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    Unsolved Stuttering regardless of what I do

    whats are your pc specifications.
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    BL 3D Art When is map maker coming out?

    Its unknown. But they never said it will be on ea release. Maybe during ea, maybe on full game release.
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    B Fantasy [WFaS] Eastern Europe : 17th Century (v0.4.1 released)

    In game launcher , set "Load textures on demand" to true.
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    WB Coding menus and item interaction

    Use ti_on_scene_prop_use trigger. You can find many example of it in, mostly with doors. ("winch_b",sokf_moveable|spr_use_time(5),"winch_b","bo_winch", [ (ti_on_scene_prop_use, [ (store_trigger_param_1, ":agent_id"), (store_trigger_param_2...
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    BL Coding How did they make mods before the official modding tools are released?

    Its all about learning code base and reverse engineering. Tools are just tools, they are not making something magic, in most cases they just speeding up things u have to make by hand.
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    WB MB Coop

    Battle Time mod is open source and achieves pretty much what u want to achieve.
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    WFaS Coding Editing the custom items at mercenary camps

    First, you have to follow @Eärendil the Mariner instructions. Later on, u might find script called interesting.
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    WB Scening How can ı make a map for persistent kingdom mod

    Eh, he probably wants to learn how to properly set selling points, and tens of other interaction points on map.
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    LSP Animations Human Motion Set

    This is awesome. Thanks you!
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    How to add the old guard badge

    You have to set it on your profile.Profile-»badges-> and click this speaker thing on badge.
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    "Get object failed for texture"

    He was last seen in 2008 :grin:
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    Time to play the idiot noob card

    Go to your profil and click avatar.
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    WB Coding How to export item type via python/ ?

    I don't really have deep knowledge in python. I rarely use it. I can slight understand how it works ibf_head_armor_bits = 0 ibf_armor_mask = 0x00000000000000000000000ff def get_head_armor(y): return (y >> ibf_head_armor_bits) & ibf_armor_mask y = 134217744...
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    Solved How do i link my games

    Your credentials are incorrect.
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    Solved How do i link my games

    You are not even loged in. I suggest checking credentials, If I type random credentials, I get same response. Make sure that your credentials are corrects, then you should be able to log in.
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    Solved How do i link my games

    Oh. There might be a problem on teleworlds side then.(if your key is 100%).
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    Solved How do i link my games

    Site I linked doesnt load?
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    Solved How do i link my games

    Login to your teleworlds account and go here and insert serial keys.
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    WB Coding How to export item type via python/ ?

    Hello. I'm looking for a way, how to export item type via python/ I am aware how to export item stats, name or price. however, I don't know how to find item type. My modified function "write_items" in looks like this: So, question is - How to print/get item...
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    Reporting Identity Theft

    seolhyun is one of a kind