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  1. ares007

    Tutorial Coding Epic GauntletUI Tutorial (Custom Buttons and UIs)

    Hi @samdomino
    Thank you for this tutorial! It is very informative.

    I did notice something interesting on page 13 in the code for the OnDeactivate function:

    this.RemoveLayer((ScreenLayer) this._gauntletLayer);
    this._gauntletLayer.IsFocusLayer = false;
    ScreenManager.TryLoseFocus((ScreenLayer) this._gauntletLayer);

    If I'm not mistaken, would this not result in an infinite loop? Shouldn't it be base.OnDeactivate() instead of this.OnDeactivate()?
  2. ares007

    Remove the speed penalty for attacking twice in the same direction

    Well, realistically, attacks from the same side actually would be slower. Or if they were not slower, they would lack significantly in force

    If anything, blocking in that case should slow you down even more rather than remove a speed penalty. I do agree that it being advantageous to click block between attacks should not be a thing.

    I think small nuances like some attack directions being faster from certain stances and certain follow-ups being slower than others makes the combat more rich and interesting.

    Right now, I personally don't feel that the problem with combat is that it is too slow and needs to be sped up. I do agree it can feel a bit clunky. I feel the problem that speeding things up too much will only exacerbate the current issues with melee combat.

    If you mean make combat quicker by making input simpler (by removing the clicks between attacks) then I agree with that.
  3. ares007

    What is your opinion on the legality of Modding: Total Conversions

    Hello Everyone! First of all, this is my first post on this forum in a long, long time. It's good to be back! My question/concern: What do other modders feel about the legality of creating a large total conversion mod using another person's creative work? For example, there was a Star Wars mod...
  4. ares007

    Historical Accounts of Medieval Wrestling


    I also found another fictional account: In Gamelyn, Gamelyn defeats his brother's champion wrestler.

    I am trying to gain an understanding of the context of medieval wrestling. How did wrestlers make their money? How were matches initiated and carried out and for what reasons? What were the typical rules (very likely quite varied I imagine)?
  5. ares007

    Historical Accounts of Medieval Wrestling

    I am looking for historical accounts of Medieval wrestlers. I know one of the Robin Hood tales involves a wrestler, but otherwise I can't find anything. I'm not looking for the treatises. I have already studied some of these. I am looking for actual accounts whether in recorded history or...
  6. ares007

    trial by combat

    I am looking for some sources on trial by combat in the medieval era (especially England). Any books or records etc Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  7. ares007

    B Tutorial Animation Animation tutorial (Blender3D)

    Just wanted to mention that I think the brf exporter linked to in this tutorial works much better than the official exporter. In my experience, the official exporter doesn't keep any information on the translation of the abdomen.

    What I did was use the official starting blender files (since they are already using the in-game axis) and then executed the file from the text editor. Worked like a charm  :mrgreen:
  8. ares007

    SP Fantasy [W] Redwall: Vermin Resurgence [Dead]

    Mandible said:
    Hey, that's great to hear! I would love some more voices. The sad part is that in Warband, voices are determined for an entire "gender" of troops, which means that it isn't possible to have different sounds for Scottish Squirrels and Woodland Squirrels since they all share the same skeleton and skin and such :sad: I could make a separate entry for Highland squirrels, but we only get a limited number of races, so those spaces might be better used by making foxes, stoats, toads and such...

    That being said, if you do record some Highland squirrel lines, we can at least put some in for when you encounter them on the world map.

    If we make the general squirrel voices somewhat Scottish-ish, but not TOO Scottish, then they could fit both Highland and Woodland Squirrels.

    Why don't you try your hand at recording some voices and we'll see if we can fit them in?
    It should be possible (maaaaybe even easy) to use a mission template trigger in the module system to differentiate the different types of squirrels (based on troops rather than races) and what not :smile:
  9. ares007

    How to add in completely new animations to the Python System

    The way that I would think of doing it:
    1st: put the animation into one of the unused animations (you will see a bunch of unused human animation tuples right before the horse animations start. Also if I am not mistaken this animation should have a higher priority assigned than the other attack animations

    2nd: Make a mission template trigger that triggers whenever a 2-handed overswing is detected. You should also check the item in the agent's right hand. If an agent is in the overswing animation and has a katana, then the trigger gives the agent a new overriding animation (which is your new animation). This will make it so that anytime someone attacks overhead with a katana, they will play your animation instead of the native animation.

    3rd: Make a mission template trigger that deals damage. Basically, you should make it so that after a certain amount of animation progress, if there are any agents within range of the attack and in front of the attacker, you deal damage to them (this can be refined as well to enhance the "collision detection" aspect).

