script.txt

    MadVader said:
    There was nothing changed in the module system missions (battles) in 1.143, so it may be the engine. Doubtful that .txt tweaking will help. Do a search for performance threads for Warband and try out the stuff there.

    I just played a saved battle with 1.153: stutter
    and then 1.153 with scripts.txt from 1.134 and here again no stutter at all!
    so I really think scripts.txt is the key here  :???:
  3. remove script in script.txt

    thank you very much for your quick answers!

    Somebody said:
    What makes you so sure that script is causing the problems? You can't just go around erasing lines of scripts as if that'll solve all your problems. Context is important here, and just going by the name it looks like that's a part of some formation script which affects targeting enemy groups, without which your troops will probably stand still. Most mods have in-game options to disable formations, so I suggest you ask the mod/script authors.

    stutter is a kind of snapshot effect (fps=0 for one tenth of a second) and it  occures every 4-5 sec. So the game doesn't crash but it's really anoying in big battles, and frustrating because fps are high aside of this "snapshot effect"

    BTW my config is quadcore i7 @ 2.93Ghz
    8.00G RAM and GTX 560ti

    MadVader said:
    If he gets stuttering in Native, it's not the mods, but the PC/Warband configuration. Possibly something as silly as running other programs in the background.
    exactly, it happens even in native so it's not mod related.
    I just made further investigation and the problems concerns:

    1.153 native
    1.143 native

    and DOESN'T concern:
    1.134 native
    1.130 native

    I tried to put scripts.txt from 1.134 into 1.143 version and it works without stuter!

    So the problem is a changement in scripts.txt that happened when they upgraded the game to 1.143 and up.

    Concerning programs in the background my system is fairly clean, and it would concern every version of the game anyway.

  4. remove script in script.txt

    thanks for your answer.
    I'm experimenting stutering every 3-4s for large battles (+200 bots) even with smooth fps, I tried everything to make it diseappar:

    render_buffer_size = 512 in rgl config

    I tried every option combinaison in the laucher (tried caping fps to 60 and 30 without success)

    tried  disable App can handle >2GB in the exe

    tried remove every graphic option ingame, getting 60 fps but stuttering is still there

    Stutering concerns for warband 1.153:
    brytenwalda (last version)
    AD1257 (last version)
    Diplo 4.2+PBOD via WSE and 1.153 compatibility pach
    Diplo 4.3
    floris 2.54

    and for warband 1.143
    Diplo 4.2 + PBOD
    knight last battle 2.3

    The ONLY mod that works without stutter is knights last battle v2.0, works for 1.153 and 1.143.
    Knights last battle v2.3 has stuttering for 1.143 and 1.153

    SO I tried to delete v2.3 scripts.txt and put v2.0 scripts.txt instead and MIRACLE sutter diseappear for knight last battle v2.3!! So there is a line that I have to change but I don't know which.

    finaly it seems that it's not
    get_nearest_enemy_battlegroup_location -1
    get_nearest_enemy_battlegroup_current_position -1
    because they don't appear in scripts.txt of native 1.153, wich has stutter to, so it's something else.

  5. remove script in script.txt

    hello, I'd like to disable these line in script.txt: get_nearest_enemy_battlegroup_location -1 get_nearest_enemy_battlegroup_current_position -1 because they might be the cause of the stutter in my game. I'm a novice in editing, I tried to remove the lines and the numbers under the lines but...
  6. excellent mod.

    hi all my campaign is 1000ish days now and I'd like to thanks the authors for this great mod, there's very good stuff in it!  :D almost no bug so far the mod is very stable, it does feel complete and finished which is RARE for a warband historic mod. so thank you again for the great fun  8-)
  7. Musical mod (new version 21.02.11)

    exellent music, thanks!
  8. Bug reports and complaints topic


    Sometimes I have an error and the game crashes, mostly when I press tab after a big battle: error message is "can't open texture"

    great mod by the way.
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