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  1. armovir2009

    List of working skill perks?

    Khe, khe. khe XD. Players like "wow the entire skill tree is not working" after this site appeared. Dozens others, who was screaming about that about a month ago like: :meh:
  2. armovir2009

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    This is much better, than the previous silence period. Thanks for sharing, it was quite interesting and inspiring to read!
  3. armovir2009

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.0

    Good news that perks are a priority now. I hope I could do more for EA then {scrolling the forum and nexus up and down repeat until smbJustFixedPerks = true then play; end; End}:iamamoron:
  4. armovir2009

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.0

    I'v been waiting either for 1.4 branch or CommunityPatch to step out and deal with the broken perk system. Guess I have to wait for another week so Tyler could update his mod to fit the "new" perk system requirements. naaah.....:???:
  5. armovir2009

    In Progress Perks not working

    Some of the perks that "work" are apparently really badly coded because the coder couldn't do math. Here's a comprehensive list of things:;skill=one-handed;perk=edge-placement-i
    Wow, just WOW. This site is brilliant(considering the goals it was constructed for)! Is that yours?
  6. armovir2009

    Where's the patch, TW.

    Once I saw a thread where one guy was asking for separate chanel\thread for "whiners" so-called. I guess, he is happy now XD
  7. armovir2009

    Appease the masses Roadmap/communication

    +1 It will not be a problem if I leave it here, will it? May be someone will read it... occasionally. :smile:
  8. armovir2009

    Technical suggestion about the forum itself

    +1 And guys please help me out a bit: how can one find all dev. crew accounts to read all their posts around the forum? for ex. I know mexico, how can i find others?
  9. armovir2009

    Where's the patch, TW.

    How do you know what TWs community manager is paid to do?
    IDK. Just making up conclusion of what i see happining on this forum, twitter, facebook. Only patchnotes save and datailed bug repports requests i see as a customer, few posts of anything else, thats all, no inside info ^_^ .
  10. armovir2009

    Where's the patch, TW.

    If i was a community manager that is in charge of forum communication, but being paid only for stable outcome of new bug reports and updaiting patch notes thread, I would never bother myself to get my employer being aware of customers thoghts about the lack of communication and etc. for few solid reasons: 1)communication with customers is what my position says aparently :grin: 2) i'm not being paid for that. So I suggest us to calm down, take a seat, make a cup of sweet tea, and wait for the patch, because of the only reason that's important: we will never be heared on this topic.
  11. armovir2009


    I'm still sure that we urgently need more communicatin between players and dev's for ex. dev blogs or somewhat. Just because of lack of communication theese toxic threads appear over and over. Like it's said in Russia, we(players) are boiling in the one cauldron. So no income of fresh air from devs gets the atmosphere spoiled with speculations and various toxic speaches.
  12. armovir2009

    Which mods should be part of the vanilla game?

    • Armor Does Something

    Arrows (evem the large and massive onese with hardened point launched with long-shoulder bow) do not really hit through even a quirass(armour plate)
    • Community Patch

    This one currently fixing the low hanging so called fruit :smile: of non-working perks
  13. armovir2009

    A response to all the complaining about the recent economy changes

    That's the excuse but we all know people are raging because they can't make easy money within a few days anymore. Caravans were extremely unbalanced and literally just a free money machine

    How is this spam when it is very well thought out and also received much praise?
    I think that there are ones like me who is totally frustrated when you need to do repeatedly grinding stuff like fighting lords or bandits for making money in the currently state of the game. My point is that you add new interesting randomized possabilities to make money first, then nerf the existing OP one. For example variety of quests, micromanagement, improvements, random encounters etc. I guess it my turn to say: Hey its EA, so we need money to test features unless you have broght new bright shiny mechanic that is not dull and boring as war/tournament/raiding right now repeat x 100 times to make your groches for doing the same thing another 100 times.
  14. armovir2009

    The dev is beating around the bush

    Imho all theese treads appear just because of lack of communication with us "alpha testers" players. I don't mean answering any single post, but some general discussion between players and dev team. Some monthly\weakly FAQ from the devs will be so nice. @Callum , @MArdA TaleWorlds
  15. armovir2009

    In Progress Perks not working

    + 1 'v stop playing 2 weaks ago just because of perks system, still waiting :xf-mad: [Summary of this Thread located on Page #1]
  16. armovir2009

    A lot of fix, but where is the stuff for 40 dollars we pay?

    Maybe it's you fellow comrades that fire up someones back when posting something like ""Oh I so dislike whining people, whininig whining, aaah my eyes are broken etc." Stop being so toxic dunkeys, and let everybody to speak out their thoughts. Even whinig ones.
  17. armovir2009

    A lot of fix, but where is the stuff for 40 dollars we pay?

    I'd say it's because the game has been out for what, 10 days ?

    - Half of their patchnotes are for CRASHES. That's the priority right there : making sure everyone can play the game. And it's a good priority.

    - As for mods : it would be pretty hasty of them to implement mods in the core game a week after said mods were created. They need to consider what make those mods good, or not, and analyze it. They'll do it, as they did with previous games.

    - Modders are fast for 2 reasons : 1, they are amazing (seriously, M&B modders are crazy), and 2, modding a game is not the same thing as coding a game. Bug fixing is not the same thing as tweaking variables to make the leveling faster.

    I can't wait for them to make the perk system work, but they seem to think crashes and performance issues are more important for now, and i can understand that.
    Those mods are not just tables, they are c# based dlls. Mods I'm speakeng about not adding something "new" in the game but fixing perks, for ex. modders were the first fixing the disciplinarian, currently they have fixed steward related perks. My problem is that mods for fixing perks are separated, and made by different authors, so switching them all right now is kind of buggy) But again, they are modders, they have guessed, how to fix others code, CODE not tables.
  18. armovir2009

    The Sturgians look ridiculous

    Theese are pollish

    Ah that's redicolous)) ok never 'v paid attention
  19. armovir2009

    The Sturgians look ridiculous

    What do you mean redicoluos?

    (sorry for russian text XD)
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