    Of course, easier said than done. There's a lot of little details you need to work out. You should be familiar with mission template triggers and general module system coding before attempting this I think.

    Hope that helped :grin:
  10. ares007

    frustrating RGL error "passages for site none exceeds 16" what does it even mean

    Ohhhhh that makes sense! Almost stupidly obvious  :mad: lol

    It worked. Thanks!  :smile:
  11. ares007

    frustrating RGL error "passages for site none exceeds 16" what does it even mean

    Hey guys! I'm getting a frustrating RGL error. I added a new scene in and a mission template for it. I wanted to edit this scene and would like for the player to enter this scene when starting a new game. So I added code in one of the start-up game menus to launch the scene...
  12. ares007

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 5 - Virtual Skeletons

    Wow! I'm really liking the attention to adding more immersive animations!

    However, I have one huuge request...

    please please please please please get some real Historical European Martial Artists to do the motion capture for melee combat  :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Or at least study some HEMA on your own  :wink:
  13. ares007

    SP Native [WB] Kunst des Fechtens (Art of fighting) (initial testing has begun)

    Well, the going has been really slow. During the busy semester, I was only able to do conceptual work, but I'm finally ready to start doing some more coding. My next order of business is to add in a "balance" system. Basically each person will have a certain amount of balance and this will be affected by whatever you are doing. For example, you will have better balance while standing still than while running. Also, when things happen like getting hit, you will temporarily lose some of your balance. Once all of your balance is gone, you will fall. I don't know that this will make a huge difference on gameplay right now, but later once I start adding in grappling stuff, it will probably play a huge roll.

    Duh said:
    Feinting could also be considered a valid block counter.
    Yes feinting can be used to try to get around someone's defense, but it does not in and of itself beat blocking. There are two ways that I can immediately think of in which feinting is used against decent opponents: 1) to trick the opponent into attack at the wrong time. In this sense, feinting is mainly just a timing variation. 2) feinting can make it more difficult to see which direction the true attack is coming from. This makes it more difficult to block a feinting opponent's attacks, but the feints are still not "beating" the defense.
    In either case, the feint is really just a mind-game and not an actual attack.
  14. ares007

    SP Native [WB] Kunst des Fechtens (Art of fighting) (initial testing has begun)

    Well, I'll finally give an update on this :razz:

    It is not dead! I am still slowly working on it [very slowly :razz: ].

    First of all, I'd like to explain a bit more on my goal in this mod. I have recently been playing some fighting games (Tekken 6/UFC 3) and learning about their mechanics. To be blunt, those games poop all over Warband melee combat in terms of deep, rich, balanced gameplay (of course, I mean no offense to the developers. They were not trying to create a "fighting game" like Tekken). While I don't want to make "Mount and Blade: Tekken", my goal is to enrich and deepen the gameplay of Warband melee combat.

    The biggest problem I see with Warband's melee is that that "block" is overpowered (kind of funny to say a purely defensive action is overpowered :razz: ). Basically, except in few rare cases, successfully blocking an attack automatically gives you the initiative (meaning if you attack immediately afterwards, the opponent must block or be hit). In addition, there is no way to actually defeat a block. Well, there is the kick, but that is very risky and doesn't work often (good blockers can still block your follow-up). So basically, the block reigns supreme. Essentially, we have a rock, paper, scissors game where rock beats scissors and [most of the time] paper.

    So my first goal is to balance gameplay so that blocking is not so overpowered. I want to add more offensive options that can get around blocks (for example adding throws). I want to add the possibility of actually playing offensively! And of course with these offensive additions, I also want to expand a players defensive tools as well.

    Though general progress has been very slow, I have successfully implemented "follow-up" attacks (basically a quick follow-up attack immediately after your attack is blocked, significantly faster than a normal attack so that the defender must block again). This means of course that I also need to add new options to the defender to balance things out. I could add a quick counter-attack strike after a successful block, but I don't want to make basically a faster/simpler version of what we already have. (there would only be two "follow-up" directions making it easier to predict blocking direction)

    So I thought of a new idea to enrich gameplay. I was thinking about real historical fencing and about how many actions are related to leverage. Most windings, throws, grabs, and wrestling-of-the-sword have everything to do with leverage. Actually, the masters speak about "strong" and "weak" (to go strong when the opponent is weak, to go weak when the opponent is strong. Kind of like Yin and Yang I guess), and this has everything to do with leverage as well.

    So I considered: what if I added a "leverage" gauge to the game (whether visible or hidden). Most aggressive actions would require you to have more leverage than your opponent (I'm not talking about the standard built-in attacks). There would probably be certain actions you could perform in order to steal the leverage of your opponent as well. I also considered that your movement relative to the opponent would "modify" the difference between your leverage. Things like throws, grabs, follow-up attacks, and counter-attacks would require more leverage than the opponent.

