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  1. GrizzlyAdamz

    In Progress Missing/Transparent River Water [e1.5.5]

    Summary: Per the title, all *river* water in my game is transparent, leaving the blue-colored dirt below exposed. Some surface wave effects are visible but only if I look close. How to Reproduce: N/A- just happened after updating my game and starting a new campaign after a several-month hiatus...
  2. GrizzlyAdamz

    AGI-based movement speed modifier

    Hey, where should I look to figure out how Blood&Steel adjusted the effect AGI has on running speed? A character with ~60 AGI probably moved 2x as fast in that mod.
  3. GrizzlyAdamz

    Non-partisan mounted troops?

    So far, seems like peasants/ronin can't become mounted troops. In order to avoid morale penalties, will I have to go far afield to secure my horsemen? Or is there a non-partisan mounted troop hiding out there?
  4. GrizzlyAdamz

    Personal Friend (Simple companion mechanic, any modders out there?)

    Here is my idea: setting your own 'friendship' with one of your companions. Basically just adds the same morale boost as having their compatible companion in-party, but it would open up much more freedom in party creation. Variations: Multiple friends. Best-friend, (twice the boost). Questions...
  5. GrizzlyAdamz

    Why you no can install friendly regimes?!

    I've got my eyes on grabbing a chunk of vaegirs for myself, but to do so alone would be suicide. So I devised the ingenious plot to help a couple claimants take their thrones first, establishing concrete allies. But then I found you have to swear fealty? Wtf? My contingecny is to worrk mercenary...
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