    What do you guys think?
  15. ares007

    Bro Incorporated: The Honorable Brotherhood of Warbros

    We did not even know you existed :???: sorry. I don't even think any of us play on the same servers

    Your clan is quite similar in a number of ways, but there are certainly differences. For example, the actual name is different. We are Bro Incorporated, and our tag is [BRO_INC].

    In addition, we love fist-fighting (though we should all have a BroWeapon on our person in case an anti-bro shows up)

    Perhaps we can all be bros and not have a problem with each other. Maybe we are distant BroCousins or something like that.

    Oh, and another difference... we are total freaking rock stars from mars... and Bro, we got tigerblood...

    More information will be posted as well... for example: our anthem and alternate anthem.
  16. ares007

    replacing the world map landscape

    cool. Thanks a lot! :grin:
  17. ares007

    replacing the world map landscape

    Hey guys, I was wondering how I could go about replacing the world map landscape with something else (for example in the Star Wars Conquest mod, they replace it with a kind of "star map"). I already searched for a number of terms and didn't find anything on this. Sorry if it has already been...
  18. ares007

    Altering the combat system?

    Madoc did a pretty good job of answering most things.

    MadocComadrin said:
    Pressing attack while holding one of these guards thrusts.
    Aye, check for an attack button press during a block, suppress the normal action, and use agent_set_attack_action.
    In regards to this, I don't think agent_set_attack_action works as you would intend it. If I am not mistaken, that is for the AI and not the player character. The most probable way of doing this would be to initiate a stabbing animation when both mouse buttons are pressed (you don't need to actually make a new animation for this really). Then check if an enemy is in front of the player and within range; if so, then you deal damage to that "agent". Of course, this would be an instantaneous effect, and may unbalance the combat, so you would probably need to work in some kind of delay which complicates things.

    Each regular strike ends the player character in one of these guard positions, which passively blocks an attack to that area.
    Doable, but a little hard. Sengoku Jidai has an example of attacks leading to a different stance/guard for a small period for time, and you can use ti_on_agent_hit and relative positions to determine if an attack is protected or not. (Can be done in native, but easier in WSE).
    actually not very hard. Like Madoc said, you use the ti_on_agent_hit trigger, but it doesn't really make any difference whether you use WSE or not. You simply check the animation status for the agent who got hit. If the animation is "finishing attack" and in the correct direction, you set the trigger result to zero (and probably play a sound to indicate a successful block). It's that simple! (and you can make the window of time during which the guard is effective greater or lesser by making the finishing attack animation longer or shorter, but this also effects the overall speed of combat).

    (of course, actually animating the attacks in order for this mechanic to look good is a whole different story)

    The transition between guards is a light attack only really effective against lightly armoured adversaries.
    Not sure. Could you elaborate on this?
    I think I understand. basically you want the movement of the weapon when switching for one "block" to another to have the potential of damaging an enemy. I think it's doable, but a little more complicated than the other things I would think. If you find a way to detect when an agent is actually transitioning guards, then you could make an agent slot and set it equal to 1. Then you would need a trigger to be checking if any enemy agents are withing range and in front of you. If everything checks out, then you deal damage to the agent. Then in the ti_on_agent_hit trigger, you check if your agent slot=1. If so, then you return a small damage value. You could certainly complicate things with regards to checking for armor.

    To me, this seems like a bit too much cpu usage for not enough profit.

    Increased emphasis on weapon collision.
    Not sure what you mean here. Chamberblocks work pretty well as a riposte, if that's what you're after.
    your other suggestions already increase the emphasis on weapon collision. I'm actually working (very very slowly) on a mod that does try to increase emphasis on weapon collision, but more on that later

    Following from the above, an attack at the right angle can be intercepted but still connect if made cleverly.
    Do you mean that if you "hit around" the guard enough, it would still damage the opponent? Definitely possible, but it might not be very intuitive to code, and might not look very seamless. I don't think there are any ti_on_agent_blocked triggers unfortunately which would make this much easier.

    edit: I actually just thought of an interesting way to do this, but I don't have time right now to explain :razz:

    As I mentioned before, I am (very very slowly) working on a mod that somewhat alters the combat system (among other goals). This is the url to the thread:,170036.msg4113312.html#msg4113312 (note, there is an initial testing release you can try)

    but the bottom line is that most of this stuff requires a lot of coding, and a certain level of intimacy with the module system. Also, animation skills will help a lot with these types of changes.
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